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What Are the Most Common Trees in Eubank?

One of the largest problems that trees face in Eubank (and throughout Kentucky) is called Annosus Root Rot, which can attack all species of pine trees throughout the central part of Kentucky. The fungus will attack the root system, which will eventually kill the tree.

Oak Decline and also Oat Wilt can both kill oak trees in the area. Oak Decline can result from a variety of different issues including drought, air pollution, construction damage, or poor soil conditions. In contrast, Oak Wilt can result from pathogens entering the tree from the roots in the ground and eventually killing the tree.

Canker diseases such as Chestnut Blight and Hypoxylon Cankers are also common in the Eubank area. These cankers often manifest themselves as dead holes or “sores” that appear on the tree’s trunk and in the bark. These are initially just dead spots on a tree, spreading to infect and kill off the entire tree.

The most popular types of trees in the Eubank area include various oak, pine, hickory, maple, and Sycamore trees. Many of these trees are native to Kentucky, and different variations of these types of pine trees have been discovered in the area as time continues to go on. Other trees that often grow in Kentucky include those that bear fruit, including plum, cherry, persimmon, and elderberry trees. 

Does the City of Eubank Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

There are no public assistance programs that help with tree removal on residents’ property in Eubank. Homeowners are responsible for caring for any trees that fall on their own property including all costs associated with their removal. The average cost to have a tree removed will be between $200 and $1,800 depending on the tree’s size, type, and location. 

The City of Eubank will take care of any trees that fall on public property, such as those close to public roads or highways, or trees on government property in parks and recreation areas used by the general public. The State of Kentucky takes requests from cities for planting for the spring season in September each year.

The City of Eubank works closely with Kentucky State to ensure that they maintain their forested areas and public properties to mitigate the risk of wildfires in the area. The State of Kentucky also operates two state-owned nurseries that sell trees to sell to towns and private residents to plant on their lands to ensure that the trees planted in the Eubank area are healthy when they are planted, which ideally minimizes the risk of the trees needing to be cut down later on. 

Who Is Responsible for Tree Removal In Eubank?

There are no public assistance programs to help homeowners or business owners cover the cost of removing trees on their private property in Eubank. Homeowners are responsible for caring for their own private property including removing any trees that may need to be removed from their personal property.

Our guide below will explain who is responsible for tree removal in each situation:

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners are responsible for removing trees on their private property. There is no government assistance available from the town of Eubank to help you cover the cost of removing trees on your own private property. These costs are 100% solely the homeowner’s responsibility when the tree is on their private property.

If you’re a renter?

If you are a renter, the only thing you are obligated to pay is your monthly rent. If a tree on the property needs to be removed, that is the expense of the landlord to cover the entire cost of the tree removal and replant any other trees that need to be replanted. It will also need to be done in a reasonable amount of time as specified in your rental agreement with that given landlord. 

If you’re a landlord?

If you are a landlord, you are responsible for covering all of the costs of removing any downed or dead trees from the rental properties that you own. Tenants are only responsible for paying for their monthly rent. Trees should be removed and replanted promptly. The good news is that you can write about tree removal and replanting costs all off as a business expense when you file your taxes. That means that you won’t have to pay any taxes on the money you spent keeping up your rental properties.

If you’re a neighbor?

It is the responsibility of whoever had the tree on their property to pay for the removal costs if a tree was to fall. Knowing where your property lines are can help ensure that the right person covers the cost of removing and replanting the tree in question. 

If your tree falls onto your neighbor’s property, it is your responsibility to remove the tree and replant a new one if your area requires it. The costs of tree removal and replanting are on the person who had the tree on their property. If any damage is caused to your neighbor’s property, you will need to pay to repair or replace the property. 

Your neighbors are people that have to live next to you. Treat their property as you would want yours treated. It would help if you always try to make a situation like this right, as you will have long-term relationships with those around you impacted by what happens over time.

How Does Soil Affect Trees in Eubank?

The soil in the Eubank area is mostly comprised of Crider Soil, which accounts for over 500,000 acres of soil in Kentucky. Crider soil is very well-drained and nutritionally dense soil, and it’s found in permeable uplands. The Crider soils in the area are so deep that you can find Crider soil as deep down as the subsoil layer. 

The land where Crider soil is found is generally used mostly for growing food such as corn, small grain, soybeans, tobacco, and hay, which are some of the main crops that grow in the area. These are some of the country’s prime farmlands in the United States. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Eubank?

Eubank experiences temperatures that drop as low as 23 in the winter and go as high as 85 in the summer. Of course, cold spells and heat waves can send temperatures outside of those ranges as well. Trees in Eubank must adapt to a variety of different temperatures and climates to survive in the area full-time while still blooming every summer. 

Eubank averages 60 inches of precipitation annually compared to the US average of 65.9 inches of precipitation. The Eubank area sees about 119 days of precipitation annually and about 200 days of sunshine each year, which is generally beneficial for trees in the area.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Eubank?

If a dead tree falls near a powerline, residents in the Eubank area are asked to call the South Kentucky RECC to report any downed trees near a powerline. South Kentucky RECC can be reached at 800-264-5112 to report emergencies or downed trees. We ask that residents of Eubank do not remove these trees on their own, as removing a tree near a downed tree near a powerline without proper training can result in severe injury or even death. 

South Kentucky RECC will work as quickly as possible to remove any downed trees near power lines in the Eubank area. The goal is to mitigate risks to the residents of wildfires or other dangers due to trees being down near power lines. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in Eubank?

The average tree removal in Eubank will cost an average of $750 but that will depend on several variables. The average prices quoted in the Eubank area will fluctuate between $200 and 1,800 depending on the size and location of the tree and how much labor it takes to get the tree out. 

The following are some things to consider when pricing a tree that you need to remove:

Size of the Tree

The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the tree is, the more it will cost to remove the tree. For example, it will cost a lot less to remove a 20-foot tall tree than removing a tree that is 80- feet tall that is in the same condition. The bigger the tree is, the more work it will generally take our crews to remove the tree. That means the removal will be more expensive.

Location of the Tree

There can be two trees that are the same size, but the prices to remove them will be totally different if they are in different locations. For example, if you have 2 trees that are both 50 feet tall and need to be removed, but one is near your house, and the other is an open and empty part of your yard, it’s going to cost more to remove the one near a structure because it has to be removed more carefully and in smaller pieces. It takes us more time and effort to remove the tree. Therefore, it will cost more to have it removed.

The Amount of Labor Required

If a tree has to be cut down into smaller pieces or broken up into sawdust then the tree will cost more to remove. The more time and labor it takes us to remove the tree, the more it will cost for the tree as it requires more effort and labor to be removed. 

These are just some of the reasons that will factor in removing a tree from your property in Eubank. Of course, the cost will vary based on your tree and specifica situation, as well as the cost of labor in your area, but the cost is generally in the aforementioned range.


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