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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Silver Spring?

Silver Spring is located in Montgomery County, just north of Washington, D.C. The City has a booming downtown with a broad range of dining and entertainment choices, making it a hub of nightlife for young professionals from Washington. Despite the urban environment, there are various parks and green areas with trees in Silver Spring. Several tree issues are also common in the City. Here are some of the most common reasons customers call our tree removal experts in Silver Spring.

Bark Beetles

Bark beetles are a common threat to trees throughout Maryland. They include Southern pine beetles, Ips, and black turpentine beetles and often infest conifer trees. Bark beetles can quickly infest a tree by emitting a pheromone that attacks other beetles of their species. Common signs that a tree is infested with bark beetles include yellow needles, small masses of sap called pitch tubes, and signs of chewed bark.

The danger of bark beetles depends on the species, but the beetles commonly spread a fungus to the trees they infest. Identified as blue stains on the tree, these fungi can interrupt the tree’s vascular system, resulting in early death.

Oak Decline

Oak trees are common throughout Maryland, but diseases have been causing a decline in the health of oak trees in Silver Spring. Two prevalent oak diseases in Silver Spring include bacterial leaf scorch and oak anthracnose. Bacterial leaf scorch is usually detected in late summer after warm and dry weather. The foliage turns yellow and brown long before autumn when they fall naturally. The ailment is caused by bacteria that restrict water movement from the roots to the leaves.

Oak anthracnose is a disease caused by a fungus that typically infects trees in the spring due to cool, wet weather. The condition causes the tree’s foliage to be brown and may cause branches and leaves to wilt. The disease can result in the death of twigs and leaves if it becomes severe.

Fallen Trees and Limbs

Maryland sees an average of 10 tornadoes each year. It may not seem like much compared to other states, but with a much smaller area than New York, Maryland experiences approximately the same amount of tornadoes as the state. Tornadoes can result in fallen trees and limbs, especially when trees are dead or weakened. Even minor tornadoes can cause significant damage to trees, snapping branches and limbs from dead trees. Tornadoes have the potential to cause tree issues in Silver Spring.

Tropical cyclones are also a threat to trees in Silver Spring. From July to October, the threat of a tropical storm making landfall in Maryland can be pretty high. Tropical storms and hurricanes bring rain, thunderstorms, and high-speed winds that can damage trees, knocking down dead trees and branches. Storms can be a common cause of tree issues in Silver Spring.

Does the City of Silver Spring Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

If a tree falls in a city street or right-of-way in Silver Spring, the City does not assist. However, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation typically removes these trees in the street or right-of-way. The department will also provide trimming and pruning of trees on county property upon request. You can also request to plant a tree on county property online.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Silver Spring?

When a tree falls, it can be challenging to determine who is responsible for its removal. This guide will help you decide whether you are responsible for tree removal in Silver Spring.

If You’re a Homeowner?

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to remove trees on your property in Silver Spring. Maryland considers fallen trees and branches to be the responsibility of the property owner where the tree falls. If the tree falls due to an act of nature, such as a storm, your homeowner’s insurance will most likely pay for the removal of trees, branches, and any damage that results from the event.

If You’re a Renter?

As a renter, your obligations typically will not include tree removal. In terms of landscaping, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and clearing snow are generally the limit of your obligations, and that is if you are renting a single-family home. Other duties, like tree removal, need to be included in your lease agreement. If the house is a multi-family dwelling, your landlord should provide these services.

If a tree falls, it is essential to inform your landlord. The landlord should promptly clear away the tree and repair any damage to the home, patio, fence, or walkway.

If You’re a Landlord?

As a landlord, you are typically responsible for tree removal in Silver Spring. It is the Landlord’s responsibility to keep common areas clean and safe in multi-family dwellings. Common areas can include the yard area, driveways, walkways, patio, and the structure itself.

If the dwelling is a single-family home, the obligations of the landlord and tenant may be assigned in the lease agreement. Typically, the landlord is responsible for tree removal upon notice from the tenant.

If You’re a Neighbor?

As a neighbor, you may be responsible for tree removal in certain situations. When a tree falls, it is the landowner’s responsibility where the tree fell to remove it. Whenever possible, you are responsible for preventing trees from falling on a neighbor’s property. If a tree is dead or damaged, and a neighbor informs you of the potential for the tree to cause damage, you are obligated to act before the tree falls. Acts of nature that are not preventable will not be your responsibility if the tree falls on a neighbor’s property.

As a neighbor, you also have the right to trim trees over your fence line and even dig up roots, as long as they are on your property. However, you cannot remove or damage a tree on a neighboring property in Silver Spring.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Silver Spring?

Sassafras is the state soil that covers much of Maryland. Sassafras has a sandy and loamy texture with a light brown color. It is well-drained and found primarily in the Coastal Plains. It is used for agriculture, forestry, and development.

Sassafras can grow a wide range of crops, fruits, and pastures. It is also found in woodlands, natively growing Virginia pine, shortleaf, and upland hardwoods. It can be an excellent soil for growing a variety of hardwood trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Silver Spring?

Dry weather and even drought can be a seasonal weather phenomenon that affects tree health in Silver Spring. Abnormally dry weather is pretty standard throughout Maryland, and moderate to severe drought can also be present. Drought can weaken trees, especially those that are adapted to humid and cool weather. It is essential to keep your trees well nourished and watered during dry weather and drought.

Another weather phenomenon that affects trees in Silver Spring is snowstorms. The average seasonal snowfall in the Washington, D.C. area is 15.4 inches. Nor’easter snowstorms can bring massive amounts of snow, breaking branches and knocking down dead trees. Snow in the late spring can also be particularly harmful to budding trees.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Silver Spring?

If you see a dead tree near a power line in Silver Spring, call Pepco for assistance. Pepco supplies electricity to the City and assists with tree removal, trimming, and pruning near their power lines. It is essential to prevent trees from falling on power lines and causing a costly outage. The company also avoids completely removing trees unless necessary to keep Silver Spring looking more green.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Silver Spring?

Tree removal in Silver Spring can cost between $170 and $1,930, including labor, materials, and cleanup. The average cost in the city is around $710. Three factors influence the cost of our tree removal service in Silver Spring.

Size of the Tree

Tree size is a critical factor in the cost of tree removal in Silver Spring. A larger tree takes more time and resources to prepare, remove, and clean up after. Larger trees have large branches and are more likely to cause damage if they fall in an unintended direction. We must make sure that a safe work area is maintained during tree removal.

Cleaning up a larger tree can also be more difficult. We may need to break the tree down into smaller pieces and clean up large amounts of debris. Transporting the tree and debris can also take more time and vehicles.

Location of the Tree

In Silver Spring, there are densely populated areas and more suburban areas. The location of the tree can have a significant impact on cost. When a tree is near buildings, vehicles, power lines, or any other structures, we need to prepare the tree to ensure it does not damage the nearby property.

Busy roads, foot traffic, and playing children near a tree removal site can also prove to be a safety risk. Safety is our top priority, so we must ensure the area is secure before taking down or removing a tree.

Tree Conditions

The tree’s condition is the final critical factor in our tree removal service cost in Silver Spring. Standing and fallen trees require different amounts of time and resources to remove. Standing trees are typically more expensive to remove because they need to be safely taken down. Fallen trees only need to be hauled away if they did not fall on any structures or vehicles.

Pests, fungus, and infectious tree diseases can also be a condition that influences the cost of our tree removal service. It is essential to ensure that the disease, pest, or fungus does not spread to nearby trees. We may need to treat the nearby trees or dispose of the debris with more caution to prevent causing more damage.


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