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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Asheboro? 

From our early days supporting a frontier courthouse to our growth as a textile and manufacturing center, people have found our beautiful corner of the Piedmont really is “Exactly where you want to be”. For centuries, our rolling, forested hills have proven to be a draw for many residents. Tree-lined paths in North Asheboro Park and countless shady streets across our neighborhoods offer cleaner air and beautify our city. Trees can mark important milestones in our lives, from the traditional planting of a new tree when a child is born to honoring a loved one with a memorial tree. Unfortunately, along with their benefits, even the best-loved trees require maintenance and, at some point, removal. 

Tree Diseases

Even in the relatively mild climate, we enjoy in Asheboro, our trees must survive a wide range of weather conditions. Our hot, humid summers and frequent precipitation throughout the year often provide excellent conditions for fungus and mold to thrive. Two of the most common diseases we see while doing tree service around Asheboro are root rot and wilt.

  • Root Rot – Many kinds of fungi and bacteria can harm the root systems of numerous tree species native to our area, weakening their holds in the soil and making them vulnerable to damage by diseases and insects. The weakened root system and base of a tree with root rot can also make it more susceptible to falling in strong winds or due to movement and waterlogged soil often caused by heavy rains. 
  • Wilts – The group of tree diseases called wilts are caused most often by fungi that is spread between the roots of trees that grow closely together, or by insects that carry the fungus from tree to tree. Many people have heard of Dutch Elm Disease, which is a kind of wilt, though the most common forms we see around here are Oak Wilt and Laurel Wilt. Wilts can kill affected trees by preventing them from moving water and nutrients throughout the tree so that an increasing number of branches can’t survive and wilt as they succumb to the disease. 

Insect Pests

Most insect pests that threaten trees in Asheboro are invasive species that have arrived here usually by accident. Our native trees usually do not have any natural defenses or resistance to them, and these insects lack any natural predators here, too, so they can spread easily. If you think you have an insect pest problem in one or more of your trees, it’s important to have our arborists examine it and treat or remove any affected trees to help prevent its spread. The most common insect pests we deal with in Asheboro include:

  • Emerald Ash Borer – Although Asheboro wasn’t named after the ash tree, their shady limbs do grace many of our streets, and they are all now under threat by the emerald ash borer. This invasive species can kill an ash tree in a matter of months, and there is little that can be done besides removing affected trees to try and prevent the insects from spreading.
  • Cankerworms – These little green worms feed voraciously on many of our hardwood trees such as oak, hickory, ash, beech, and apple. Both spring and fall cankerworms inch along as they feed, rarely killing a tree, but often weakening and stressing trees, making them more vulnerable to other diseases and insect pests.
  • Gypsy Moths – Since their arrival in the 19th century in a misguided attempt to revive the Massachusetts silk industry, gypsy moths have spread across numerous states, devastating hundreds of tree species as they go. 

Does the City of Asheboro Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

While it is responsible for the trees in our parks, other public spaces, and many of the trees along our streets and sidewalks, the City of Asheboro cannot generally assist you in removing trees on private property. Fall leaf collection is, of course, available, and if you have some limbs and branches from tree trimming, you can request a pickup from the City Department of Environmental Services. Pieces must be four inches or less in diameter and in five-foot or shorter lengths. These are collected with a scoop on a boom truck with the first two scoops being free (about two pickup truck loads), and there is a small fee for each additional scoop.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Asheboro?

In general, North Carolina law indicates that homeowners (and their insurance companies) are responsible for healthy trees which fall onto their properties, regardless of where the tree grew. In some cases, if a tree was visibly in poor health or obviously dead, the tree’s owner may instead be liable for the cost of its removal. In fact, in some cases, if it can be proven that a tree’s owner was aware of a tree at risk of falling and didn’t have it taken care of, their insurance company may refuse to pay claims for its removal or any damage it has caused—good reasons to keep your trees in good shape.

If you’re a homeowner?

