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One thing that is immediately noticeable about Saint Paul is just how many trees there are. Anyone who drives through the city—including the vibrant downtown area—will be struck by the plentiful trees and green spaces. In fact, 32.5% of Saint Paul is covered by tree canopies

There is an abundance of tree varieties that are native to southeastern Minnesota and that thrive in Saint Paul’s climate. If one looks carefully, they’ll see both deciduous and conifer tree varieties throughout the city.

What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Saint Paul?

While trees are an important part of the city landscape and many do well here, St. Paul has had some tree issues in recent years. Unfortunately, there are several pests and diseases that impact trees in St. Paul.

Emerald ash borers are non-native insects that were first identified in Saint Paul in 2009. These pests will attack and kill all ash tree varieties that are native to North America, including those found in Saint Paul. Emerald ash borers destroy ash trees when their larvae burrow underneath the tree bark. As a result, most of the city’s ash trees have either died, been cut down, or are scheduled to be removed.

While the city actively manages all ash trees on public property, homeowners must decide what to do with the ash trees on their own private property. Emerald ash borers are aggressive and their destruction spreads quickly. Not every ash tree can be saved, even with regular pesticide treatment. 

On both city and private property, dying and damaged ash trees pose a safety hazard. Limbs can fall on pedestrians, houses, and vehicles. In a thunderstorm, sick and dying trees are at an increased risk of toppling over. It is always safer to remove a tree before it falls down on its own.

Dutch elm disease has been a problem in Minnesota since the 1960s. Many elm trees still stand thanks to the city’s aggressive monitoring. Every summer, licensed tree inspectors survey all elm trees in Saint Paul, including those on private property. 

Infected elm trees on city property are removed. Private property owners have the option of either removing infected trees or treating the trees with fungicide. The city does set time limits on how quickly homeowners must take action once a diseased tree has been identified. If homeowners do not respond in a timely manner, the city reserves the right to remove elm trees on private property, at the owner’s expense. 

Certain neighborhoods of Saint Paul are affected by Oak Wilt. Pruning oaks during the winter helps reduce the spread of this disease. As with Dutch Elm Disease, the city does inspect oak trees that are on private property.

In Saint Paul, this tree fungal infection primarily affects honey locusts. Pruning honey locust trees in the winter has been proven to effectively control the spread of this fungus.

Does the City of Saint Paul Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Saint Paul maintains the trees on public property, including those growing on boulevards. The city will remove trees on boulevards for safety or health reasons, such as if the tree is dying or is diseased. 

For private property tree removal, you’ll need to contact our experts. We can work with the city if needed to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Saint Paul?

Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms can occur during the summer. It is not uncommon for there to be down trees after a bad storm. And in the winter, the heavy weight of snow and ice can take its toll on trees, too. While whole trees typically won’t fall because of the snow, larger branches can crack and break off.

Fallen trees must be dealt with as soon as possible, especially if they are blocking roads, driveways, and sidewalks. In Saint Paul, who is ultimately responsible for the cost of fallen tree removal depends on if the tree is on public or private property.

If You’re a Homeowner?

Homeowners are responsible for the cost of tree removal on their property. As noted above, the city reserves the right to inspect certain trees for pests and diseases, including those on private property.

Even if the city determines that a tree must be removed from private property, the owner is responsible for the cost.

If You’re a Renter?

Renters are generally not responsible for fallen trees in Saint Paul. Even if the lease requires a renter to perform “routine yard care” like lawn mowing or snow plowing, tree removal is typically considered above and beyond these tasks. 

Renters who have tree removal concerns should speak with their landlord. This is especially true if a tree appears diseased or poses a safety concern. Renters should contact the city of Saint Paul if their landlord is not responsive and fails to act in a timely manner.

If You’re a Landlord?

All property owners are responsible for tree removal on their land. This is true whether the dwelling is owner-occupied or rented out. Landlords and their insurance companies may be held responsible if a tree damages a renter’s property, such as a large branch falling on a car.

If You’re a Neighbor?

Private property tree disputes can quickly become heated. Oftentimes, a tree is planted in one person’s yard but the branches extend into the neighbor’s yard. The city of Saint Paul does not have jurisdiction to get involved in these types of disputes. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Saint Paul?

The city of Saint Paul has several tree care recommendations that take into account the area’s soil.

First and foremost, not all trees in Saint Paul will require fertilizer to grow and stay healthy. The city encourages property owners to have the soil tested before applying any fertilizer.

Secondly, the city does recommend adding two to four inches of mulch around newly planted trees. The mulch should be kept away from the tree stem as much as possible, to prevent stem girdling.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Saint Paul?

Definitely! Saint Paul is a city of extreme temperature highs and lows. Subzero temperatures are not unheard of in the winter. The summers can have stretches of 90 degree days and are often muggy. Any tree varieties planted in Saint Paul must be able to withstand these changes in weather.

The University of Minnesota (U of M) has year-round tree care recommendations. The biggest weather-related issue that affects trees in Saint Paul is the use of de-icing salt. This salt is commonly used on city roadways and sidewalks in the winter time. As vehicles drive on the de-icing salt, the resulting “spray” can reach nearby trees. Certain tree varieties are more salt-tolerant than others.

Animals pose another wintertime threat to trees in Saint Paul. Food becomes scarce during the cold months. Rabbits and deer, in particular, will eat any vegetation they can, and that includes trees and shrubs. Erecting a fence or other types of physical barriers may be necessary to protect trees from hungry animals.

The U of M also has tree watering guidelines. The summers in Saint Paul can have long periods of no rain. During these dry spells, all trees must be watered to stay healthy. Summer is also the best time to inspect trees for pests and diseases.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Saint Paul?

Dead trees near power lines are a hazard and should be trimmed or cut down as soon as possible. That’s because dead and dying trees are at an increased risk of falling during a storm. If you have concerns about a tree that is near a power line in Saint Paul, your first call should be to Xcel Energy. Their tree pruning and maintenance department will assess the situation, offer advice, and make the area safe for a tree removal company to do their work.

Any tree that has already fallen onto or near a power line should be called into Xcel Energy right away.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Saint Paul?

Believe it or not, trees can be removed during the winter in Saint Paul. In many cases, that’s the best time to cut down trees as they are dormant and have lost their leaves. No matter what time of year the trees are removed, the cost will vary.

The average tree removal in Saint Paul is in the $700 to $800 range. However, an 80-foot tree could cost double that amount. Our fees are based on several factors, including:

Tree and Debris Cleanup

How a fallen tree is cleaned up and what is done with the debris will affect the cost. Many homes in Saint Paul have a cozy fireplace or woodstove. The silver lining to a down tree is that it can be used for firewood. If requested, we will cut the wood into smaller logs for an extra cost. And if the property owner wants the wood chipped, we can also complete that service for an additional fee.

Stump Removal

The cost of our tree removal services in Saint Paul typically does not include the stump. The price to remove a tree stump takes into consideration the diameter and the overall health of the stump. The larger and healthier the stump is, the more it will cost to remove. We can certainly remove the stump for you as well for an added cost.

Tree Size

Tree size is often the number one factor when it comes to removal costs. Mature oaks are some of the mightiest trees in the city of Saint Paul. These trees tend to dwarf other varieties and are often the most expensive to remove. That’s because, generally speaking, the taller and wider a tree is, the more you can expect to pay to remove it. 


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