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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Louisville?

The mere mention of the state of Kentucky, and we automatically picture two things: bluegrass music and the Colonel’s fried chicken. Did you also know that the state of Kentucky is second only to the state of Florida in terms of hardwood diversity in the forests? There are 12.4 million acres of protected forest in Kentucky and 48% of the state is covered in hardwood trees like oak and hickory. There are also 52 recreational areas, 2 national forests, and 32 Tree City USA communities in the state. 

With all the trees that are covering almost half of the state, there are bound to be certain issues that affect the tree population here. There are both diseases and insects that affect the trees in Louisville, and they are:

  • Oak Wilt
  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • Thousand Canker Disease
  • The Emerald Ash Borer (invasive insect)
  • Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (invasive insect)

 With all of that protected forest and the number of different tree species throughout the state,the number of issues that affect the tree population in Louisville (and Kentucky as a whole) would come as no surprise. Yet, the number one most common issue among the trees of Kentucky is loss due to high winds and storms. In Louisville alone, the tree population is shrinking due to this issue. The greater Louisville area loses approximately 54,000 trees to storm and wind every year, and the number of trees planted in their place is far below that. With that number of trees down per year, you may be wondering if the city of Louisville offers any help in collecting the downed trees. Let’s discuss that in the next section.

Does The City of Louisville Provide Any Assistance In Tree Removal Problems?

In the greater Louisville area, there exist several organizations that were put in place at the city government level, to maintain the tree population and also to replenish it. The local tree ordinance for the City of Louisville is a well-maintained set of rules set forth by the city to ensure that the tree population thrives and that when needed, supplies the appropriate measures to remove, prune, plant, or replant accordingly.

The Division of Community Forestry in Louisville is a branch of The Louisville Parks and Recreation’s Urban Forestry Department, and their primary responsibilities within the city of Louisville are:

  • Enforcement of Louisville’s Tree Ordinance
  • Leading the community through the best tree management standards
  • Work in unison with other Louisville government agencies to ensure the health and vitality of Louisville’s urban forest
  • Oversee the planting and maintaining of street trees on public property
  • Oversee the permitting of planting, removing, and pruning the tree population of Louisville

For the most part, you can contact the Louisville Metro Tree Advisory Commission and request assistance for tree removal or even tree pruning. If the downed tree is a direct result of natural causes, then the city will pick up the tab. If you are just wanting to prune a tree or remove one because you just don’t like it, they will assist you in its trimming or removal, but you will be responsible for the costs associated with the process.

The City of Louisville takes the health of the tree population very seriously and will do much more than the average city government to assist you in keeping your trees cleaned up and healthy. If you have any questions regarding trees or tree ordinances in the city of Louisville or which issues you will need a permit for regarding a tree, you can contact the City Certified Arborist Barry Edgar, and he will be more than happy to steer you in the right direction for any tree-related issues in the City of Louisville. Alternatively, our experts can handle all permitting issues for you.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Louisville?

With all the legislation in place at the city level for the protection and dispersal of trees, there still are certain issues to address, like who is responsible for its removal should it come down. While the City of Louisville tries diligently to maintain a level of responsibility for any city-owned property, the tree issues that fall on private property always cause a lot of confusion, no matter what city you are in. Nothing can cause a greater rift amongst neighbors as a tree that has fallen, with nobody willing to be responsible for it. So, let’s clear up some of those gray areas regarding a fallen tree on private property.

If you’re a homeowner?

If you are the owner of the piece of property where the tree has fallen, you are the responsible party. If the root system of the tree is on your property, but the majority of the tree is on your neighbor’s side of the fence, you are the responsible party. The City of Louisville will assist you in cleaning up the tree, and you will have to pay for a tree removal permit plus any associated costs through the city’s tree ordinance. Bottom line: If the tree is on your property, you will pay for it.

If you’re a renter?

If you rent a home or an apartment and one of the trees in your yard has fallen, the responsibility of cleaning up the tree falls on the person that actually owns the property. The city may provide assistance if the fallen tree falls under the category of trees cleaned up by the city, which then means that the City of Louisville will foot the bill. If you rent a home and you want a tree removed or pruned that is otherwise healthy and if the property owner agrees to either remove or prune, the person that rents the property should pay for it.

If you’re a landlord?