As mentioned, if a healthy tree falls onto your property as the result of a storm, you are generally responsible for its removal. Luckily, your insurance company will often help out, as this is usually considered an “act of God”. If a tree was dead or visibly unhealthy, the tree’s owner may be liable for its removal if you can prove they either knew about or should have known about its risk of falling.

If you’re a renter?

It is extremely rare for a renter to be responsible for major property issues such as a fallen tree’s removal. These types of problems are normally a landlord’s responsibility to take care of. It’s a good idea, however, to keep an eye on the trees around the property and the neighbors’ lots and let your landlord know about any concerns.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are normally responsible for tree removal on the properties they rent out along the same lines that resident homeowners are. Maintaining the trees on your property protects your investment and makes for better relations with your tenants.

If you’re a neighbor?

If your dead or dying tree falls on your neighbor’s property, you may be liable for its removal and any damages. If the tree was healthy and fell on your neighbor’s property, usually due to severe weather, your neighbor and their insurance company are normally responsible for its removal. Even if you’re not legally or financially responsible, it can be a kind gesture to help your neighbor out, since the problem was caused by your tree.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Asheboro?

Soil is, of course, vital for a tree’s growth, providing the water and nutrients it needs, as well as a place for roots to grow. Around Asheboro, most of our Piedmont soil is silty loam or silty clay loam. Loam is generally an ideal type of soil for tree growth, offering plenty of nutrients and water (but not too much) along with ample space for roots to spread and anchor themselves in the ground. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Asheboro?

Asheboro’s normally mild weather offers excellent conditions for good tree growth, as our numerous healthy trees and forests will attest. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does sometimes throw us a curveball. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and even severe thunderstorms can bring down a tree’s limbs or the tree itself with more aggressive storms. Winter’s ice storms can also burden tree limbs with up to 30 times their weight in ice, frequently causing damage. Proper tree maintenance can reduce the likelihood of more severe damage for many trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Asheboro?

The Randolph Electric Membership Corporation (REMC) is responsible for tree trimming along utility rights-of-way, in accordance with requirements from the USDA Rural Utilities Service program. That takes care of tree issues along transmission lines between poles. If you have a problem with a tree or trees near your service line (from the pole to your house), you can contact REMC and a crew will come out and trim it if needed. If the tree needs to be removed, REMC can temporarily shut off the line, so a tree service can safely remove it. If you are adding or replacing a tree on your property, REMC suggests following the National Arbor Day Foundation’s Right Tree Right Place guidelines. If you have a tree along a primary line that needs to be removed, REMC offers a “Trade-a-Tree” program where they will help you select an appropriate replacement tree at a reasonable cost. Once you have it planted, you can submit your receipt for reimbursement.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Asheboro?

If you’ve postponed having tree service done, fearing it will be too costly, you may be happy to know that the average tree removal job is probably less expensive than you expected. The average tree removal job we do around Asheboro costs between $450 and $650. Of course, each tree and property are different, so the price of the work can certainly vary between $200 and $2,000. Some aspects of tree removal are most likely to influence its cost, including:

Size & Type of Tree

It probably goes without saying that larger trees (in height or their spread) generally cost more to remove than smaller trees. Those with harder wood, such as hickory, oak, and locust, can also add to your cost as their denser wood can require more time and effort for us to remove. 

Tree Location

Many of Asheboro’s trees grow next to our homes, garages, play equipment, other trees, and more, offering shade and beauty. Unfortunately, when we need to remove a tree from such a space, we need to do so without causing damage to your property or your neighbors’ property. The more complicated it is for us to safely remove a tree, the more it can add to your costs. In addition, the hilly, sometimes rocky terrain can make it challenging to access your tree, potentially adding to your costs.

Additional Equipment & Services

Sometimes, we need additional equipment, such as a bucket truck, or a larger crew to safely remove your tree, both of which can affect your costs. Many homeowners also choose to have us cut and split logs for firewood, chip limbs, or grind the stump out–all of which will affect the bottom line.


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