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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Metairie?

As a citrus-growing state, Louisiana is filled with beautiful orchards boasting of bountiful fruit harvests. However, trees in the area are constantly invaded by aggressive pests that affect citrus fruit production. A major devastating pest that has been causing havoc to trees in the area is the Asian citrus psyllid which can lead to the loss of thousands of citrus trees. 

In 2008, psyllid was caught in a homeowner’s backyard and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture confirmed that it had the highly contagious bacteria that causes devastating loss on orchards. Once this pest lands on a tree branch, it causes citrus greening, and eventually the whole tree is infested and has to be removed. Constant hurricanes and strong winds are to blame for introducing the pest. 

Metairie is home to large old trees, some of which have formed arches along roads. These trees not only impair visibility but are also a hazard in case a tree falls during storms. Many large trees have also overgrown their branches and stretched into power lines and other people’s homes. A strong wind recently knocked down trees in Slidell and power lines in Metairie causing hours of heavy traffic and blackouts in West Esplanade Avenue near Causeway Boulevard and its environs.

Metairie is also prone to tornadoes which always flatten trees in the area including parts of the larger SouthEast Louisiana and parts of South-central Louisiana. Recently two tornadoes hit Jefferson Parish hard causing extensive damage on property and left a trail of fallen trees. Tree trimming is an important process that helps get rid of overgrown branches that may be a safety risk in case of tornados.

There are also acres and kilometers of overgrown trees that need our professional services to clear before undertaking a construction, farming, or any other human project. Depending on the size of land and trees, land clearing may sometimes need heavy expensive machinery to clear vegetation and level the ground.

Another tree issue that’s common in Metairie is tree stumps. Since the area is always experiencing strong winds and other impactful environmental issues, the residents often come across uprooted or fallen trees. Removing a stump requires our professionals, especially when they have deep roots. Grinding or manual removal can be used for stump removal.

Does the City of Metairie Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The Metairie Ridge Tree Preservation District is in charge of tree management in Metairie and the entire Jefferson Parish. Their main objective is to create an overlay zone intended to protect and preserve the existing tree canopy through planting and maintenance of trees. 

In addition to maintaining the forest cover, the Metairie Ridge Tree Preservation District is also tasked with facilitating urban forestry activities in the district to increase comfort, maintain and add aesthetic appeal, help during tree disasters, and improve the quality of the environment in the Metairie Ridge Tree Preservation District.

Further, the Parkways Department of the Jefferson Parish is tasked with overseeing the growing of trees, shrubs, and plants on parish-owned pathways and other parish properties. The Parkways Department is in charge of essential tree work like clearing highways blocked by fallen trees and working with power utility companies to restore power after a storm or tornado. In addition, the Department issues permits to individuals who want to hire our arborists or want to undertake their own DIY.

The Parkways Department is made up of tree experts like arborists and horticulturists who use various tools and equipment like chippers, a stump grinder, and bucket trucks in tree planting and management. The Department responds to over 400 calls a month in spring and summer to respond and attend to tree-related issues like tree trimming and removal, traffic hazards, tree permits, and tree planting.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Metairie?

The Jefferson Parish, through the Parkways Department, prunes all pathways and neutral grounds to clear any dangerous deadwood, overgrown and low-lying limbs that may interfere with traffic. In addition, Parish workers occasionally remove through chemical or mechanical means, dead, hazardous, or diseased trees. But what if the tree is on private property?

If you’re a homeowner?

In cases where the public interest is at stake, like the need to urgently clear traffic after a storm, a homeowner can call in the Parkways Department to undertake the tree removal exercise. The department receives hundreds of calls every month in spring and summer to respond to tree-related issues.

However, in cases where the Department is unable to respond to a tree removal request or is taking longer than the homeowner is willing to wait, the homeowner may fill in the Vegetation Removal Permit Application to get the permit to personally clear trees. The permit allows the property owner to hire a professional and licensed company to undertake the tree work. A permit is also needed to plant a tree on the parish right of way.