If you own any rental property in the greater Louisville area, you will be the responsible party for any fallen tree cleanup, tree removal, tree pruning, or any other issue associated with properly maintaining a tree. You have the right to contact the City of Louisville, to see if they may be able to provide the tree services at your expense or provide direct assistance if the fallen tree is due to natural causes.

If you’re a neighbor?

This is where tree issues can get a bit testy. If there is a tree that has fallen down due to natural causes, simply call the City of Louisville and have the Division of Community Forestry come out to provide the cleanup of the tree. If the tree has fallen down from any other issue, the person who owns the property where the root system can be found is responsible for the cleanup andany associated costs due to damage. At this point, you should also contact your homeowners insurance provider to see if there is any coverage on your behalf for this type of situation. Hopefully, both parties involved can reach a solution without involving a court date.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Louisville?

With all the acreage for protected forests in the state of Kentucky, it seems that the soil conditions throughout Louisville and the entire state are rather healthy and viable for proper tree health. The 866-page soil analysis for Jefferson County, KY supports the claims that the soils are in the moderate range for optimum tree health and harvesting. The only issue found in the soil from this analysis was a high pH content in 4 out of 10 samples that were tested. That put the acidity level of the soil at a point where it can be considered to be well within the numbers for a healthy soil system and subsystems. The soil in Louisville falls in the Goldilocks Zone, meaning that the nutrients and the soils’ capacity for proper drainage are just right for the health of a densely-packed forest. 

The soil in the greater Louisville area does not cause the majority of tree issues. That being said, there are issues with regard to climate and weather patterns that are to blame for the premature death of many trees throughout the state.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Louisville?

Yes, the weather does affect tree health in Louisville. The state of Kentucky lies in an area that receives harsh winters and sweltering summers. In one of the sets of figures from, there were 54,000 trees lost in the city of Louisville alone from storms, invasive pests, developments, and old age in the past year. Those figures did not indicate exactly how many trees were lost to weather patterns, but if all of those conditions were divided evenly, that would put the actual number of trees lost to weather events at over 1,100. That is a lot of trees for one city to lose.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Louisville?

If you see a dead tree that poses a threat to the main power lines in Louisville, contact Kentucky Power to report the problem. Better yet, use their issue-reporting tool on their main website, and they will send their tree division out to inspect the tree and determine the threat value. They decide if the tree needs immediate attention or if it can wait until its proper time to be trimmed or removed, according to their tree-trimming schedule. If it is on your property and it poses a threat to you and your family, chances are they will elect to go ahead with the removal of the dead tree. Kentucky Power states that they cannot come out to your property just to trim a tree, even if it lies in line with their power lines. They have a set schedule to assess all trees along their power grid, and if your tree does not pose an immediate threat, it will essentially be put off until it falls within their schedule for trimming and/or removal.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Louisville?

The only thing worse than dealing with a dead and fallen tree is paying for it to be removed. If the tree in question is on your property and the reason behind it being down is not covered under the tree ordinance laws for the city of Louisville to pick up the tab, you are the responsible party for any associated costs pertaining to its removal. The following figures are the average low, high, and overall price paid for tree removal in the city of Louisville:

  • The average low cost for tree removal in the City of Louisville: $481
  • The average high cost for tree removal in the City of Louisville: $655
  • The average price paid for tree removal in the City of Louisville: $568

These are the averages for the removal of a medium-sized tree in the City of Louisville. These figures do not include any fees for the proper permits, clean-up, or any associated material cost and sales taxes. Now, let’s take a look at some contributing factors that could make tree removal a bit more expensive:

Where is the Tree Located?

Depending on how easy it is to get to the tree in question, it could cause the overall cost to increase a great deal. Will traffic need to be rerouted while the tree is removed? Will the access to the tree be on someone else’s property? Several contributing factors concerning the location of the tree will affect your final cost.

How Big is the Tree?

If the tree you need to have removed is dead, has not fallen, and is 60 to 80 feet tall, the use of bucket trucks and other types of tall-tree equipment will of course be added to your final costs.

How Much Manpower Will Your Tree Removal Require?

Again, the above figures for the medium-sized trees are based on labor charges of one of our 3-man crews for one day. Perhaps your tree is a bit larger and may even require two days for its removal. These are the factors that can attack your wallet before, during, and after a tree removal project in the greater Louisville area.


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