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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Kalispell?

Located in Northwest Montana, Kalispell is considered an evergreen city. Combining alpine trails with mountain peaks and historic homes, the area is more than naturally beautiful. Just like most nature-filled areas in the US, Kalispell has its fair share of daunting culprits when it comes to its gorgeous greens. They’re not always 100% visible and most don’t immediately cause your trees to show signs of wilting or decay, so it’s important to know what to look for when checking your property.

Black Stain Root Disease

Caused by a fungus that targets conifers infecting and killing them, Black Stain Root Disease is a sneaky predator. It blocks water conduction to foliage rather than infecting the actual wood and causing decay. This creates a lack of hydration for trees, resulting in the deformation and dieback of leaves and limbs. Over time, this can create substantial damage and leave trees at risk for other bacteria and insect predators. 

Atropellis Canker

Appearing in elongated impressions on the bark of trees, Atropellis Canker infects the cambium of trees and leaves them with distorted growth patterns. The fungus is not aggressive in comparison to other fungi and doesn’t rapidly spread, which allows for time to trim back infected branches. If it’s noticed and treated in the early stages, it is possible to remove the canker from a tree before it causes too much damage. 

Western Gall Rust

Known for mainly targeting pines, Western Gall Rust finds residence in the tissue of branches and twigs. It often causes swelling, known as galls, in trees that resembles cankers and can cause ridges in the stem of lumber. This can lead to breakage and stunt or limit growth in younger trees. Spores created by the disease are often followed by attacks from insects and other fungi, resulting in the death of branches and eventually the decay of the tree itself. 

Laminated Root Rot

Targeting the roots of trees, Laminated Root Rot is a severe fungus that causes permanent damage to trees of all ages. The fungus starts as a spore and then transforms into a crust-like form that can be found in damp areas on fallen logs. Moisture has to be present for the fungus to germinate, allowing the disease to spread through water. 

Does the City of Kalispell Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Unfortunately, the city does not regularly provide support in removing and disposing of trees from private property. Kalispell officials have asked that limbs, fallen branches, and debris not be placed in public boulevards or streets. The Kalispell Parks and Recreation and Public Works department have stated that it is the property owner’s responsibility to handle the cleanup and disposal of trees and limbs from private property. 

Should a tree pose a threat to public property, obstruct public passing, or be notably infected with diseases or insects that could spread to other trees and shrubs, then the city may offer assistance in removal for specialty cases. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Kalispell?

When a tree falls in your yard and you’re not around to hear it, does it make a sound, and are you responsible for having it removed? Handling fallen trees can be a little tricky at times. It’s important to know if you’re the one that needs to make a phone call to an arborist or if your neighbor or landlord needs to handle that.

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners in Kalispell are responsible for the trimming, pruning, and overall maintenance of trees on their property as well trees in the right of way adjacent to their property. This means that if a tree falls in your yard, whether it be due to negligence or natural causes, you’re in charge of having it removed and filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance to help offset the costs. 

If you’re a renter?

While you do occupy the property and it is your duty to report decaying or dying trees to your landlord, you’re not responsible for more than basic care and maintenance of the yard unless stated otherwise in your agreement. If you notice a tree is leaning or located near power lines and might be hazardous, be sure to let your landlord know so they can handle it. 

If you’re a landlord?

Homeowners retain prime responsibility for fallen trees on their property, so landlords are on the hook for the removal costs.. However, if you’re simply managing property for a homeowner, the trimming and overall care for trees likely fall in your line of duties for the property. If you’re a property manager and a tree falls, contact the homeowner, or if you’re the homeowner, contact our arborists to set up a time for removal. 

If you’re a neighbor?

In Kalispell, the homeowner where the tree originally resides is responsible for the removal of that tree. Should a neighboring tree fall on your property, it is that homeowner’s job to work with you to settle the cost of any damages caused as well as work to get it removed on time. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Kalispell?

The soil throughout Kalispell is a mixture of deep loamy and clayey-based slopes. A large portion of the city’s land is high in minerals and nutrients due to surrounding rivers. Caused by the slopes and hills across the land, some areas experience poor drainage and can heavily water trees without helping them grow at normal rates. If the soil doesn’t drain well, this can be damaging to root systems and leave them vulnerable to storms. 

Some areas in Kalispell consist of stony loamy soils that are well draining and known for grassy views. Throughout the city, it’s hit or miss when planting new trees, but if you hit an area with good drainage and mineral-rich basing, then you can expect healthy growth in its trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Kalispell?

Wind, snow, and freezing rain are all common experiences that trees in Kalispell have to combat. When winter strikes and the ground begins to freeze, trees that are both healthy and decaying can have a rough time gathering nutrients and water from the soil. This can cause limbs to experience dieback and leave trees in need of pruning once the frost is gone. By carefully trimming back branches or having our experts do so following cold weather, you can help the trees in your yard prepare for regrowth. This simple maintenance promotes restoration along with a strong balance in opening up the pores for growth to begin again. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Kalispell?

If you see a fallen power line, your thoughts are more than likely going to tell you to stay away from it. The same principle applies when you notice a dead tree near a power line. Storms, accidents, and other events are all common causes behind branches becoming tangled in live lines. When this happens, it can be extremely dangerous for anyone to come into contact with lines that carry mass amounts of electricity. One touch could leave you hospitalized or, in worst-case scenario situations, it could cost you your life. 

When a tree comes in contact with a line, it can result in power outages, fire, and safety hazards. Keeping your distance and avoiding interacting with the dangerous threat is your best option. Our arborists are professionally and tactfully trained to handle situations like this, ensuring your safety as well as the safety of loved ones. So, in a situation where you notice a dead tree is a little too close for comfort to a power line, it’s time to call in our professional.

Feel free to trim the branches of trees on your property that aren’t near power lines, but leave the risky ones to our pros.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Kalispell?

Tree removal costs vary based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to the price of labor, materials used, accessibility, size and diameter of trees, along with many other things. For average tree removal services in the Kalispell area, you can expect to spend around $627. This cost is the average price for removing medium-sized trees, the preparation for removal, as well as the cleanup afterward. Your total may be as low as $300 or as high as $2,200 depending on the below factors.

Complexity of Job

When having a tree removed from your property, it can be difficult at times. Even our professionals have to go in with a game plan in place to prevent potential dangers and damage from happening while removing the tree. Larger trees that are close to structures or power lines will be considered as a more intricate process when planning the removal. They take more time and precision to make sure the tree is removed safely without surprises. Additionally, if it’s difficult to gain access to a tree, it may cost a little more to haul our equipment and may take more time during the removal process. 

Materials and Machinery

There’s more to tree removal services than purchasing a chainsaw at your local depot. Our arborists have to take into consideration the safety and complexity of each job, which means they’ll bring ropes, chains, harnesses, and a multitude of equipment and machinery. These tools cost money, and you’re not only paying for the labor of the job when you have a tree removed. You’re paying for the extension of our arborist using their tools, training, and skillset to remove the tree without worry. 

Service Add-Ons

Basic cleanup fees are usually included when a tree is removed. However, removing the stump, chipping or splitting the wood, and other landscaping jobs typically aren’t part of the project process. When you want these things included, you’ll be paying additional fees for extra services. Our arborists will happily cut up wood from the tree so that you have some firewood during winter seasons, but that takes time and the use of their equipment. If you request any services outside of the original quote, be prepared to pay a little additional money. 


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