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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in High Point?

High Point is lush with maples, poplars, oaks, and many other gorgeous trees. Living with such vibrant plant life can create issues for residents over time, however. The many trees that thrive in central North Carolina can spread and grow quickly, meaning there are many issues that High Point Residents may wind up having with trees.


Just like people or animals in close quarters often struggle with diseases, the lush variety of tree life in the Piedmont area of North Carolina can present a breeding ground for diseases that prey on trees. Disease is the leading cause of tree loss every year in the forests of North Carolina, and High Point’s trees aren’t immune. Brown Spot and Anthracnose are common in foliage and leaves, and Sudden Oak Death and Fusiform Rust can wreak havoc on branches and stems.

Though they’re much more difficult to detect, root diseases like Annosus Root Rot, and Phytophthora Root Rot can prey on underground root systems. These can damage a tree beyond repair quickly, and will usually be noticeable in a rapid decrease in the tree’s overall health.


The vibrant canopy of High Point can sometimes need a bit of trimming. Sometimes trees can get too large for their own good in an area where trees thrive so well. If a tree’s branches are out of control and outpacing the growth on its trunk, it can easily become top-heavy which can have disastrous results in the wrong North Carolina wind. Many trees grown over together can strangle each other and all other plant life with them. Keeping trees properly maintained keeps them safer, more beautiful, and healthy for both them and other plants around.

A congested canopy doesn’t help out your lawn or any trees around. Untrimmed trees may prevent nearby, smaller trees from getting light and cause bald patches in lawns or gardens. Trimming can give branches some room to breathe so that a tall tree’s leaves don’t blot out the sun on your property.

A lot of homeowners may want to occasionally do small trims themselves, but for large jobs, you need a professional. Our professional tree trimmers are prepared for the risks and challenges of serious trims on serious trees. We have the right tools, quality safety gear, and the training to get the job done right.

Does the City of High Point Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Though the Urban Forestry Committee of High Point performs coordinated tree trimming and tree removal on public property and for city-owned facilities, they do not provide any assistance for private property. They do, however, recommend in their guidelines that they follow for city arboreal maintenance to all property owners in the area.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in High Point?

Fallen trees can lead to a bit of finger-pointing and some big fights about responsibility. In North Carolina, the property owner that the tree fell from is responsible for the removal of the tree, though the city may intervene when the tree falls across public property. Fallen trees on easements are up to the property owner to fix, and failing to do so may end up with the city doing it and sending you a bill that is quite a bit higher than it should be if you’d taken care of it.

If you’re a homeowner?

If you’re a homeowner, the tree is yours whether it is firmly planted in the ground or has crashed to the ground. Calling our arborists means you can get your tree removed quickly and conveniently by someone who knows exactly how to get the job done safely and for the lowest price.

If you’re a renter?

Trees are a feature of your landlord’s property, so it would usually fall to the owner to clean it up unless it’s spelled out differently in your lease. Though there may be some mitigating circumstances if something you did caused the tree to fall, it’s always best to consult your landlord before modifying their property in any permanent way. If it’s an emergency and a tree needs to be moved urgently, your landlord should at least know if you need to take emergency action and call for help.

If you’re a landlord?

You should maintain responsibility for tree care and removal if possible as a landlord. Unless your contract with a tenant says differently, it’s likely that trees on your property are your legal responsibility. You wouldn’t want to pass over the care of your trees to a tenant anyway if it can be avoided. Trees are an investment in the future value of your property, and you want to have control over what happens with the trees on your property. Even if a tree is already down and needs to be moved, asking a tenant to arrange it may be a liability if something goes wrong.

If you’re a neighbor?

In North Carolina, usually, the owner of the property that the tree originated from is the responsible party. If a tree falls into your yard and you need it gone, it’s the tree owner’s responsibility to remove it. If they won’t, and you end up doing it to get it off your property, you may want to reach out to the Guilford County Courthouse and see about pursuing the neighbor who was responsible for compensation. Before doing anything drastic, try to communicate with them as much as possible to avoid conflict over a simple tree.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in High Point?

The soil of North Carolina’s Piedmont is well-aerated and clay-rich. The subsoil is rich in yellows, reds, and browns that indicate sand, silt, and clay balance that encourage drainage and make excellent soil for growing trees. The pH does tend towards acidic in central North Carolina, so trees that require more neutral soil will probably require extra care and soil additives.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in High Point?

Compared to coastal North Carolina, High Point has hotter summers and colder winters. This can make it difficult to plant certain breeds of trees, though native species thrive. Winters below freezing can create ice that can weigh down top-heavy or unhealthy trees, potentially bringing them crashing down.

Thunderstorms can also seriously affect tree health in High Point. We average 42.3″ of rainfall a year, much of it during big July thunderstorms. Strong winds, heavy rain, or lightning can all bring down trees, especially unhealthy or poorly maintained ones.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in High Point?

The Electric Utility office of the City of High Point has a department dedicated to trimming and removing dangerous dead trees and branches around power lines. They perform this service around all power lines in the city regardless of whether they are on private or city-owned property.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in High Point?

We’re all proud of our trees in High Point. We even have an Urban Forestry Program to plant and maintain trees around the city. Tree-lined streets and gorgeous shade trees throughout yards are nice, but sometimes these many trees can get in the way. Trees can be a serious impediment to property development and can pose huge risks if they die.

High Point residents usually find themselves having to remove trees for one of a few reasons, like overgrown roots, clearing space, or because trees have died. If you think you need tree removal, you shouldn’t wait to call our expert arborists. Given enough time, we’ve seen unchecked tree roots destroy fences, patios, and even foundations. Dead trees left standing can be dangerous in storms or high winds, and sometimes, trees just need to go for new development or to clear out the view.

The cost of tree removal in High Point will generally range anywhere from $200-$2,500 but can vary a lot based on a few different factors.


Bigger trees create a more complicated and potentially dangerous job for an expert to remove. While we have extra safety equipment and qualified professionals experienced in removing large trees, a large tree will require more resources and machinery to ensure a quality and safe removal and more time invested. While homeowners may occasionally try to remove small trees on their own, calling our experts is imperative with large trees even if the cost can be higher. Felling large trees without training and equipment could potentially be disastrous for buildings, people, and other plants in the vicinity.


The health of the tree that needs removal can also play a big role in the price of the job. Dead or diseased trees may have unstable branches and limbs that may pose serious safety risks to arborists and need more time and planning. Trees in poor health can be a serious hazard to nearby buildings and even people passing by when they finally give out and fall. Our expert arborists can safely and efficiently remove the tree before any damage is caused by a tree unexpectedly falling.


Difficult-to-access trees and those in precarious positions, like those right alongside a house, may complicate the removal process and result in higher costs. Trees right out in the open without major obstructions can be easily accessed by tools and machinery and be brought down with routine planning. For trees that are more difficult to get to or that require delicate planning to ensure a safe removal due to nearby buildings, fences, or other trees, the process can be more difficult.


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