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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Fayetteville?

The Fayetteville area is home to many types of trees and is blessed with a temperate, zone 8a tree hardiness zone climate. Hickory, Oak, Poplar, Sweetgum, Maple, and Pine trees all thrive in this area.

  • Diseases, such as the fungal pathogen that causes Pecan Scab, can infect trees in our area, making it harder for them to photosynthesize and sending them into a stress response.
  • Pests, usually insects, can defoliate trees or burrow under the bark, where they harm the interior of the tree. While many insects can live on a tree for a long time without damaging or killing the tree, if you notice new or rapid changes in a tree, ask our arborists to look at it and determine whether it is a damaging insect problem is key.
  • For new trees, lack of water can be a major tree issue in Fayetteville. Most people don’t realize just how much water it takes to help a tree set in the first couple of years after the shock of transplanting. Learning the right fertilizer or a helpful mulching strategy can also help a tree thrive.

Does the City of Fayetteville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Fayetteville has standards when it comes to removing many trees at once, requiring a clear-cutting permit for removal. They help residents determine if there are unknown risks related to removing vegetation in their area.

Planning and zoning offer a wide variety of resources when it comes to planting and removing trees, but unless a tree is on city-controlled land and poses a present danger of falling, it is unlikely that the city will remove it for you. However, if you notice suspended limbs or a dead tree in an area that is past the sidewalk, it doesn’t hurt to call your utility company or the city’s Development Services department for further guidance.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Fayetteville?

Here in the Fayetteville area, as well as the more rural properties at the edge of the city’s limits, each property owner is responsible for their own tree removal costs in most cases. If the tree has fallen and damaged your personal property, it’ll be up to you to fix and pay for any repairs needed to sheds, your house, or other items that could have been in the way when the tree fell. The challenges, of course, arise when someone else’s property is damaged, or when you live on a property where you are just renting.

Let’s explore how to handle a fallen tree removal need in Fayetteville from the different perspectives you might be bringing. The first step is to take a deep breath, realize these things do happen, and prepare to approach the situation with patience.

If you’re a homeowner?

Of course, when you wake up one morning and find that a tree has fallen in your Fayetteville property, you may be feeling like you’re seeing dollar bills flying out of the branches. However, you don’t need to immediately be worried – focus on what to do right now. First, you’ll want to see if the cause of the fallen tree fits under your homeowner’s insurance and if your deductible is low enough to pursue a claim. Getting quotes for the tree’s removal will be the next step.

This is also the time when you’d want to call your utility provider if the tree is on or near power lines and other lines. Lastly, if the tree is potentially in the right-of-way or city property rather than your own, try the FAY Fix It app to find out if you are eligible for any city assistance.

If you’re a renter?

If you’re the renter and you see a downed tree in your yard, don’t fear! You’re not responsible for the long-term maintenance of the property, including tree care, unless you have a very unusual arrangement with your landlord. The property owner needs to handle the removal of the fallen tree and they should be willing to get working on that promptly to make sure you have full use of the property you’re renting. 

The one glaring exception would be if the tree has fallen as a direct result of something you’ve done and there is clear evidence of your behavior. Then your landlord may choose civil litigation or request out-of-court that you pay for the removal. Most trees, however, don’t fall because of a renter’s actions.

If you’re a landlord?

It’s your responsibility to keep an eye on the health of the trees on your rental property; this usually means pruning and getting our expert arborists to help if the tree is experiencing some form of harmful tree disease. If despite these efforts the tree doesn’t thrive, eventually falling, you’ll need to make arrangements for the tree to be removed. If you’re a landlord operating out of state or away from Fayetteville, either arrange with your property manager or with the renter to get the services done promptly and make sure you are the one footing the bill; otherwise, the renter may have a case against you for negligence as a landlord. 

If you’re a neighbor?

The law becomes somewhat fuzzy here in North Carolina if your tree falls into another person’s property, harming them or their possessions. The key is to try to take responsibility for the trees that are on your property. Working out a dispute with your neighbor in good faith may help you both avoid a lawsuit to determine who needs to pay. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Fayetteville?

While the soil around a particular home may vary, Fayetteville, like most of the North Carolina Piedmont, has a mix of Cecil fertile red clay and sandy soil, which dominates down through Wilmington along the coast. Trees do well in soil that both holds some water, which clay does very well, and allows for drainage away from the roots. Too much of either can be a harder environment for trees; water pooling around the roots in an extremely clay-filled soil can cause rot, and too sandy of a soil can drain too much water away, drying out trees that aren’t accustomed to that kind of soil. If your property tends toward very sandy or very clay-like, talk to our arborists about which trees are likely to be adversely affected by that soil type. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Fayetteville?

While Fayetteville’s zone is such that a wide variety of trees thrive here, if you plant a tree that is well-bred for a much warmer or much colder climate, the weather in our area is likely to stress out the tree, potentially killing it earlier than its natural lifespan. 

Also, Fayetteville’s location in the Piedmont of North Carolina means that it occasionally catches the brunt of hurricane-force or tropical-storm level winds, which can damage trees and even break them down entirely. While not as common, tornados also occasionally occur, and the destructive winds of a tornado can decimate trees in seconds. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Fayetteville?

Fayetteville’s Public Works Commission should be your first call if you believe the power lines may have been affected by a fallen branch or tree. If a tree appears dead but hasn’t fallen yet, calling PWC may be a way to take advantage of their tree trimming program. They also conduct a survey that may verify that the tree is indeed dead and get it on a schedule for removal or trimming.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Fayetteville?

Tree removal in Fayetteville can range from affordable $200 or $300 trees up to thousands of dollars for very old, very large, or very difficult-to-extract trees. A lot of factors go into the process of pricing a tree removal.

Tree Size

Here in the Fayetteville area, you will find the biggest determiner of the cost will be tree size. While you’re likely to see the most correlation between tree height and overall cost, you’ll also have to think about the overall volume of tree branches; a 50-foot Oak tree with many limbs that extend very far out could be more than twice (possibly much more) what a fairly straightforward, 25-foot pine tree would cost to remove. In general, however, you can expect shorter trees to cost less and taller trees to cost more to remove since the work involved to segment and remove a given volume of wood is a factor in the complexity and duration of the work.

Location Concerns

The tree’s size won’t be the entire story, since access to the tree and how it fell may impact how long it will take us and what challenging situations the tree removal crew will face. For instance, if your tree fell onto a structure, keeping the structure from receiving further damage requires more work and preparation than just removing a tree from an open field. Nearby phone or power lines can make it more dangerous to approach the tree and require the feedback of your municipality, and the nearby street or alley access that is available will determine how feasible it is to use small versus larger equipment near the premises.

Urgency, Availability, Equipment, and Multi-Tree Discounts

Just a few more things could influence your tree removal costs. If you need the removal immediately, you will likely pay some kind of premium. We have to make our schedules with as much advance notice as possible, so urgent tree removals will cost extra if they have to bump someone to another time. 

On the other hand, if there is no urgency and you don’t need a lot of advance notice, we may be able to give you a better deal. If you let us do the project as we find time without any urgency, we may be able to offer a more competitive price, or if you have multiple trees in one site so we don’t have to commute between sites, packing up in the process, there could be discounts. There’s no guarantee that these discounts will be in place, but if you feel like you can wait a bit, it doesn’t hurt to ask us!

Finally, specialized equipment needs, like a crane or a larger crew for labor and operations, will, of course, cost extra. These costs are somewhat rolled into the challenges of the size of the tree and the issues with the location of the tree, but they should be kept in mind if you have a much bigger bill compared to average tree removal costs.


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