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What are the Most Common Tree Issues in Raleigh?

Raleigh residents and North Carolina, by extension, are known for their fondness for trees. That’s evident from the fact that you can barely find a homestead without a tree, let alone the streets. However, despite the beauty and ambiance that these trees bring to Raleigh, they’re not short of issues. From the soil composition to the weather to pests and diseases, these trees endure a lot.

Let’s have an in-depth understanding of the most common tree issues in Raleigh.

Compacted Soil

Soil compaction causes many trees in Raleigh to fall, especially during stormy or windy conditions. Cecil clay, the predominant soil type in Raleigh, is moderately permeable, well-drained, and very deep. However, it also has little ability to recover from soil compaction after a dry season, leaving the trees planted on them very vulnerable. 

The other common cause of soil compaction is machinery movement like lawnmowers and vehicles and human activities such as kids playing outside and foot traffic. What’s more, if the house is new, the chances are that a lot of soil compaction happened during the construction stage -of course, that’s an issue if there are trees around the structure.

The key takeaway is that compacted soil limits root growth, increasing the possibility of the tree falling, especially during storms and strong winds. 

Pests Invasion

Pests are another common nightmare that will capitalize on any weakness in a tree and cause significant havoc. In particular, stressed trees are usually at the highest risk of pests invasion. How do you tell if your trees are stressed, though? Simple! Here are the top three indicators to watch out for:

  • The trees are planted in the wrong location, e.g., a street with round-the-clock foot traffic.
  • The trees lack sufficient access to nutrients.
  • The tees lack sufficient access to nutrients or other natural resources.

Perhaps the most destructive pests are termites; they drain the life out of a tree by eating out its core anchor – the roots. This leaves the tree extremely weak and vulnerable – no matter how huge it is – such that slight rains, winds, or storms are enough to bring it down. The good news is that you can treat pest issues if you identify them soon enough and save your tree’s life. 

Human Activities

Human-made damages also pose a significant risk to Raleigh trees. We’ve already talked about kids playing outside near trees and how that leads to soil compaction. But you know what else can cause significant damage to a tree? It’s human activities like lawn mowing or digging. 

The pieces of machinery used to perform these activities are usually heavy and sharp-edged and can end up causing accidental damages to the trees. For instance, when a lawnmower damages the tree trunk or a hoe cuts part of the roots, it interferes with the transportation of nutrients and water throughout the rest of the tree. This may cause the tree to wither out gradually and lose its life. 

Harsh Weather Conditions

As you may be aware, North Carolina, and the City of Raleigh, by extension, has one of the harshest winters in the country. During this season, trees become more vulnerable to falls due to the powerful force of the wind, ice, and snow – a phenomenon better referred to as “windthrow”, i.e., uprooted by the wind. 

The problem is most predominant among stressed trees (as discussed above), and their roots have been torn, crushed, or cut as a result. So as much as there’s little we can do about the harsh weather conditions, it’s clear that human activities such as heavy machinery are the root cause of the problem, and the wind, storm, ice, or snow only destroy what’s already worse. 

Does the City of Raleigh Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Raleigh acknowledges that trees provide socioeconomic, aesthetic, and environmental benefits. Therefore, it has created the urban forester position within the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources. Among other roles, the urban forester shall regulate, control, and direct the planting, management, and removal of all city-owned trees or those in city-managed properties. 

On the flip side, if a tree falls under private property and the owner fails to protect it from extrapolating into the public ground, the urban forester may order its removal. The forester gives a 15-day notice first, and if no action is taken (the growth trimmed and hazard mitigated) past that period, the removal process shall commence at the owner’s expense. 

The urban forester may also facilitate or order the treatment or removal of trees on private property if it’s the best chance of preserving public health and safety. This can be actionable under the following circumstances:

  • The tree (or part of the tree) is in an unsafe condition.
  • The tree can be harmful to the city’s public utility system.
  • The tree is affected by any harmful insect, fungus, or pest that may spread to other private properties or public systems.

If the tree is not an immediate threat but still poses some significant danger, the urban forester may facilitate its treatment, pruning, or pruning at the owner’s cost. For more information on how the city of Raleigh regulates and facilitates the planting, maintenance, and removal of trees and vegetation. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal In Raleigh?

A tree falling in the neighborhood means there can be four parties at the center of it; the homeowner, the renter, the neighbor, and the landlord. So the big question is, who’s to blame? Let’s discuss what a tree fall means to the four stakeholders.

