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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Lansing?

A mountain pine beetle infestation has recently been riddling the pine trees throughout the Western United States and Canada. The mountain pine beetle is one of the most destructive pests that pine trees face throughout North America. Michigan hasn’t detected these pests within their state yet, but they are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the beetles do not infiltrate their state. These beetles would be a serious problem for trees in Michigan as they can kill within just a couple of weeks of infesting a pine tree.

Another common problem that trees in Michigan face is called tree rust disease. Tree rust disease is a condition that can attack almost any tree and can gradually grow on the leaves until the leaves are killed off and the tree must be removed. The only way to save the tree from this infestation is to call in our experts to respond to the fungus infection quickly before it takes hold of the entire tree.

Anthracnose is another problem that trees face in Michigan. Not only does anthracnose affect trees, but also shrubs, bushes, and other greenery in the area. Anthracnose is tricky because it won’t kill the tree or plant alone but it will weaken it to make it more susceptible to another disease that can cause severe damage or death.

The most common trees in the Lansing area are oak trees. You will find many varieties of oak trees planted in Lansing, such as the scarlet, white, black, and red oak trees. Other trees that you will find in the area include beech, dogwood, hemlock, maple, and pine trees. A few varieties of these trees are common throughout Michigan, including in the Lansing area.

Does the City of Lansing Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

There is no financial assistance available for tree removal on private property in Lansing. Therefore, if a tree falls on private property, the property owner is responsible for removing the tree and replanting it on the property.

On the other hand, the city of Lansing will take care of removing any trees on public or city property, as well as the cost incurred for the removal and replanting of any trees. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Lansing?

If a tree falls on private property in Lansing, the homeowner is responsible for the removal and replanting of the tree on their property. The city of Lansing does not provide any financial assistance to remove and replant trees on private property. The same can be said for businesses that are on private property. Therefore, the landowner is responsible for removing those trees and replanting new ones, as well as any costs associated with them.

The city of Lansing is responsible for removing the fallen trees and replanting any trees on public or city property which includes the public land along roadways or parks, near shopping centers, or within commercial businesses. 

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners are responsible for removing trees that fall on their property and they are responsible for replanting any other trees they want on their property. All costs associated with such tree removal are solely the responsibility of the homeowner. The city of Lansing does not offer assistance with tree removal for landlords or those who need to remove and replant trees on their private properties.

If you’re a renter?

If you are a renter, you are simply responsible for paying your rent every month. You never have to worry about paying for things like tree removals or other property maintenance, as it is the landlord’s sole responsibility.

You will need to inform your landlord of trees that fall on the property and your landlord will be responsible for taking care of the problem in a reasonable amount of time.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are responsible for taking care of the repair and maintenance costs of their properties. For example, if a tree needs to be removed or replanted, you will need to take care of the cost of removing that tree. The tenants are simply responsible for paying their rent each month and all other financial costs fall on the landlord for property maintenance and upkeep.

If you’re a neighbor?

If your neighbor has a tree that falls onto your property, they are responsible for paying for the tree to be removed and/or replanted; it will be the responsibility of the person who originally had the tree on their property. Knowing where your property lines are drawn is important, so you know whose tree it is and who the responsibility lies with to pay for the costs of removal and replanting.

If your tree falls onto your neighbor’s property, it is your responsibility to remove the tree and replant a new one if your area requires it. The costs of tree removal and replanting are on the person who had the tree on their property. If any damage is caused to your neighbor’s property, you will need to pay for the cost of repair or replacement.

Your neighbors are people who have to live next to you. Treat their property as you would want yours treated. It would help if you always try to make a situation like this right, as you will have long-term relationships with those around you.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Lansing?

The soil in Michigan is generally said to vary quite a bit, depending on the part of the state where you live. For example, the soils around Lansing in the Central part of the state are generally referred to as Kalkaska Sands, which are generally the most commonly found in the state. Kalkaska Sands were identified as common in Michigan around 1990 and are found in 29 out of the 83 counties in Michigan. They are generally very conducive to healthy tree growth.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Lansing?

The weather in Lansing will vary and change greatly throughout a calendar year. This means that temperatures range from about 27 degrees in January all the way up to about 80 degrees in July. Lansing averages about 33 inches of rain alone per year, and 46 inches of snow, which means they fall well above the general precipitation level which is 38.1 inches per year. The snow can be an issue for dead or weakened limbs, but the weather is otherwise generally healthy for trees in the area.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Lansing?

If a person finds a dead tree that falls near a powerline in Lansing, the power company asks you to kindly call them at the Lansing Board of Water & Light via their customer service hotline (517) – 702 – 6006. The office is open from Monday through Friday, from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. In addition, for emergency services or situations (like a tree down near a power line), please call our emergency line at (877) 295-5001, even during off-business hours, so that these situations can be taken care of quickly.

The city of Lansing asks residents not to remove the tree on their own, as the task can be hazardous for someone who is not trained to do the job correctly. Instead, please be sure to allow the trained professionals to take care of such serious matters. While Michigan gets plenty of precipitation and doesn’t have much (if any) of a wildfire risk due to all the precipitation the area gets, downed trees near power lines can still be a serious matter. Residents are encouraged to inform the local companies of any downed trees near power lines immediately to resolve the matter.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Lansing?

The average tree removal in Lansing will generally cost between $260 and $1,980. The average cost to remove a medium-sized tree will be about $720. The cost of removing a tree will depend on several things, including the following:

Size of the Tree

The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the tree is, the more it will cost to remove it. For example, a small tree that is 20 feet tall will cost a lot less to remove than an 80-foot tree in the same condition. The bigger trees will take more time and work to remove. 

Location of the Tree

There can be two trees that are the same size, but the prices to remove them will be totally different depending on their locations. For example, if you have 2 50-foot trees to remove, one is near your house and the other is in an open and empty part of your yard, the one that is near the house will have to be cut down much more carefully than the one out in the open, and will likely cost more to remove. 

The Amount of Labor Required

If a tree has to be cut down into smaller pieces or broken up into sawdust, the tree will cost more to remove. The more time and labor it takes us to remove the tree, the more expensive it will be. 

These are just some of the reasons that will factor in removing a tree from your property in Lansing. Of course, the cost will vary based on your tree and specific situation, but the cost is generally in the aforementioned range.


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