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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Annapolis?

Trees in Annapolis are threatened by many pests and diseases. As a homeowner, early intervention is the key to helping your trees thrive. Here are some of the most common issues that trees in Annapolis face.

Gypsy Moth

Before they become moths, the tiny larvae hatch and feed on the leaves of many trees. They especially love oak trees and do so much damage that they leave branches bare and vulnerable. If left untreated, gypsy moths can kill a healthy tree and can spread quickly to trees in the surrounding area. If you notice an infestation, call our arborists right away. The faster you can get treatment for your tree, the more likely it can be saved.

Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer is an exotic pest that has infested trees across the country. These tiny bottles lay their eggs under the bark of ash trees, and the tiny larvae feed off of the tissue underneath. It’s difficult to see these tiny beetles, so if you suspect a problem, call us to get an assessment of your tree. We can diagnose the problem and can treat your tree. If left untreated, a tree that is infested with emerald ash borers can die within 3 to 5 years.

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

This insect feeds off of the sap at the base of the needles of hemlock and spruce trees. An infestation can cause your tree to stop growing and its needles can become discolored. Eventually, the needles will fall off and your tree will die in as few as 4 years. We successfully treat this issue with pesticides, but early intervention is key. If you notice a problem with your hemlock or spruce trees, give us a call and we’ll help determine whether hemlock wooly adelgids are the cause.

More common pests and diseases can be found on the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s home page. If your tree seems to be suffering, call our arborists right away for a check-up. They’ll know how to diagnose and treat your tree quickly so it has the best chances of making a full recovery.

Does the City of Annapolis Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Homeowners in Annapolis are responsible for pruning their trees and treating them should they become sick. If the county notices that your tree’s branches are interfering with the right-of-way, you will be notified and will be expected to take care of the problem yourself. They make it very clear that any tree pruning or removal responsibilities lie with the homeowner. 

Anne Arundel County does reserve the right to prune your trees if they are encroaching on traffic signs, traffic lights, or other devices. This usually happens at the request of the Traffic Engineering Division.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Annapolis?

When trees fall, someone has to pay for the removal fees. Things can get muddy quickly so we’ve broken it down into several scenarios to help clear things up.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the trees that are within your property lines. That means you need to regularly prune and care for your trees so they stay strong and healthy. If a tree falls due to an unforeseen event, your homeowners’ insurance will cover the cost. You will only be responsible for paying the deductible.

If you’re a renter?

Renters do not own their property or the trees on it. If a tree falls, your landlord’s insurance will take care of the tree removal fees. If the tree damages your personal property like your car, their insurance will cover the damages as well. You may need to consult with a lawyer if the insurance company gives you any trouble.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords own all the trees on their rental properties and are responsible for maintaining those trees. If one falls during a storm or other unforeseen event, your insurance will pay for the damages. You will only be responsible for paying your deductible.

If you’re a neighbor?

When a tree falls across property lines, neighbors can disagree, causing frustration and anger. Fortunately, the law makes everything pretty clear. If a tree falls onto your property, even if it belonged to your neighbor, your homeowners’ insurance will take care of the tree’s removal. If a tree falls onto your neighbor’s property, their insurance will cover the cost. If either insurance can prove that the owner of the tree had been neglectful and knew the tree was at risk of falling, they may go after the neighbor’s insurance for payment. Either way, be a good neighbor and prune your trees. If you want to be a great neighbor, offer to help prune your neighbor’s trees as well.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Annapolis?

The soil survey conducted in Annapolis takes an extensive look at the different types of soil in the city. Most often, you’ll find fine, loamy soil in Annapolis. It’s a beautiful mix of sand, silt, and clay and it drains perfectly. This soil is highly fertile and makes for very strong, healthy trees and root systems. Homeowners can rest assured that their trees are likely getting the nutrients they need to thrive. If you’re concerned about your soil, you can ask our arborists to test it for you. They can recommend amendments based on your individual tree’s needs. Some of those amendments may include compost, mulch, fertilizer, or better irrigation.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Annapolis?

Annapolis experiences warm, humid summers and cold, windy winters. Native trees know how to adapt to each season, but sick trees may have more trouble when the weather changes. Here are a couple of weather conditions that can affect your trees along with ways to help them stay strong and healthy.

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Tropical Storms

When a hurricane or tropical storm hits, trees can suffer from wind and flood damage. Unhealthy or dead trees can quickly be uprooted, risking damage to your home or the people inside. The best way to prevent a tree from falling during a storm is by making sure it is healthy beforehand. A tree that is suffering from an infestation or disease is much more likely to fall. Regularly prune your tree’s branches and keep an eye out for signs that it is suffering. If you are worried about your tree’s health, have our arborists come check it out. Your best defense against hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms is preventative care, which we can provide year-round.

Snow and Ice

Winters bring plummeting temperatures along with lots of snow and ice. If ice and snow accumulate on weak branches, they can easily snap, falling onto your yard, or worse. Make sure you prune your trees before winter hits so you know they’re ready for the season. Check for signs of infestation or disease and get them treated right away. A healthy tree can withstand any storm, but a sick or dying tree is much more likely to fall.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Annapolis?

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is responsible for pruning the street trees in front of your home. Their interactive map makes it easy to see where they’ll be working so you can know when to expect them in your neighborhood. They prune away branches from power lines that run between poles along the street. If you notice branches that are interfering with lines outside their scheduled time, you can make an online request. They will prune or remove any hazardous trees at no cost to you.

If your tree branches are interfering with service lines, then pruning is your responsibility. Your service lines are the power lines that run from a pole to your home. If you need to prune trees near these lines, contact BGE before you begin. They will shut off the power so you can safely work.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Annapolis?

According to our arborists, tree removal in Annapolis usually costs around $1,000. Several factors go into consideration when determining a price for your specific job so it’s always best to call us for a quote. Some of those factors include:

Tree Size

When you need to have a tree removed, our arborist will need to know the size of your tree. We’ll measure the tree’s height as well as the diameter of the trunk to help determine the cost. Large trees generally make for more complicated jobs, causing your price to increase. Small trees, on the other hand, will take less time and effort, and your price will be much lower.

Tree Location

If your tree is in an open field, it will be a straightforward job. If there are obstacles around like power lines or buildings, the process immediately becomes more complex. We want to make sure that your home and our arborists are safe during the tree removal process and we will need to take additional safety measures to get the job done. Expect your price to be higher if your tree is near obstacles that we will need to work around.


To remove a tree, we’ve got to find a way to get our equipment to the worksite. If your tree is hard to access, the extra work will be reflected in your price. If it’s near a road or other drivable path, your price will be much lower.


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