Trees and vegetation activities are regulated under Chapter 37 of the Code of Ordinances – Jefferson Parish Louisiana which controls all tree-related activities like tree planting, trimming, pruning, and cutting.

If you’re a renter?

While the property owner may have an insurance cover for the property in case of damage, a separate cover may be needed to cover tenants and the property. To cover their renters and their property, proper property owners can take out a Dwelling Insurance policy that covers homes that are occupied by someone else who is not the property owner. This policy is also called Landlord Policy or Dwelling Fire Policy.

In some cases, the Dwelling Insurance policy can be used to cover properties occupied by the owner and can also be customized to cover empty buildings. For instance, the New Orleans & Metairie Dwelling Insurance offers various customized products to cover landlords and tenants in case of damage to the property.

If you’re a landlord?

Under the Code of Ordinances – Jefferson Parish Louisiana, property owners, landlords, and their agents can trim trees and vegetation located on public property and which stretches in front or side of their property.

By removing trees on public property and stretching into their property, landlords become fully liable for all damages caused on their own property as well as that of other people including their tenants.

If you’re a neighbor?

In case a neighbor’s property is damaged or destroyed by a tree from their adjacent neighbors, the matter can be reported to the Parkways Department which handles all tree-related complaints. In addition, upon securing a permit to plant or remove a tree, the property owner also carries full liability from damage or loss of neighbor’s property.

Upon launching a report, an inspector is dispatched to assess the level of damage caused and determine the level of priority, the equipment needed and the type of manpower required.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Metairie?

Metairie is situated just outside New Orleans in Southern Louisiana, a region that is naturally wet and dumpy. Coupled with an unstable coastal climate, the soil system may require that the tree form a strong root network to remain upright into the soil.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Metairie?

In addition to the unstable coastal climate, Metairie is located in a hurricane pathway and occasionally experiences strong storms. The area is also common with strong tornados. These storms and hurricanes always leave a trail of destruction from fallen trees along their path.

The region is therefore good for deep-rooted trees to withstand the strong winds and minimize damage to property. It is not advisable to keep dead trees or trees in poor conditions in Metairie as these may not withstand the strong winds and pose a safety risk to individuals and property during storms, hurricanes, and tornados.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Metairie?

The Parkways Department is responsible for trimming and removing hazardous deadwood, decayed, diseased trees that could be near the power lines. In addition, Jefferson Parish workers also remove dead, hazardous, or diseased trees that may be dangerous due to proximity to power lines. The Department works with the power line utility company to clear dangerous trees hanging near power lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Metairie?

It costs between $290 and $1,280 to remove a tree – and sometimes more – in Metairie with the average cost pegged at around $785. The costs vary depending on a number of factors like height of the tree, location, accessibility, and the number of crew needed, the type of equipment to use, and the conditions of the tree.


  • Cost to remove a 20-foot tree: $200 to $360
  • Cost to remove a 40-foot tree: $400 to $720
  • Cost to remove a 60-foot tree: $600 to $1080
  • Cost to remove a 80-foot tree: $800 to $1440 or more

Number of Crew

A tree removal project may require us to bring in a large tree removal crew depending on the size of the tree project and the complexities surrounding it. For small projects at home, the property owner may use DIY to clear the tree after obtaining a permit.

We have to charge more when more workers are involved in the project due to the logistics involved. 

Volume of Work

Metairie is located in a hurricane-prone region hence occasionally experiences large-scale destruction as a result of storms. In the event of several trees being brought down during a storm, a combination of manpower and several machines may be needed to get the work done.

Other Cost Factors

The following are other factors that may affect the cost of tree removal:

  • Presence of active power lines that calls for the involvement of your electric utility company
  • The existing condition of the tree (is there a chance of it breaking during the tree removal process)
  • Timing – Is it an emergency? Has the tree fallen during a holiday or offline hours?

All these factors come into play and will dictate the price we charge. 


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