If You’re a Homeowner

As a homeowner, we’re assuming that you have the homeowner’s insurance, which is a good thing because the policy covers the damages to your property caused by falling trees. Please note that most insurance providers only pay to remove trees that hit your house/garage or block the driveway or wheelchair ramp. If the tree falls on your yard or compound, you’ll have to fund its removal.

If You’re a Renter

If the fallen tree damages your car or any other belonging on the landlord’s property, the landlord may be eligible to compensate you for the losses. However, sometimes a disagreement arises on who should assume the liability between your insurer and the landlord. In such cases, it’s usually advisable to seek the assistance of an attorney. 

If You’re a Landlord

As a landlord, if a tree falls on your rental property or compound, you’re 100% responsible for its removal and repair of damages. The good news is that the insurance can chip in and compensate for the damages, especially if it was a natural disaster, and the policy covers “acts of God.”

If You’re a Neighbor

If you’re a neighbor and another homeowner’s tree falls into your compound, you’re required to assume the liability as long as the tree was 100% healthy and damaged by a natural cause, e.g., a storm. However, if the tree’s health was already compromised, the owner is responsible for the damage unless they can prove they had no slightest idea that the tree was dying. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Raleigh?

Cecil clay, the predominant soil type in Raleigh, is highly supportive of trees and vegetation growth. However, it has a few limitations that may affect trees, increasing their susceptibility to falls. In particular, these limitations are primarily linked to the fact that the soil contains high clay content, decreasing permeability. 

With liquid or gas not being able to penetrate the soil with ease, compaction issues surface, limiting root growth. The poor drainage also causes erosion during wet climates and subsequent lifting of the topsoil layers. This leaves the trees weaker and exposed to falls if strong winds, rainfall, or storms appear.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Raleigh?

You bet! Most tree diseases are a result of unfavorable weather conditions, which isn’t uncommon in Raleigh. For instance, moisture deficit from high summer temperatures or drought seasons usually exposes trees to pathogen attacks. Common pathogens that compromise tree health include bacteria, fungi, nematodes, viruses, parasitic plants, and more. 

On the flip side, freezing temperatures also cause non-infectious diseases known to ravage the tree’s health. Even worse, with climate change anticipated to take full effect soon enough, experts say that it will impact the severity and prevalence of non-infectious diseases, deteriorating the trees’ health further.

Other common weather conditions that affect tree health in Raleigh are the hot summer temperatures that cause soil compaction, depriving the trees of valuable nutrients and water. Stormy, windy, and rainy winters may also result in trees falling if their health had already been compromised.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines In Raleigh? 

Power lines are public utilities that pose a significant electrocution hazard when their safety is not upheld. Being that dead trees are at an immense risk of falling, they can cause irreparable damage to people and property if they topple over the power lines abruptly. Therefore, they must be removed ASAP to eliminate any risk of fall and subsequent damage. 

Thankfully for Raleigh residents, there’s the urban forester who inspects, manages, and protects trees on public property, including parks, streets, greenways, etc. Upon noting or receiving reports of a dead tree near power lines, the forester can contact a reliable tree removal company to extract it safely before a misfortune occurs.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Raleigh?

Sometimes, tree removal is usually the best way to prevent more far-reaching damages to property and life. You may need to have your tree removed if its health deteriorates, it has falling branches, you’re experiencing harsh everlasting storms, you need to renovate your compound, or plan to build a new structure. 

When any of these needs arise, it’s usually in your best interest to contact our professional tree removers to handle the task. But what does it cost to have your tree removed in Raleigh? Here are the top three factors to consider when determining the overall cost:

Tree Size

It is common knowledge; bigger trees will cost you more to remove than their smaller counterparts. Some trees grow up to at least 10-feet in height, and their removal is usually a bit risky, and you can expect to part with $500-$1000 to have them extracted professionally. Smaller ones cost an average of $200 to remove, although the price range may vary. 

Tools and Equipment Required

The second cost factor is closely tied to the tree size since bigger trees require larger and more sophisticated tools to get the job done. And the reverse is true. If the most advanced equipment and specialized tools are necessary to safely and successfully extract an unhealthy tree, you may be forced to pay more for the services.

Access to the Trees

How easy or hard is it to reach the tree in question? A representative from our tree removal company will come to the site and conduct a free assessment to measure the ease of access and ensure that the tree can be removed with utmost safety. If the tree is near a utility line, road, building, or other structures, it may be tricky to access due to the obstacles. So you may have to pay more, considering that we will be putting in extra effort and bearing the liability.


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