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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Acton?

The majority of the trees in Acton are healthy. The growing conditions are ideal for trees such as the eastern white pine, the red maple, and the northern red oak. However, when it’s necessary to remove a tree, it’s usually down to one of these three reasons.

Blocking Development

If you went back in time a few hundred years, you’d find the entire area of Acton was a forest. To develop the land, builders had to remove the trees first. That’s still true today. Whether you are building an entire subdivision or just want to add a sunroom to your home, you’ll often need us to remove trees from the property first.

Damaged in a Storm

Acton averages over 50 inches of snow a year, well above the average for the rest of the United States. Our snows can be cold, wet, and heavy, and that’s all bad news for the trees. Wet, heavy snow can severely damage trees by breaking off large limbs. Not only is this dangerous for the surrounding area, but it can also be deadly for the tree itself. Limb loss can leave trees vulnerable to disease and pest infestation.

Dying from Disease or Pest Infestation

There are many pests and tree diseases currently threatening the trees in and around Acton. Some of the most common are the emerald ash borer, the southern pine beetle, and the hemlock wooly adelgid. If caught early enough, our experienced arborists may be able to treat these issues and save the tree. If they go on too long, though, these issues can end up killing the tree. Our arborists may also recommend the removal of an infected tree to prevent the disease or pest from spreading to other nearby trees. 

Does the City of Acton Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Acton will only maintain trees on public property. This includes trees in Acton’s parks, along the streets, and within the public forests. The Tree Warden is responsible for the care of these trees, including trimming, treating diseases, and tree removal. If you spot a tree on public property that you believe requires the Tree Warden’s attention, you can contact them online

Neither the Tree Warden nor the City of Acton will help with the removal of a tree on private property. These trees belong to the property owner, and it’s the property owner’s responsibility to care for and maintain the trees. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Acton?

Because of the number of trees in Acton, it’s no surprise that there are very specific state laws regarding the removal of trees on private property. This becomes a very important topic in the winter when wet and heavy snows can damage trees or even knock them over. Here is a quick guide about who is responsible for the removal of a fallen tree, but if you have questions, it’s best to consult a property lawyer.

If you’re a homeowner?

Any trees within your property line belong to you. That means no one can remove them without your permission. If they do, according to Massachusetts State Law, you could be entitled to compensation up to three times the value of the tree.  

However, that means you’ll be responsible for the removal of your trees on your property, as long as they fall within your property line. If they fall into a neighbor’s property due to a storm, then the neighbor is most likely responsible for the removal of that portion of the tree. That’s because the state deems that an “act of God,” so you can’t be held responsible. However, be aware that if the neighbor can prove you didn’t maintain the tree before it fell, then you could be liable for damages. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters are not responsible for the maintenance of trees on their rented property. This is also true for those living in the many condominium communities in northern Acton. Your HOA is responsible for the care of the trees in the common spaces. If you see a tree that you believe requires attention, then you’ll want to bring it to the attention of your landlord or your HOA. If a tree damages your property, you can file a claim with your renter’s insurance. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are responsible for the trees on their rental properties. You’ll need to make sure you maintain your trees annually to mitigate the risk of damage during a snow storm. If you are negligent in the care of the trees, your renters may have a claim against you if the tree causes injury or damage later on. 

If you’re a neighbor?

If the trunk of the tree is within your neighbor’s property line, then it’s their tree. However, in most cases, a fallen tree becomes the responsibility of whoever’s property it landed in. So if your neighbor’s tree falls into your yard after a wind storm, then it will be your responsibility to remove the tree. If you can prove that the tree fell due to negligence, though, then you may have a claim against your neighbor. Otherwise, you’ll be able to file a claim for property damage on your homeowner’s insurance. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Acton?

There is a reason there are so many trees and so much farmland in the area: Acton has great soil. The official state soil is Paxton soil, which covers about 10% of the Acton area. This soil is course and loamy, which means it has roughly equal parts sand and silt with very little clay. The soil itself is very good at retaining both nutrients and water, giving vegetation everything it needs to grow abundantly. 

This type of soil is very good for trees. Both apple trees and trees used for lumbar enjoy Paxton soil. That’s why you’ll see a lot of both of these types of trees in Acton and throughout Massachusetts.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Acton?

Acton weather can be brutal on trees, especially in the winter. We get an above-average amount of snow in the area along with deep freezes and brutal ice storms. These weather conditions can be very tough on the tree population, particularly when it comes to limb breakage. Snow, ice, and wind can remove small branches as well as bring down large limbs. They can even bring down a fully grown tree. 

It’s important to inspect your trees after any storm. If you do see signs of damage, call in our tree removal specialists to help you evaluate the tree. It may just need a trim and protection from pests and diseases. In some cases, though, the safest option may be removing the tree altogether. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Acton?

Eversource is the electricity provider for Acton. You can contact them if: 

  • You see a dead tree near a power line
  • You are concerned about tree growth around power lines in your area
  • A tree has fallen into a power line during a storm

You can contact them online, through their app, or by calling them at (800) 592-2000. In the meantime, stay away from any power lines or trees that you think may be affected. Eversource will dispatch a contractor to the site to safely evaluate the situation.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Acton?

You’ll pay anywhere from $200 and $1,950 for tree removal in Acton, with the average being around $500. How much you’ll pay will depend on a few factors: 

Size of the Tree

The bigger the tree, the more it’s going to cost you to remove. Red maples, one of the most common trees in Acton, grow to be 50 feet or taller. This will put you at the more expensive end of the scale, typically costing around $1,150 to remove. Birch trees typically grow to about 30 feet tall in residential areas, which will cost somewhere area the $450 mark. Larger trees can sometimes top $2,000 to remove.

Location of the Tree

Some trees are easier (and thus cheaper) to remove than others. If the tree you want to be removed is around power lines, close to structures, or among a lot of other trees, the removal process is going to be more complicated. Removal will take more of our workers, more safety equipment, and more time. That all means more money. 

When You Need the Tree Removed

In some cases, tree removal can be an emergency. Emergencies might include a tree that’s fallen on your home or garage after a storm. It might be a damaged tree creating an imminent threat to the safety of your property. In any case, expect to pay more if you need a tree removed urgently. We will need to shuffle around other clients to get to your case and may need to bring in more employees to cover the workload. You’ll see the increase in our operating costs reflected in your final bill.


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