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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Oakland County?

Michigan is full of beautiful forests. Forests cover nearly 18 million acres or about 50 percent of the land area in Michigan. These are important to the state for their economic well-being for the products they provide as well as the recreational activities. The forests are also quite favorable for wildlife and contribute to the many lakes and streams. 

There are well over 100 different species of trees that grow in Michigan. A few of the most well-known are: 

  • Ash
  • Birch 
  • Cedar
  • Cherry
  • Dogwood
  • Elm
  • Hickory 
  • Pine
  • Poplar
  • Oak
  • Sycamore

Unfortunately, with all these beautiful trees comes a range of diseases and pests that plague them. Be on the lookout for these common problems around Oakland County.

Asian Longhorned Beetle

The Asian Longhorned Beetle likes to attack and even kill trees such as the poplar, willow, sycamore, and horse chestnut. The maple tree, however, is its favorite victim. The larvae tunnel into the tree branches and trunks as they feed. This will eventually kill the tree. 

Beech Bark Disease 

A combination of a sap-feeding scale insect and a fungus creates Beech Bark Disease. The beech tree is first infected with the beech scale, which opens the door for fungus infection. This deadly combination kills the wood by blocking the flow of sap. It is not uncommon for infected trees to break off in heavy winds. 

Oak Wilt 

Healthy red oaks are the unfortunate victims of oak wilt. White oaks can succumb to the disease but are typically less vulnerable. You can spot oak wilt by red oaks that suddenly drop their leaves in the summer. Be mindful because the disease can spread from tree to tree through the years. 

Does the City of Oakland County Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Oakland County requires a permit to remove any tree that is 6 inches or greater in diameter breast height or a conifer that is 20 feet or greater. There are a few exceptions to the permit requirement. Any tree removal resulting from a major weather event, disease, insect infestation, or disaster does not require a permit if done to prevent injury or danger to property or restore order. Any repair or maintenance work that requires trimming or removal of trees by public utilities does not require a permit. And removing dead or damaged trees that resulted from an accident or nonhuman cause does not require a permit. In general, any trees in the city right-of-way, the area from the sidewalk to the street, are the property of Oakland County and their responsibility to remove if needed. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Oakland County?

Sometimes trees can be rude and not respect property lines when they fall. It would be so much easier if every fallen tree fell only in clear-cut areas. But, alas, we are not so lucky. It can be difficult to determine who is responsible for tree removal, and tree removal can be quite costly. It is important to know the local laws and ordinances about who is accountable and what exactly needs to be done. If you need more details, contact your insurance agent or local attorney. 

If you’re a homeowner?

The property owner is responsible for all the costs associated with maintaining and removing trees, including any property damage that occurs from a tree on your property. You are also responsible for any tree that falls into a neighbor’s yard or onto the street. Since the tree originates on your private property, you pay the cost of removal. 

Tree removal is definitely pricey. Be sure to contact your homeowner’s insurance company and see what is covered by your policy. If you are concerned about the future, you might want to consider expanding your policy to cover tree removal. Your insurance agent will know how to advise you. 

If you’re a renter?

A renter is not the owner of the property. That means you are not responsible for paying for any needed tree removal on the property where you live. Your landlord must pay for the removal. The only exception to this is you, as the renter, cause damage to the tree. Since you caused damage to the tree that wasn’t otherwise there, you are responsible for its removal. Also, you should show due diligence and keep an eye on the trees and stay in contact with your landlord about any potential dangers. This will benefit both parties in the long run. 

If there is damage to your private property due to a fallen tree, you should contact your renter’s insurance to see if the damages are covered. 

If you’re a landlord?

The landlord is responsible for everything on their rental properties. That includes all structures, trees, and landscaping. If a tree falls on your rental property and hits a structure, you are responsible for the tree removal and any damage caused by the tree. The landlord should keep a regular schedule of maintaining any trees on the property to stay healthy. If a tree comes down due to a weather event, check with your insurance to see if removal is covered. 

If you’re a neighbor?

In Michigan, tree removal responsibilities fall on the homeowner where the tree fell. It doesn’t matter whether the tree belonged to you or not. Your homeowner’s insurance should help pay for the removal if a tree falls on your property. 

The exception to this rule is if your insurance can prove that the tree fell due to negligence on the part of your neighbor. At which point, your insurance may go after your neighbor’s insurance for payment. 

The best thing to do to avoid a dispute with your neighbor is to keep an eye on any potentially dangerous trees. Look for dead branches and other indicators of a diseased or weakened tree. Be helpful and share your observations with your neighbor. These extra steps will be beneficial to everyone. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Oakland County?

There are 39 different kinds of soil in Oakland County. They can vary in texture, natural drainage, and other characteristics. That being said, the soil is generally a moderately well-drained sandy loam. This means that there is a lot of sand in the soil, allowing for water to move more freely through the soil. Water that is able to move more freely makes the soil excellent for plant and tree growth. Homeowners who want to plant trees on their property may find it beneficial to add compost for an extra nutrient boost and mulch to help seal moisture near the roots. 

The sandiness of the soil increases the risk of erosion in Oakland County. The impact of said erosion and sedimentation continues to be a real concern in areas with construction. If these areas are not well maintained, there is a risk of pollution in the water resources. Oakland County has the Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Act to help minimize erosion and protect the water resources. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Oakland County?

Oakland County averages about 37 inches of snow every year. That is a lot of snow. That amount of snow is sure to put a lot of weight and pressure on trees that are already weakened by disease or injury. We are often kept busy during the winter due to trees falling from the extra weight of the snow and ice. 

You can prepare for the winter and help your trees stay upright by providing preventative care. Take advantage of the warmer spring and summer months to prune any dead or dying branches. Our local arborists can also help you detect any sign of an infestation or disease that could weaken the tree. 

The weather may be warmer in the spring and summer in Oakland County, but these months can also bring severe storms. The same tree maintenance habits will help your trees stand strong during hard rains and high winds. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Oakland County?

Diseased or overgrown trees can definitely pose a serious threat to power lines in Oakland County. Trees or tree branches can fall on the power lines and cause widespread power outages. Consumers Energy is responsible for pruning and removing any trees that could be a hazard to the power lines. They keep a regular schedule for maintenance to minimize the need for emergency work and promptly respond when an emergency occurs. 

It is essential to know the difference between what Consumers Energy maintains and what you are responsible for maintaining. Consumers Energy only prunes away branches that interfere with the primary high voltage line. You, as a homeowner, are responsible for calling us to prune any branches that interfere with the service line. The service line runs from a power pole to your home. Contact Consumers Energy immediately if you notice an electrical emergency. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Oakland County?

In Oakland County, the average price for tree removal will be between $200 and $2,100. The price is going to be dependent on a few cost factors: 

Location of the Tree

The location of the tree is going to affect how much you pay to remove it directly. Long story short, the price is dependent on how difficult the tree is to remove. A tree that is already dead and lying on the ground is fairly easy to remove and won’t cost you as much as a tree near a power line, lying on a structure, or in a densely populated subdivision. 

Type of Tree

Some types of trees are easier to remove than others. The more difficult trees are going to cost you more to remove. For example, oak trees are dense and have thick wood. That wood is hard to cut through and requires more time and effort from our arborists. 

Size of Tree

Larger trees are more challenging to remove because they require more attention and expertise. Tall pines and large oaks especially are going to cost more to remove. These larger trees sometimes need heavier equipment, such as cranes and bucket trucks. Bringing in more equipment and people to operate them will add more line items to your overall bill. Be sure you need to or want to remove that large tree before you commit. 


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