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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Jackson?

Jackson is a wonderful and historically rich city, famous for everything from politics to hot dogs, but being the City Under the Oaks means dealing with the same kind of problems any forested area has. Insects and diseases are the most common killers of trees in the area, and some of these aren’t native Michiganders.

Adelgids are one type of insect related to aphids that can stress or kill trees in Jackson. The most common type in the area is the pine leaf adelgid, or Pineus pinifoliae, which can cause stunted growth and twisted shoots in white pine trees. The good news about P. pinifoliae is that it’s much less common in Michigan than it used to be, thanks to effective control measures. Another adelgid to watch out for hasn’t been seen in Jackson County recently but is ravaging forests along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan: the hemlock woolly adelgid or Adelges tsugae eats hemlock wood and is something to watch out for if you have hemlock on your property. Another common insect that can damage or destroy trees in Jackson is the Asian long-horned beetles. Originally from Asia, these beetles bore holes and spread diseases in deciduous trees, especially maples. If you see a tree that seems to have had several holes drilled into it, call the Michigan Department of Natural Resources at 1-800-292-3939, as well as our tree professionals who are certified to deal with these pests.

Not all dangers to trees in Jackson are insects, though: oak wilt (or Bretziella fagacearum) is a fungal disease that kills thousands of oak trees in the state since it was introduced to Michigan decades ago. It’s most common in red oaks, especially ones that are trimmed in the springtime. This is why it’s critically important to avoid pruning your oak trees between April and July and why the state of Michigan tracks the movement of firewood.

Does the City of Jackson Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Jackson doesn’t do a lot to help with tree trimming or removal because trees are 100% on the private property most of the time, and therefore, the city won’t intervene when they fall. If a tree originally grew on city property but has fallen onto your lawn or home, the Department of Public Works may send a crew to help remove it. Contact them at 517-788-4170 if you need to report concerns with a city tree.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Jackson?

Removing a tree can be a complicated process, even when the tree has already fallen. While you may think of it as simply someone with a chainsaw, there can be many factors that influence who’s responsible for the removal, and these generally need to be sorted out before the removal takes place.

If you’re a homeowner?

If you own land, you own the trees on the land, and therefore you’re responsible for removing them if they fall. This doesn’t mean you should be completely on the hook; most homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage to (and by) trees. That’s why even before you call our professionals, your first resort should be your insurance provider’s claims department. 

If you’re a renter?

If you rent your home in the Jackson area and a tree falls, your first resort should be calling your landlord. Even in cases where you’re liable for the damage, the landlord needs to be aware of what happens on their property. You may be responsible for the cost of repairs if something you did cause the tree to fall, but even then, the landlord is ultimately responsible for making the repairs happen in the first place. If the fallen tree has damaged property you own (such as your car), your renter’s insurance may cover those losses as well.

If you’re a landlord?

If you lease a property in Jackson, you’re still responsible for the maintenance of the property. This doesn’t mean your tenants can’t be liable for damages they cause to your trees and shrubbery, but it does mean that inspection and upkeep of the trees on your land are up to you. There are two ways to keep things as pleasant as possible here. Keeping clear and open communication with your tenants (including specifying responsibility for maintenance in the lease) is the first step and is just part of being a good landlord. The second is following through with the maintenance and inspections, so you’re not taken by surprise when a tenant complains of an overhanging branch or a rotten tree.

If you’re a neighbor?

When Robert Frost said that “good fences make good neighbors,” he probably wasn’t thinking about the interpersonal problems fallen trees can create. Whether a neighbor’s tree has fallen onto your property or a tree you own creates a hazard next door; the first step in resolving these disputes is to keep the lines of communications open and look for solutions that can benefit everybody.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Jackson?

The soils in Michigan vary greatly based on where in the state you are. Here in south-central Michigan, our soils tend to be alfisols: alkaline and full of clay, providing wonderfully rich growing conditions. This means there’s a large variety of native trees and shrubs that can thrive if planted on your land. These can include oaks and maples, of course, but also tupelo, hickory, hornbeam, and basswood. If you’re unsure what kind of trees could thrive on your property, call our professional arborists for recommendations.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Jackson?

If you’ve lived in Michigan for more than a few months, you’ve experienced both heat waves and blizzards. This is one reason planting native trees is such a good idea: they’ve been evolving for millions of years to deal with the climate we have here. (This also means you use less fertilizer, which is good for the environment and your bank balance!)

Extreme heat can damage plants through dehydration: it’s essential to keep your trees watered well during these times. Heatwaves can also cause stress in plants, leading to a reduced ability to fight other diseases. Some ways to protect your trees during the summer are:

  • Applying mulch, especially one that reflects heat (such as dry grass clippings).
  • Water early in the morning or after sunset to reduce evaporation.
  • Use shade cloths on smaller trees if they seem to be damaged by the heat.
  • Keep your grass trimmed no shorter than three inches; this helps the soil retain moisture.

Of course, extreme cold is also an issue in Jackson; Michigan is notorious for its lake effect winter storms. While it may seem like snow is the biggest issue, most trees that grow here are used to it (especially in the winter, when they don’t have leaves and their surface area is lower). After a large snowstorm, it can be a good idea to shake snow loose from branches, but there’s not much else that needs to be done with snow in the winter. Ice is a different issue, however. Ice storms are one of the reasons why pruning trees is so important: that thick layer of ice, especially combined with snow, can kill branches and cause them to break off in a heartbeat. You can also brace limbs if ice or heavy snow is predicted and you think a particular branch will be at risk.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Jackson?

If a tree is in a public utility’s right of way and creates a hazard to the public good, the city will trim them, but they aren’t always aware of dangerous trees until citizens inform them. In these cases, you can report the problem by calling 517-788-4230, and the city will send an inspector to determine what needs to be done. Consumers Energy also regularly inspects the trees near their power lines and reserves the right to trim them back if they pose a hazard.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Jackson?

On average, getting a tree fully removed in Jackson costs about $780, with stump removal coming in around $320, but these figures can be much lower or higher based on several factors.

Complexity and Location of the Work

Every tree is different and in a different place. If your tree is taller or has limbs that overhang a building, it will be more complex and expensive to remove than a smaller tree with lots of clearance. Likewise, trees such as white oaks that have deep, complex root systems will be more difficult to remove fully than a Japanese maple. One of the best ways to minimize this cost is to plan your yard well. Give trees — especially larger ones — the space they need, both from other trees and any buildings on your property. Even more, if a tree has fallen onto a building or vehicle, it may need specialized equipment to remove it, and this can increase the cost (as well as how long the removal takes).

Size of the Tree

Larger trees are always going to be more expensive than smaller trees to remove. They need more space to fall onto and require more complex trimming beforehand to avoid damaging other property. They also require us to bring in heavier equipment and more labor to remove. 


After that surprise autumn snow, a lot of your neighbors are going to have branches and dead trees to remove at the same time that you do. This places our arborists’ time at a premium and makes equipment harder to come across (since so much of it is already in use). The basic principles of supply and demand come in here: demand is high, but there isn’t any greater supply than before the storm, so you’ll pay more for the service. Likewise, there are only a few times of the year when it’s ideal for pruning trees, so it’ll be harder to hire our tree removal professionals during these pruning seasons.


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