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What are the Most Common Tree Issues in Corinth?

Dead, dying, and diseased trees can cause a number of problems for your home and your yard–not to mention the rest of your neighborhood. You don’t want a tree to fall on your home or your property unexpectedly, nor do you want to have to deal with the potential challenges that could come from a damaged tree. Regular attention and maintenance on your trees can make it easier to keep them healthy and avoid bigger problems down the road. 

Tree Diseases

Trees throughout Mississippi can face a variety of potential diseases. Most common, however, are Hardwood Decay (also known as Heart Rot), Laurel Wilt Disease, and Loblolly Pine Decline. Trees in Mississippi may also face Dutch Elm Disease or Black Knot Disease. Potential signs of disease in your trees may include problems like yellowing leaves, leaves that fall from the trees too early–and often without warning–and thinning of needles and branches on the tree. You may also notice brown spots or lesions on the tree, which could indicate the growth of fungus or disease. 

Dangerous Branches

As your trees grow, their branches may hang out over your home, porch, or patio, creating a hazard that could cause serious potential problems if they come crashing down due to poor weather conditions. Removing those branches on your terms, in your time, can help you protect your home and decrease the odds that it will face serious damage. Our tree removal specialists can help ensure that those branches come down correctly without posing unnecessary danger to your home and property.

Pruning Needs

In order to create the healthiest possible trees, which stand the best possible odds of growing straight and tall, you need to prune your trees regularly. Our tree pruning services can help you shape your trees and grow them with a higher overall degree of confidence. Pruning can also help reduce the growth of branches around power lines, which may mean that you experience less disruption in power or internet services when storms strike your area. 

Tree Removal

When possible, the specialists at TreeTriage try to remediate problems with your trees before taking them down. We help treat diseases and prune back trees that may be growing dangerously tall or in the wrong direction. However, sometimes, diseased or damaged trees may be in such poor health that the best option is to take them down, rather than leaving them in place to threaten your home. Tree removal can help protect your home against damage or ensure that damaged trees do not take other, healthy trees down with them if they fall. Having your tree removed by our professionals will also allow you to choose the timing and the general location where it comes down, reducing potential hazards to your pets, home, and family.

Storm Cleanup

Even the healthiest trees can be brought down quickly in a storm. Corinth frequently suffers severe thunderstorms and heavy winds, which can leave destruction and devastation in its wake. You cannot afford to leave trees sitting in your yard indefinitely, and in some cases, especially if they fall across your driveway or on top of your home, you may need them removed quickly. At Tree Triage, we offer emergency tree removal services that will help get your property cleaned up quickly.

Does the City of Corinth Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Most of the time, if you have tree removal needs in Corinth, you will need to take care of them yourself. As the property owner, you need to safely maintain your property and ensure that your trees do not pose a threat to your home or your neighbors’. However, if you have trees with dangerous branches near power lines or trees that need to come down that may fall onto the power lines, you may be able to contact the utility company to aid in pruning or tree removal.

Keep in mind that if you do call the power company to handle tree removal, especially if the power company comes out primarily to take care of dangerous branches that are posing a hazard around the power lines, the company may not be focused on aesthetics or on maintaining the health of the tree. If you want to keep your tree healthy or you want to make sure that your yard looks its best, you may want to consider bringing in our tree removal specialists to take better care of the tree and the property as a whole.

Who is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Corinth?

A tree fell to the ground on your Corinth property. You do not want to leave it there indefinitely. Now what?

If you’re a homeowner:

If you own your property, you, as the homeowner, will have to take responsibility for dealing with any tree that falls on your property even if it’s your neighbor’s tree. If you take damage to your home, in general, you will use your property insurance to help take care of the damage. You can choose how you want to remove the tree and even what you want to do with the wood, including selling it or using it for firewood, but you will need to call us to make arrangements to have the tree removed on your own. 

If you’re a renter:

If you’re a renter, in general, you should expect your landlord to take care of tree removal services. However, check your contract before you simply assume that your landlord will deal with the problem. Your rental contract or lease agreement may indicate that you must take responsibility for cleaning up outside the building. If you routinely take care of your own yard maintenance, you may want to check your lease agreement to make sure that you aren’t responsible for fallen tree removal.

If your landlord is responsible for fallen tree removal according to the terms of your lease agreement, you should make sure that you notify your landlord about the problem as soon as possible. Your landlord can’t remedy a problem he doesn’t know about!

If you’re a landlord:

If you’re a landlord who owns property rented out by another individual or family in Corinth, you will need to make plans to take care of any trees dropped in your renters’ yards, whether those trees fall during a storm or due to decay over time. If you own multiple properties, you may want to make sure that you have a local tree removal specialist like the ones at TreeTriage in your contact list so that you can deal with tree removal needs quickly after a storm or other disaster. 

If you’re a neighbor:

Your neighbor’s tree fell on your property. Now, you have a mess to clean up. Once the tree hits your property, however, it’s your responsibility to take care of the cleanup. You may have the right to any wood or other resources from the tree, but you’ll also need to take responsibility for removing any unwanted wood from your property.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Corinth?

Corinth, Mississippi is part of the Coastal Plain. It has predominantly acidic soil, which can make it difficult for typically ornamental trees imported from other areas to perform well. The conditions throughout Corinth can be relatively harsh, which may prevent some types of trees from thriving. However, native Mississippi trees often perform well in the area. They have adapted to perform well in dry to moist soil conditions and can handle the hot conditions often found throughout Mississippi.

Non-native trees, on the other hand–including those potentially brought in from other areas–may not grow well in Corinth’s acidic soil and hot conditions. Those trees may not thrive and may, in fact, die faster than anticipated.

How Does Weather Impact Tree Health in Corinth?

Corinth, Mississippi has high average temperatures. Trees that rely on a cold winter period for their growth cycles will not thrive well in this hot climate. Trees may also struggle during periods of drought, since they may not get adequate water to thrive. 

Furthermore, the strong weather that often spins through Corinth can be hard on trees. Heavy storms often leave a path of destruction in their wake, including uprooting trees and sending branches crashing to the ground. Following major storms, Corinth residents often have to contend with severe damage to their trees.

What if Dead Trees are Near Power Lines in Corinth?

Dead trees hovering near power lines can crash onto those lines, causing severe damage and removing the lines from service for a period of time. In strong weather, it can prove difficult to get that power restored. If you notice dead or dying trees near your power lines, get in touch with the power company or contact our tree removal specialists as soon as possible.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Corinth?

Your tree removal costs can vary between $175 and $1,975 depending on a variety of factors. 

The Size of the Job

If you have a big tree removal job, including a large tree that needs to come down, you may find yourself paying significantly more for our tree removal services than if you have a few branches that need to be removed or a small tree that needs to come out of the ground before it becomes a more serious hazard. 

Is It an Emergency?

If you need emergency tree removal services, from a newly noticed dead tree with a storm coming in to the need to remove debris from your yard after a tree falls, you may need to have those tree removal needs taken care of fast. However, you may find yourself paying more for those emergency tree removal services. 

How Hard Is It to Reach the Tree’s Location?

Sometimes, it can prove difficult to get to a specific tree, especially if our tree removal team needs to move a bucket truck into the yard. If your yard presents unique hazards that can make it harder for us to get to the tree, you may pay more for that tree removal.


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