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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in White Lake?

Rogue pests and diseases compromise the health of different tree species in White Lake. The hemlock woolly adelgid ranks high among common tree menaces in the area. The tiny, sap-sucking insect is an invasive species that continues to expand its infection rate. Densities of infestations within the city often range between a few infested trees and several infested trees spread out over large parcels.

The emerald ash borer disease started affecting Michigan’s ash trees back in 2003. These tree borers can devour entire ash tree communities and accrue massive damage to property owners. Removing diseased trees helps property owners to minimize the spread to other trees. Homeowners can also reach out to the state’s agricultural department to help them inspect their ash trees. 

White Lake trees are also prone to oak wilt fungal infections. The leaves of affected oak wilts usually wither and turn brown. Black oaks, pin oak, northern red oak, and scarlet oaks hardly survive heavy infestations of the fungal disease. The systemic, lethal Oak disease first came into existence in Wisconsin in the early 1940s. Over the past few years, the condition has gained significant momentum in Michigan and is highly destructive locally.

Michigan beech trees are also susceptible to beech leaf disease, resulting in considerable tree mortality and decline. During the initial infection stages, the tree leaves develop dark bands between their veins. The leaves become puckered and distorted over time before entire canopies develop foliage with small, chlorotic or dark, swollen leaves. Reaching out to our certified tree specialists when you notice these symptoms on your plants ensures that you minimize the disease spread. Our tree experts at Tree Triage are always available to lend a helping hand. 

Does the City of White Lake Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

White Lake has Tree Ordinances put in place that minimize the risks and threats that trees can pose to the city’s residents. These specific ordinances provide a legal framework for conducting forestry programs and setting minimum tree management standards. Community-specific regulations help property owners understand how to handle trees that comprise the community’s safety. 

Typically, these laws require property owners to incur costs arising from tree removal projects. Property owners need to keep tabs on their trees’ status to ensure they don’t cause hazardous situations. Public utilities seeking to remove trees within the city may require permits from the city manager unless they experience an emergency. 

The City of White Lake often takes responsibility for trees that affect drivers’ views and threaten the public’s safety. The city also has the right to remove private trees deemed hazardous to the public. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in White Lake?

Michigan’s tree laws require property owners to maintain trees on their property and minimize the risk of danger to adjacent property and the public. These requirements also come into play when a tree falls within your property. Here are a few things you need to know about tree removal in the city.

If you’re a homeowner?

Generally, tree removal laws usually hold property owners responsible for fallen tree removal. Homeowners insurance usually covers tree removal costs, primarily when fallen trees result from natural occurrences like wind, hail, or lightning. If the tree falls due to inadequate maintenance or negligence on your part, your insurance company may not foot the tree removal bill. For trees that fall into the streets, you could confirm who covers the tree removal costs with your municipality.

As a homeowner, will you be responsible for damage if a tree on your property falls on your neighbor’s home? The answer is no if such damage arises from weather events. If your neighbor can prove that the tree that fell resulted from your negligence, you’ll have to pay the tree removal cost.

If you’re a renter?

If a tree falls on a property you rent in White Lake, MI, the landlord or property owner covers the cost of tree removal. Michigan tree removal laws clarify that landowners should be responsible for trees that fall on private property. However, if the renter causes the tree to fall, the law requires the renter to pay the tree removal costs. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are solely responsible for any tree trimming, pruning, or removal projects on rented property in White Lake, MI. Most lease contracts don’t include tree maintenance responsibilities. Therefore, landlords take up these responsibilities. Landlords should develop regular tree maintenance programs and ask their renters to inform them when they notice any safety concerns regarding the trees. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Trees near property lines often create points of contention. As a general rule of thumb, tree removal costs fall on whose property the tree fell on. If a tree belonging to your neighbor falls on your home, you’ll have to pay the tree removal bill. This law usually holds in cases where the tree fell due to natural causes like hurricanes and tornadoes. However, if you had notified the property owner about a dead/hazardous tree, and they did nothing about it, they’ll have to pay for the tree removal services along with any damages the tree caused. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in White Lake?

