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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Chesterfield?

Homeowners in Chesterfield complain of different issues that affect their tree’s health. Rogue pests and infectious diseases rank high among common tree issues in the area. Leaf spots and sycamore anthracnose top the list of tree fungal infections in Chesterfield. Affected trees usually experience severe defoliation that can interfere with the growth of younger trees. While anthracnose often targets tree leaves, this fungal disease can result in twig dieback among sycamore trees.

The oak wilt is also a threat to trees in the area. Bretziela fagacearum, the fungus responsible for these infections, usually invade the water-conducting tissues of susceptible trees. In Chesterfield, the black oak trees are more vulnerable to these infections compared to the white oaks. Upon infection, wilted leaves develop a dull-green appearance. These leaves eventually curl and turn bronze before defoliation begins. Our tree specialists at Tree Triage can help you put measures to prevent the spread of the disease to other trees.

The Asian Longhorned Beetle attacks hardwoods in Chesterfield. This pest often cuts through the barks of affected trees while targeting the trees’ vascular systems. While the young larvae feed on the inner bark of the trunk and branches, adult beetles usually eat tree leaves and twigs. The insect prefers maple trees, horse chestnuts, black locusts, sycamores, and birches. Reach out to our professional arborists to help in slowing down the spread of invasive pests.

Your Chesterfield trees are also prone to attacks from Japanese beetles. The brilliant metallic green insects often reside in the soil and feed on the tree’s tender roots during its early infestation stages. The beetles target most of the foliage on trees. Affected trees usually have skeletonized leaves which only have their veins. Consistent watering and fertilizing can help you minimize the impact of the insect’s damage.

Does the City of Chesterfield Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Chesterfield has adopted tree ordinances that guide residents concerning tree removal in the area. The city laws require residents to acquire necessary approvals before cutting down or removing trees or shrubs. 

While the city laws require property owners to handle tree maintenance and removal on their property, the Forestry department can inspect or remove private trees hazardous to the public. The City usually targets trees that have diseases or insect infestations. City authorities also extend their mandate to public or private trees that could be hazardous to public streetways or sidewalks. They exercise their jurisdiction over parks, right-of-way, and public property and remove trees on any of these locations. 

If you want to remove a public tree in Chesterfield, you’ll need a permit from the Forestry department. Such permits help guarantee safety to the city residents, especially when working with trees near power lines.  

The City’s Planning Director has the mandate to remove private trees that may endanger the public’s life, health, or safety. In these instances, the tree owners will need to pay for the tree removal expenses. If you fail to comply with such provisions, the City can remove such trees and charge you the cost of removal and other additional fees. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Chesterfield?

Typically, the responsibility for fallen tree removal usually lies with the property owner or homeowner. Special occasions, especially those that involve negligent acts, can change the roles of who takes responsibility. 

If you’re a homeowner?

In Chesterfield, private property owners are usually responsible for maintaining and removing trees on their property. Your home insurance coverage will cover tree removal costs for trees that fall during heavy storms. Some insurance providers can also cover removing trees that have an invasive disease like the Thousand Canker Disease. However, your insurance company may not cover the removal of healthy trees or dead trees that you’ve neglected. 

If you’re a renter?

Many Chesterfield lease agreements do not allow tenants to make significant changes anywhere on the property. As a renter, you won’t be responsible for removing fallen trees in the rented property. The city laws typically require landlords and property to cover all tree removal expenses of trees on their property. However, if the landlord has proof that you were responsible for the fallen tree, you may have to pay the tree removal costs along with the resulting damages. 

If you’re a landlord?

Most lease contracts do not state tree trimming responsibilities in rental properties. Unless your lease agreement clearly states this responsibility, the landlord usually takes legal and financial responsibility for tree trimming and removal. If a tree poses an immediate threat to tenants, they may need to raise their concerns to the landlord, who’ll handle the tree removal tasks. If you fail to remedy the situation as a landowner, the law will hold you liable for damages arising from your negligence.

If you’re a neighbor?

