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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Springfield?

The Emerald Ash Borer has been found in Springfield’s ash trees. This invasive beetle, which is native to Asia, has killed millions of trees throughout the Midwest and other parts of North America in recent years. The insect’s larvae destroy ash trees by feeding on the bark inside the trees. Preserving these trees is extremely difficult once an Emerald Ash Borer infestation is located, which means that taking steps to prevent the beetle from coming into Greene County and the city of Springfield in the first place is more effective than trying to get rid of it.

Springfield has developed a $75,000 annual plan for monitoring its 380 city-managed ash trees and treating and removing them as needed to minimize the spreading of any infestations. The city is currently replacing each ash tree that needs to be removed with another tree of a different species and encourages owners of private ash trees to do the same. 

Other common pests in Missouri include the Asian Gypsy Moth, the Asian Longhorned Beetle, the European Gypsy Moth, and the Spotted Lanternfly. Unlike the Emerald Ash Borer, these insects can affect multiple trees, although they usually do not cause the same level of destruction. Caterpillars of Asian Gypsy Moths and European Gypsy Moths defoliate the trees where they live, weakening the trees and leaving them more vulnerable to damage or death from other pests or diseases.

The Springfield area also experiences frequent tornados and ice storms. Although many of these storms are not severe enough to pose a significant threat to humans, any strong wind or ice accumulation can break branches and knockdown smaller or weaker trees.

Does the City of Springfield Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems? 

The City of Springfield discourages voluntary tree removal and emphasizes its preference only to have trees removed as a last resort when there are no other practical alternatives. The city provides a comprehensive list of guidelines for residents of Springfield to use when selecting an arborist or tree removal company to make sure they are working with a reputable company or individual who is highly qualified and skilled at managing a particular tree without damaging surrounding trees or property. Luckily, all of our arborists at Tree Triage are certified with the city!

Springfield’s City Utilities provides free assistance with tree service needs close to power lines, as untrained individuals are not permitted to work within ten feet of an active power line in Missouri. Although City Utilities may need to cut or move trees to restore power following a storm, they generally do not clean up debris under these circumstances. Brush and branches up to four feet long can be dropped off at Springfield’s Yardwaste Recycling Center following a storm for a fee, while larger branches and fallen trees will need to be cleaned up by a private company, like Tree Triage.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Springfield?

In Missouri, tree removal responsibility generally falls on the property owner where the tree lands unless it falls as a result of negligence. 

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for keeping your trees in good health and removing any dead trees or trees that are weakened due to disease or pests. This is particularly important if the height and location of your trees make them likely to land in a neighbor’s yard if they fall as a result of negligence on your part, as you would be responsible for removing them from your neighbor’s yard and covering any damage costs associated with it.

However, you are generally only responsible for trees, branches, and other debris that land in your yard during a tornado, ice storm, or other major storms, no matter whose trees they are. In Missouri, your homeowner’s insurance typically covers at least part of the cost of removing trees from your yard after a storm, regardless of whether they are yours, your neighbor’s, or trees managed by the City of Springfield. Similarly, you are typically allowed to trim your neighbor’s tree as far as the property line if it hangs into your yard.

If you’re a renter?

Apartment renters and most house renters will not be responsible for removing any trees, regardless of why they fell or where they landed. Because you are not the property owner, you will not need to pay to have them removed unless your lease specifies otherwise. You will, however, need to let your landlord know what happened so that he or she can arrange to have the tree removed.

If you’re a landlord? 

As the owner of a rental property, landlords are generally responsible for removing trees that fall on their property unless the cause was a neighbor’s negligence. Like homeowners, landlords need to have sufficient insurance for their properties to ensure adequate coverage for removing the tree and making any needed repairs.

If you’re a neighbor?

Whether you own trees or not, making sure your homeowner’s insurance covers tree removal costs is a must. You will be responsible for removing your neighbor’s tree if it lands in your yard during a storm, but you will typically not be liable for having your tree removed from your neighbor’s yard. The only exception to this policy is negligence, in which case whoever did not take care of a known problem will need to cover removal and damage costs, regardless of where the tree falls. You will also need to maintain your trees to keep them out of your neighbor’s yard, as your neighbor has the right to prune any branches that reach over the property line and create a nuisance in their yard.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Springfield?

Erosion is a major soil issue in Springfield and throughout much of Missouri. Soil that is washed away exposes tree roots and makes it difficult for trees to get the nutrients they need. Construction sites in the area can cause erosion much faster than the natural rate, which can also negatively affect local water quality for people, animals, and plants. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Springfield?

Springfield is located near Tornado Alley, a region that is especially prone to frequent damage to trees and property from strong wind. The Springfield area typically receives around ten tornadoes each year, with many more in nearby towns and throughout the rest of Missouri.

Although most of these tornadoes are not strong enough to severely damage property or pose a serious safety threat, almost all tornadoes can damage trees. Even the weakest tornadoes can damage trees by breaking off branches and knocking over young trees recently planted, and strong tornados can uproot even the largest trees. Strong winds that can become a tornado also frequently damage trees in the Springfield area, even if they never reach the ground. 

The Springfield area also experiences ice storms of varying severity most winters. Although trees native to Missouri are somewhat better equipped to handle average snow and cold weather than species that are found further south, ice that lingers on trees or accumulates quickly can negatively affect them.

During a particularly severe ice storm in January 2007, Greene County experienced ice accumulations that ranged from 1-1.5″ and resulted in widespread downed trees. Broken branches and fallen trees throughout the city took weeks to clean up and lost approximately 13 percent of Springfield’s trees. This problem was made worse because tree trimming had not been diligent in Springfield for financial reasons in the months prior to the storm, which meant that average tree health and ability to handle severe weather were lower than they could have been. The storm played a major role in causing Springfield to recognize the need to improve its Office of Emergency Management, which led to an increase in citywide plans for preparing for and being equipped and ready to clean up after ice storms, tornadoes, and other severe weather. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Springfield? 

According to the Missouri Overhead Power Line Safety Act, untrained individuals may not work within ten feet of an active power line. Any pruning needs or dead tree removal that fall within this range will need to be cared for by a professional from the electric company.

In Springfield, City Utilities provides free assistance with pruning and moving trees that are within ten feet of a power line or will temporarily disconnect your wire for you if you wish to do it yourself with at least two days advance notice. However, this free service only extends to the ten-foot mark, and you will generally need to prune trees again after they are a safe distance from the power line or hire us to clean up debris or pick up a dead tree once it is ten feet from the power line.

How Much Does Tree Removal Service Usually Cost in Springfield? 

Springfield’s tree removal service typically falls between $240 and $1,070, with an average cost of approximately $655. However, some removal jobs can be significantly more costly. Most tree removal projects in the area cost around $180 per hour and take a three-person crew between one and eight hours to complete.

Condition of Tree

Diseased or otherwise weakened trees are more difficult to remove without causing further damage to nearby trees or property than healthy trees. Fragile trees will generally cost more to remove than healthy trees or trees that have already fallen and do not need to be cut down. 

Size of Tree

Larger trees take us more time, manpower, and potentially equipment to remove, which means that taller or wider trees will cost more to remove than smaller ones. 

Timing of Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal tends to be more expensive because it deviates from our schedule. Monitoring your trees to identify potential problems early and avoid emergencies allows you to save money by scheduling tree removal during the off-season.


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