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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Pittsboro?

We’re definitely not in a major metropolitan area here in Pittsboro. While it’s also not the wilderness around Chatham County, the forests of the Piedmont are an integral part of our ecosystem. The same diseases and pests that affect trees of the forests commonly make appearances on trees around town. Some of the common ones that we see a lot of around here are:

  • Anthracnose
  • Fusiform rust
  • Sudden oak death
  • White pine blister rust
  • Annosus root rot
  • Dutch elm disease

Does the City of Pittsboro Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Unfortunately, our small town lacks the resources to provide much assistance with tree removal problems on private property. It could be helpful to know, however, that Chatham County Solid Waste and Recycling is able to dispose of any tree or other yard waste at the main facility here in town for $20 per ton. They will accept waste of any size, but it must be secured, able to fit on the scales, and only yard waste with all trash or dirt separated out.

The county then mulches yard waste and will sell mulch at $5 per cubic yard. Not only is it great that the county offers a place to take tree waste, but being able to get affordable mulch by bulk for future gardening and tree projects is amazing, especially when it’s recycled from your old trees.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Pittsboro?

Under North Carolina law, the owner of the land that a tree grew on is responsible for its maintenance and, when necessary, removal. A fallen tree doesn’t negate this responsibility, and the tree’s owner will have the obligation to remove it.

Your homeowners insurance will typically consider trees falling a no-fault incident, so any damage caused to your or any neighbor’s property should be covered. If you were notified in advance that the tree was in poor health and at risk of falling, your insurance company could find you negligent and refuse to cover the expense.

If you’re a homeowner?

Part of what makes North Carolina beautiful and unique is our lush trees. The trees on your property constitute a large benefit to the future value of that property. Your trees make your property beautiful and comfortable as well, but they do come with responsibilities. Caring for your trees properly over the years, including removing fallen trees promptly, will ensure they continue to thrive on your property.

Fallen trees that are allowed to sit could do serious damage to your property’s ecosystem. Over time, they can attract diseases and dangerous pests that could pose threats to your other trees. Maintaining your property for the long-term health of your trees can literally grow your investment over time.

If you’re a renter?

If you’re a tenant here in Pittsboro, the responsibility of removing fallen trees from the property you rent likely falls on your landlord instead of you. It’s pretty routine for lease agreements to require tenants to perform lawn care and other routine maintenance of the property, but tree care is a little different. Trees are permanent fixtures on a property, thus, legally closer to buildings than to temporary features like grass and landscaping. Your responsibility when a fallen tree needs removal on a rental property is probably to call your landlord as soon as possible. Tree issues can affect the value of their property, so they should be alerted immediately.

If you’re a landlord?

If you own a rental property here in Pittsboro, you probably still have a responsibility to maintain and remove fallen trees on that property. Unless your lease agreement specifically says otherwise, tree maintenance is typically considered a property owner responsibility under the North Carolina rental code

Even if the responsibility didn’t fall on you, entrusting the care of your trees to your tenants wouldn’t be very wise anyway. The trees on your property can have a massive effect on the value of your investment over time, so you should keep firm control on decisions about their care. Contacting us to resolve issues with tree maintenance or tree removal quickly and communicating with tenants clearly about your plans regarding the trees on your property is the surest way to prevent your tenants from taking matters into their own hands, potentially damaging the value of your property investment.

If you’re a neighbor?

If you have a neighbor here in Pittsboro that has trees that have fallen and need to be removed, that neighbor has an obligation to remove them under the Pittsboro city ordinance. Fallen trees, even ones that aren’t in your yard, can contribute to diseases and pests over time that could affect the ecosystem of your property. In addition, they’re often simply annoying eyesores. If they’re left to sit for too long, they could have adverse effects on your property in the long run.

Nuisance laws exist specifically to prevent the buildup of waste and clutter on properties. Your neighbor has an obligation to promptly remove fallen trees on their property. If they’re not fulfilling this obligation, discuss the issue with them and see if you can resolve it. If you can’t come to an understanding with them, Chatham County code enforcement may be able to help resolve the situation.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Pittsboro?

Like the rest of the Piedmont, our soil here tends to be loam with coarse gravelly sand. Loam soils are composed mostly of silt, natural clay, sand, and decomposing organic matter. This type of soil tends to promote the growth of large trees, which is why our forests grow so well. Our coarse gravel here further aids the development of deep roots, as coarser particles tend to allow the soil to be well-drained, so that water can penetrate to the deepest of roots.

The same features that promote the growth of big trees here, however, may make it harder for some smaller trees to compete. Our large-grain gravel can sometimes mean that water drains too quickly through the soil, and roots higher up can get neglected. You’ll need to pay close attention to young trees and saplings to ensure that they are getting the water and nutrients they need.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Pittsboro?

The temperate weather here in Pittsboro is ideal for growing trees in many ways. Our summers remain fairly cool, with averages for summer highs reaching the vicinity of 80 degrees. Our winters will occasionally dip below freezing, but overall, the climate doesn’t put us or our trees through as many extremes as other parts of the country.

We do, however, see a significant amount of precipitation here in Pittsboro. Even in our dry months, rain is still a common sight, and we average over 45 inches of rain per year. During times of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, trees can commonly get damaged by high winds and torrential downpours. Though we’re not as high-risk as coastal cities in North Carolina, tropical storms and hurricanes can still kick up high winds and storm conditions around here as they pass by during storm season.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Pittsboro?

Power lines and trees don’t mix, and trees should be planted where they can never encroach on the space of power lines. If you have dead trees that need removal near power lines, you need to contact the power utility company immediately. When any part of a tree is at risk of falling on transmission lines or transformer boxes, it poses a significant hazard that could lead to electric shock or dangerous fires. Only trained electric utility workers have the tools and experience necessary to safely trim or remove trees near power lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Pittsboro?

Here in Pittsboro, tree removal is usually quite affordable, averaging around $590. Most jobs fall between $150 and $1890. Services typically fall slightly under the national average here, but there are some key factors that could massively affect the cost of any particular tree removal job.


While not every tree is a giant, big trees can make for a big removal job. Large trees will require more tools and safety precautions, and we’ll have to spend a lot more time planning to ensure that all nearby trees and buildings are safe during the removal. Large trees can cause a significant safety risk for our arborists during removal, so it will take more time and precautions to remove the largest of trees safely.

Tree Health

Even a tree that’s already fallen could be carrying dangerous pests or diseases that could affect nearby trees. Trees that died of highly contagious diseases, like sudden oak death, may need to be quarantined for the safety of other trees in the area.

If a tree has been dead for a while, it could have rotted as moisture exposure has worn it down. Rotten wood can splinter and break in highly unpredictable ways, which can pose unique challenges for its removal. Often, rotten trees will require extra time planning to ensure a removal that’s safe for us as well as for nearby trees and buildings.

Tree Location

Where your tree is growing can also affect the cost of its removal. A tree that’s growing right next to your home will create a challenge to safely remove without damaging the building. A dead tree growing near healthy trees can also create problems. Additional tools may be required to guarantee that these other trees on your property continue to thrive.

Sometimes trees are just downright hard to get to. We’ve had some tough tree removal jobs over the years, but places we can’t get our truck and tools to pose some very real problems for removal. Tree removal is what we do, and we’re always up for a challenge, but tough jobs take more time and can affect the cost accordingly.


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