In Chesterfield, the unique situation when your neighbor’s tree falls on your property usually informs the rules of liability that come into play. In most instances, the homeowner pays for tree removal along with the resulting damages. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover trees that fall onto your property in the aftermath of heavy storms. However, if you can prove that your neighbor was responsible for the fallen tree, it is within your rights to ask them to pay for the tree removal costs. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Chesterfield?

Most soils in Chesterfield comprise silt loam which has silt as the dominant mineral particle in this soil texture classification. These soils are generally well-drained, very deep, and slightly porous. Deciduous hardwood timber trees often thrive in these soil conditions, especially if you plant them along steeper areas. While these soils support the growth of trees, they are not compacted enough to grasp root systems firmly. When strong winds and hurricanes hit the area, property owners often have to deal with uprooted and displaced trees. 

Planting native trees like the dogwood, the eastern wahoo, possumhaw, and bladdernuts helps you make the most of the area’s soil conditions. Such trees thrive on the edges of groups of trees. Before planting your trees in Chesterfield, you should ask our arborists to test your soil and help you find the ideal trees that these soils can support. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Chesterfield?

Chesterfield is prone to severe storms that often come along with strong winds and heavy rain. The City also experiences intense weather patterns that have diverse effects on the health of trees in the area. Storms and floods in Chesterfield often result in dangerous situations arising from weakened tree roots. Weakened tree limbs and branches may also require property owners in the region to consider tree removal services.

Chesterfield also experiences harsh winters that result in frozen roots. During this season, tree leaves usually thaw while the roots can collapse, hindering nutrient supply to already starving trees. Pin Oaks and Fantasy Maple stand a better chance of survival in Chesterfield’s extreme hot and cold seasons. Proper tree preparation can also help your trees stand a better chance against the ravaging weather. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Chesterfield?

Fallen trees near power lines usually lead to power supply interruptions and lurking danger to nearby people and property. You may need your utility company to help you correct the situation and deal with the power interruption. If you notice a dead tree that poses threats to power lines or has fallen, you may need to report the issue to proper authorities. The national electrical safety code requires your utility company to handle tree removal of dead trees near power lines.

You may need to remove trees growing under power lines before they cause any damage to your power lines. Work with professional tree specialists like ours to assess your tree situation regarding power lines and provide direction on the best cause of action. Trying to remove trees that are near power lines by yourself poses threats to your property and neighbors. Consider partnering with our experienced arborists who’ll help you complete the task safely.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Chesterfield?

Tree removal costs in Chesterfield often vary depending on the felled tree’s height or width. The tree’s size usually affects the labor requirements, and our tree removal expert will factor this into the overall cost. Typically, homeowners in Chesterfield will pay anything between $185 and $1,910 for tree removal. However, our tree specialists do not have a flat rate for this service. The cost usually varies depending on multiple factors. Here are some of the factors you should consider while planning a tree removal project.

Tree Size

Your tree’s size and height usually influence the cost of the tree removal project. Removing large trees poses significant threats to our tree removal experts, who often require specialized equipment for such tasks. The higher risks involved often result in higher tree removal costs. While a small tree may cost you about $300, our arborists could charge you up to $2,000 for removing more significant trees. The trunk’s diameter also influences the overall tree removal costs. 

Risks Involved

Complex tree removal jobs often cost more compared to straightforward tree removal jobs. Diseased or damaged trees pose increased hazards to our tree removal specialists in Chesterfield. Our experts also require more time, resources, and expertise to deal with trees near electricity. Such tasks often result in higher tree removal costs. We may also charge you more for projects that have higher liability. 

Additional Services

If you request extra services like stump removal or grinding, you’ll incur additional costs. Our tree trimmers can use a stump grinder to grind down your stump and save you on stump removal costs. Generally, our tree specialists will charge you an hourly rate. However, if you opt for stump removal, expect to pay slightly more as our tree trimmer requires more resources for this more extensive project. Depending on the tree size, you could pay anything between $150 and $200 for such jobs.


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