The White Lake soil series typically comprises deep, well-drained soils. The area’s soils formed in sandy sediments on uplands basins, terraces, and outwash plains. In specific locations, you may also find fine sandy loam soils. These soils formed as a direct result of surficial geologic processes. Choosing native trees that require low maintenance can help homeowners make the most of White Lake’s grounds. Such trees are also resistant to most pest and disease problems. You could opt for native deciduous trees like maples, basswood, black gum, hickory, tamarack, and hornbeams. 

The soils in White Lake also lack the compactness needed to hold root systems firmly and minimize damage from strong winds and hurricanes. It is prudent to analyze your soil before you plant trees or shrubs in the area. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in White Lake?

White Lake experiences diverse, intense weather patterns that affect tree health in the area. During the winter months, Michigan trees usually grapple with extreme cold and lack of liquid water. Tall trees, in particular, face exposure to more extreme winter conditions. Most deciduous trees can brave these conditions as they drop their leaves in the fall to minimize water loss during this season. Finding trees that can acclimate to these winter conditions ensures that you can reduce tree loss when the cold season ends.

The city’s deadly tornadoes also wreak havoc on the trees of White Lake. Uprooted trees usually line up the streets and expose the public to danger. Residents should always be on high alert during these seasons to report any potential threat to city officials. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in White Lake?

When powerful storms hit the White Lake area, they leave behind uprooted trees and fallen powerlines. Removing fallen trees from power lines requires specialized tools and expert tree removal services. If a tree branch falls on an electric line, always reach out to your utility power company. The National Electrical Safety Code requires utility companies to repair the affected power lines and remove fallen trees. 

Power utility companies often work with city authorities to ensure that trees don’t interrupt service. Certified line-clearance contractors safely work to clear trees or vegetation that are dangerously close to power lines. The contractors adhere to clearance standards that vary depending on the electric line’s voltage. Utility companies also take responsibility for trees that are within their right-of-way easement. 

Before planting trees, Michigan law requires homeowners to contact MIS DIG 811 to ensure that they mark public utility lines. This law ensures that your trees don’t interfere with power lines once they mature. You may also want to trim and remove dangerous trees regularly to prevent outages and life-threatening situations. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in White Lake?

Typical tree removal projects usually cost White Lake homeowners anything between $200 and $1,850. The average cost for such projects will vary depending on multiple factors, including your tree size and accessibility. If you need additional services like stump removal and debris clearing, you will likely pay slightly more. Our arborists usually price trees and stumps separately. If your project involves many trees, we may charge you per tree. Here are other factors you should consider. 

Safety Concerns

Maintaining safety for our tree specialists and the people around is essential during the tree removal project. We may charge you more if we conclude that your tree removal project has health and safety risks. Removing trees close to utility lines and those sandwiched between structures will require specialized equipment that can raise your tree removal costs. The cost of the job may also be higher if our experts need to take extra caution to prevent damage to nearby structures.

Tree Size and Location

Typically, our tree specialists find it easier to cut down trees with narrow trunks than cutting those with a wider trunk. However, if the tree is rotten, its trunk’s diameter may not significantly influence the overall removal cost. Taller and bulkier trees are also more difficult and time-consuming to remove. If a tree is inaccessible, our tree removal experts might need a crane for the project. We will charge you more to ensure safe tree removal.

Services Included

Tree removal services often extend beyond simple tree removal. Unless you intend to do landscaping on the stump, it is always a good idea to ask our tree removal experts to uproot or grind it. You may also incur additional costs to remove the wood and remaining debris. You could also ask us for wood chipping services that break the tree into chips. Alternatively, our experts could cut the tree into smaller sections and leave you with firewood. All these additional services come at an extra cost. 


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