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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Mandeville?

Loved as lakefront beauty, Mandeville’s tree landscape is beyond stunning. Designated as 2020’s Tree City USA by the Arbor Foundation, the city mixes urban forestry with natural scenic views with trees surrounding the city in an almost dancing form. The most common trees you’ll find in the city are various types of magnolias, oaks, and pines. Lining roads and creating pathways throughout Mandeville, the area’s trees are no stranger to natural damages and threats.

Hazardous Insects 

Mandeville is home to thousands of insects, most of which won’t cause harm to the natural habitat or endanger trees. However, there are a few that are known to cause decay and eventually death to trees in the area. 

Southern Pine Beetle

Known as Southern Pine Beetle (SPB), this type of beetle is the most destructive insect for pines. Outbreaks occur every few years all across the southern region, typically destroying pines by burrowing into the bark of the trees. Pesticides and other natural predators such as parasites limit outbreaks for the most part but don’t entirely prevent them. 

Bark Beetles

Similar to SPB, Bark Beetles burrow beneath the bark of a tree, feeding off of the nutrients and hydrating from its host. They reproduce at rapid rates and can spread to neighboring trees quickly when left untreated. Most bark beetles target trees that are already weak or dying. 

Natural Diseases

Discovering tree issues caused by natural diseases is often more difficult than noticing problems caused by insects. Diseases don’t tend to present themselves right away and when noticed can’t always be treated. Running specialized tests can help ensure that fungi and bacteria from each disease don’t spread to other trees, but you may not be able to treat each tree with success. Below are some of the common tree diseases in Mandeville.

Armillaria Root Rot

As one of the most aggressive diseases in trees and other plants, Armillaria causes poor growth and yellow to brown foliage. The disease is often found towards the lower trunk or roots of a tree and can make them susceptible to falling over during storms. 

Lethal Bronzing and Lethal Yellowing

Known for primarily attacking palms, both diseases are lethal to trees. The bacteria, which is caused by phytoplasma, is known to spread from wilting trees to completely healthy trees and is not treatable. 

Other diseases you may notice in trees and plants throughout the area include laurel wilt, citrus greening, and boxwood dieback. All of these can spread to trees but are less commonly found. Always keep an eye open for wilting or discolored leaves and large gaps in the bark. 

Does the City of Mandeville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The Official Tree Board of the City of Mandeville handles all pruning, trimming, planting, and removal of public trees. They do not assist in tree removal on private property unless it’s near public sidewalks or located near power lines. The board does handle the maintenance and care of trees on public property, often seeking volunteers to assist in replanting programs. Volunteers are also encouraged to help monitor for potential diseases and threats of trees throughout the city. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Mandeville?

Storms pass through Mandeville frequently, wreaking havoc and causing damages that nobody can be prepared for. Unfortunately, that’s part of living in the wetlands, and it may leave you wondering who is responsible when it is time to remove fallen trees on a property. The responsibility of fallen tree removal depends highly on the cause behind the fall. 

If you’re a homeowner?

Being that Louisiana is prone to hurricanes, the responsibility of tree removal for fallen trees depends. If the tree falls due to natural causes and damages neighboring property, then you’re not responsible for ownership of that tree. In this case, the homeowner of the tree-damaged property needs to file a claim with their homeowner’s insurance. If the tree falls on your property, then you need to make a claim. 

If you’re a renter?

If you notice a tree appears to be leaning or decaying, alert your landlord. It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain and handle trees that are at risk of falling. If a tree falls due to natural causes, contact your landlord to notify them of the issue. 

If you’re a landlord?

Unless stated otherwise in your agreed-upon contract, the responsibility of fallen trees is solely up to the property owner. Keeping limbs trimmed and taking basic care of plants and trees on the property is up to the homeowner as well.

If you’re a neighbor?

Trees that fall due to natural causes are the homeowner’s responsibility on that specific property. If a tree falls due to lack of maintenance and decay, then it is the responsibility of the owner where the majority of the tree’s trunk resides. 

If at any time you’re uncertain whether the responsibility of a fallen tree is yours or not, contact The Official Tree Board of the City of Mandeville. They can help determine who’s sole responsibility goes to as well as assist in replanting healthy trees when you wish to. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Mandeville?

Due to the proximity of swamps, bayous, and lush wetlands, Mandeville is rich in naturally wet habitats. Soil heavily retains moisture and nutrients which are great for growing trees in the area. However, during wet and stormy seasons, this can be overwhelming for plants in the area.

Much of the soil in Mandeville is considered a mixture of clay, silts, and sand. The combination is great for replanting but can block off needed airflow to a tree’s root system during extremely wet spouts. During dry spells, the soil may expand and be unable to retain moisture which can deplete nutrients as well. Depending on the season and on the weather, you may need to water growing trees during the summer. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Mandeville?

Hurricanes and tropical storms cause a majority of damage to trees in Mandeville. With rapid winds and potential flooding, the wet weather only adds to the already moisture-filled soil. Flooded areas combined with strong winds can rip trees from their root system, often causing damage to fairly healthy trees.

Both summer and winter are wet, but during the winter, the weather can cause tree branches and roots to freeze, limiting their ability to gain nutrients needed to survive the season. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Mandeville?

In any situation regarding limbs or trees near power lines, you should not attempt to trim, prune, or provide any maintenance. Power lines are extremely dangerous and live lines can carry up to 34,500 volts. Physical contact may cause severe bodily injury or result in death. Should you notice a dying or decaying tree near a line, please contact Entergy at 1-800-368-3749. 

The local power service provides full removal, trimming, and pruning for trees located near live lines. Not only should you notify Entergy if a tree falls, but you should contact them if a tree appears to be at risk of falling. Trained personnel will come out and maintain vegetation clearance on the power lines so that when any issues arise accessibility allows for restoring safety and potential power losses much faster. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Mandeville?

The cost of removing trees depends on a variety of factors. Our arborists in Mandeville will quote the cost of removal based on the following:

  • If the tree has fallen or is still alive and standing
  • Trunk removal
  • Cleanup of debris

Our records indicate that the average tree remocal cost in Mandeville is $581.00. This pricing typically includes the cost for labor when removing a medium-sized tree, materials, machinery, and equipment. It also includes cleanup fees. However, if it’s difficult to gain access to the tree, pricing may rice based on the accessibility. 

Additional costs you may have to pay when hiring us to remove a tree from your property are:

  • Permit fees
  • Inspection or building fees
  • State and city sales taxes on materials
  • Fees for additional labor or multiple trees

Before having a tree removed from your property, be certain to apply for any Mandeville permits to avoid fines.

The most common cost factors you’ll face when having our removal team come out and remove fallen or decaying trees are as follows:

Complexity of Removal

Sometimes removing a tree isn’t as simple as driving onto the property and using a chainsaw to cut it down or cut up the pieces where it fell. Pricing for tree removal will typically rise if the tree is located near a home or building due to extra precautions and equipment being used. This is to ensure everyone’s safety as well as reduce the risk of limbs or cut up pieces from falling onto a structure and creating further damage. 

Additional Labor

You may find that costs may also rise if additional help is needed when removing a tree. This typically includes when you want a stump removed and we have to bring in extra equipment to pull the stump from the ground, haul it off, and fix the area it was removed from.

Size of the Tree

Trees that aren’t fully grown or require little to no time removing will be your most cost-efficient removals. However, when storms or natural causes knock over medium or large trees that have aged well, or when you notice decay in larger trees, your final bill will increase. The bigger the tree, the more work that goes into removing it. Larger trees require heavy-duty equipment as well as more hands-on deck when cutting them down.


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