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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Dalton?

Dalton, Massachusetts, is a lovely little town located just east of the Massachusetts and Pennsylvania border and right outside Pittsfield. Just over 6,500 people call this town home, but it has plenty to offer despite its small population. Dalton itself has tons of local nature trails and reservations, encouraging residents to get out and enjoy the area’s natural beauty. People here care about our forests, which is why we think everyone should be aware of some of the most common tree issues we face, so we can all work together to preserve the health of our trees. We see powdery mildew, southern pine beetles, and gypsy moths frequently in our area. 

Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that looks just like it sounds – it coats leaves in a gray or white powder. This issue is common in Massachusetts, especially when we experience humidity during warm days accompanied by cooler nights. The powder is the fungus itself, and it attaches to leaves by growing root-like attachments that pierce leaves and stems, which provide the fungus with nutrients.

Powdery mildew can cause some plants to grow much more slowly, appear disfigured, or even die if the plant isn’t particularly hearty. This fungal issue loves moist conditions, so it primarily affects plants in poorly draining soil or those that are crowded too close together. Plants that are in direct sunlight tend to be less susceptible to the disease. Many trees that have been infected with powdery mildew can make a full recovery by the following spring. 

Southern Pine Beetles

Southern pine beetles are an essential part of the ecosystem in many United States regions, as they help to clear out dead or decaying trees to make room for newer ones in forests. They often become deadly pests when they attack numerous trees at once, killing off large swaths of forests in almost no time at all. These insects prefer to lay their eggs and feed on trees that are already weakened in one way or another, but they will occasionally attack perfectly healthy trees. 

The presence of these beetles sets off a vicious cycle, as their scent attracts other beetles to the trees they settle in. The more beetles that take up residence, the more other beetles will also be tempted to move in. Once southern pine beetles take hold of a tree, there isn’t much anyone can do to save it. They can significantly impact the structural integrity of trees, making them much more likely to fall over in the presence of a storm or high winds.

The best way to prevent southern pine beetles from attacking your trees is by keeping them as healthy and stress-free as you can. Keeping them healthy may mean providing adequate water during hot and dry summers, though regular pruning during appropriate times of the year can also help. 

Gypsy Moths

Gypsy moths enjoy laying their eggs on local trees, and their larvae have incredible appetites once they hatch. They feed on the leaves of plants, and they can often defoliate entire trees when there are enough larvae and caterpillars in the area. Trees that are most susceptible to gypsy moth attacks include white oaks, hawthorns, and birches, but plenty of other trees can become defoliated by these critters. 

Interestingly, gypsy moths are not necessarily a problem every year. During years when we have cool and wet springs, a fungus called Entomophaga maimaigatends to thrive, and it can naturally keep gypsy moth populations low. Using this fungus isn’t a viable strategy for keeping their populations in check, but it is one mechanism that nature provides. 

The good thing about gypsy moths is that their larvae don’t usually kill trees, especially those that are well-nourished and hydrated. They can be more deadly and problematic for trees that are still young or for those who suffer from defoliation in subsequent years. Defoliation can limit a tree’s ability to absorb sunlight and gain valuable nutrients. 

Does the City of Dalton Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Dalton is technically a part of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, so many of the city services come from Pittsfield City instead. The City does take care of trees on public property regularly, and they perform plenty of preventative maintenance tasks on them throughout the year. If you notice dead or downed trees on public property, you can contact the City’s Highway Division at (413) 499-9314.

The City also provides compost and yard waste drop-off during designated times of the year. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Dalton?

Nobody likes coming home or waking up to a fallen tree in their yard, but the downed tree won’t pick itself up. The party responsible for its removal depends on the unique situation, but in most cases, the property owner where the tree ended up is responsible for having it removed. 

If You’re a Homeowner?

When you own your home and yard, you are in charge of taking care of the trees on your lot. This responsibility includes regular maintenance and tree removal when you have a dead, diseased, or downed tree. 

If You’re a Renter?

Renters are rarely liable for tree removal, but they may have to perform other lawn care duties, like mowing or raking leaves. Unless the rental agreement specifically states that a fallen tree has to be removed by a renter, this task falls to the property owner. 

If You’re a Landlord?

Landlords are legally obligated to keep their rental properties safe and hazard-free. Trees that are weakened, diseases, or have fallen over can all pose risks to your tenants, and it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to get them cleaned up as soon as possible. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

Even if the tree that ended up in your yard wasn’t yours to begin with, it becomes your problem when it falls onto your property. This can lead to heated arguments in the neighborhood, so we recommend reaching an agreement with your neighbors about who pays for what in different fallen tree scenarios. Some neighbors decide to split costs on tree care when they are rooted near property lines. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Dalton?

Soil rich in nutrients and clay drains well in wet conditions and provides an excellent base for trees to grow and thrive. On the other hand, densely packed dirt contains too much sand or lacks nutrients and can leave trees weak and stressed. Our soil composition varies significantly across the state and even from one neighbor’s yard to another. 

The best way to know what types of soil you are working with is by sending in soil samples. The report you get back will give you a comprehensive analysis of the nutrient profile, general composition, pH, and so much more, allowing you to take steps to correct any soil issues if needed. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Dalton?

We tend to get a bit less sunshine and a bit more precipitation than the U.S. average, and we experience bitter winters and mild summers. Our trees can thrive in this climate, but so can pests, fungi, and bacteria, which become especially problematic in moist and humid environments. Either way, extended periods of cold or boiling temperatures can negatively impact tree health too. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Dalton?

Eversource, a local electrical company, continuously works to trim trees back from main power lines to keep the power running and your neighborhood safe. If you are concerned about trees that are growing near electrical wires, you can request a tree assessment to have their arborist come out to investigate the situation. From there, they may or may not recommend tree or limb removal. 

Homeowners are typically responsible for pruning trees that may interfere with power lines connected directly to their home, and you can contact Eversource to disconnect your electricity while you do such maintenance. If you see a tree knocked over a power line or tangled in the line, stay away from the scene and call Eversource at 877-659-6326. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Dalton?

Residents of Dalton can expect to pay around $600 for tree removal, but the final cost will depend on a wide variety of factors. When we calculate tree removal bills, the three most significant factors we consider include the size of the tree, whether special equipment has to be used, and whether we will provide other services during or after removal.

Size of the Tree

Large trees are not only more difficult and labor-intensive to remove, but they also take much longer to bring down safely. Trees that are several stories high and several feet wide may require us to bring more staff, and the tree removal company will pass on those additional labor hours to you. In contrast, getting smaller trees removed will cost much less because they usually don’t take more than an hour to remove, and we don’t need the help of as many of our staff members. 

The Use of Special Equipment

Depending upon where the tree you want to be removed is located, we may have to bring in more specialized equipment to get the job done. When trees are in difficult-to-reach places, or some houses may be struck if branches fall, we often have to use more complex techniques to keep your family and your home safe from falling debris. The added equipment used adds to the final cost, but it’s worth it to prevent significant damage to your home, car, or other property. 

Other Services Provided

We don’t just remove trees; we can also provide strategies and materials to keep other trees in your yard healthy and resilient, especially when the tree we are removing is diseased in some way. We may recommend having fungicides or pesticides applied to nearby trees to prevent them from dying and needing to be removed in the future. 


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