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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Lawrence?

Nestled between the Wakarusa and Kansas Rivers, Lawrence is a beautiful town with no shortage of incredible parks, hiking trails, and nature preserves. All you have to do is head to the east side of the city, and you’ll be surrounded by the incredible wildlife and woodlands of the 100-acre Prairie Park Nature Center. With access to so many incredible trees, however, comes the responsibility of properly caring for them. Fortunately, this is something that the city of Lawrence takes very seriously, even implementing a Plant Health Care Program to make sure trees and other plant life can thrive here.

An important factor in properly caring for trees is knowing about common diseases and pests. In this area, there are a number of tree issues that we frequently encounter, including:

Emerald Ash Borer

This invasive beetle likely found its way to the US in infested packing material. It attacks many species of ash and is most commonly seen from May to August. This species lays eggs within the bark, disrupting the tree’s flow of nutrients. Once these eggs hatch, the beetles feed on the foliage throughout their entire lifespan. To prevent the spread of this pest, Lawrence has placed a quarantine on firewood from Douglas County.

Dutch Elm Disease

Although this region formerly had many native elms, Dutch elm disease made its way into the state of Kansas in 1957 and destroyed almost every native elm here. This disease continues to be a problem in many areas across the state.

Pine Wilt

This disease spreads from one pine to another via a pest known as a pine sawyer beetle. It has been impacting pine trees in this area since 1979, causing high levels of mortality within this species.

Does the City of Lawrence Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the removal of any trees on public property. If you would like to personally organize the removal of a tree from public property, you will need to apply for a permit to do so. Otherwise, if you believe that a tree on public property is a hazard, you can report it to the Lawrence Listens program, which connects you with city services when you need assistance.

The city of Lawrence will also take responsibility if a tree on your property needs to be removed to allow for the widening of a street. In this case, Lawrence will arrange for a contractor and you will not have to pay for the removal.

However, Lawrence will not provide assistance if you would like to remove a tree on your own property. If a tree falls or is damaged in your yard, you will be fully responsible for its removal.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Lawrence?

A fallen tree can be incredibly damaging to the surrounding area and may be costly to remove. However, determining who is responsible for arranging for fallen tree removal can be complicated. Here’s what you need to know to figure out whether you are the one who needs to remove the tree in your specific situation:

If you’re a homeowner?

A tree falling on your property is often frightening and always frustrating. Unfortunately, if you are the owner of the land, it is always your responsibility to arrange for someone to remove the tree. In some cases, homeowner’s insurance may be able to help you cover the cost of this removal. This will depend largely on your coverage and on what caused the tree to fall. Most standard insurance policies will always cover certain events, such as fire or lightning strikes. However, your policy may not cover other events, such as a storm knocking your tree down.

If you’re a renter?

If you rent your home, you are not typically responsible for any landscaping issues, including fallen trees. If a tree falls in your yard, you should contact your landlord and request that they arrange for its removal. You may also want to see if your renter’s insurance will reimburse you for any damage to your personal property that occurred when the tree fell.

If you’re a landlord?

As a landlord, you are responsible for the trees on your property, even if you do not currently live there. Trees are an excellent asset, and it is important for you to continually maintain them in order to improve their health and reduce the risk of them falling. If a tree does fall on your property, it will be your responsibility to call us to arrange for its removal as soon as possible so that it will not impede the lives of your tenants.

If you’re a neighbor?

You are responsible for a fallen tree on your property even if the tree originated in your neighbor’s yard. While this is frustrating, your neighbor may be willing to help you arrange for removal even if they are not legally obligated to. If your neighbor’s tree has not yet fallen, but it appears to be in poor health and you suspect it is not being safely maintained, you could consider reporting it to Lawrence Listens in the hopes that city officials will encourage your neighbor to care for the tree before it falls.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Lawrence?

The main types of soil in Lawrence are Martin, Sogn, and Vinland soils–all of which combine loam and clay qualities. These soils are deep and drain well, contributing to tree health in this area. However, the fact that much of this land is sloping can be detrimental, as it may lead to overall soil erosion. As such, officials have long been focused on reducing rates of water erosion and increasing levels of grass production in Douglas County.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Lawrence?

Kansas occasionally experiences flooding, which can have a number of detrimental effects on trees in this area. Significant amounts of water can cause soil erosion, destabilizing the trees and making them more likely to fall. Additionally, this type of weather may cause a buildup of silt on the root system of the trees. If it is not removed, this silt can make it challenging for the tree’s roots to exchange gases with the surrounding soil, which will ultimately damage the health of the tree.

Additionally, the simple experience of being inundated with water for extended periods of time can severely damage certain local tree species, particularly:

  • Pines
  • Walnuts
  • Upland oaks
  • Redbuds

Trees that are better able to withstand this type of weather include:

  • Elm
  • Honeylocust
  • Willow
  • Sycamore

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Lawrence?

Trees interacting with power lines in any way can be very dangerous; at best, it may result in power outages, and at worst, it can fully pull down the power lines, presenting an electrocution risk. The serious nature of trees near power lines means that it is typically the responsibility of the electric utility company to monitor this type of situation and make any necessary changes, such as trimming or removal.

In Lawrence, you can contact Evergy if you notice a tree that may cause issues near a power line. Call (888) 471-5275, and they will send someone out to take a look at the tree and determine the best course of action. If the power goes out due to a tree on your property, Evergy crew members may knock on your door and alert you that they will be trimming the tree. However, if there is a dead tree impacting a power line that runs from a pole directly to your meter, Evergy does not handle its removal. Instead, you will need to contact our arborists for removal. We can alert Evergy so that they can deactivate the power line while we are trimming or removing your tree.  

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Lawrence?

The costs of tree removal can vary widely depending on a number of different factors. On the low end, it can cost as little as $260. More complex removals, on the other hand, generally cost upwards of $2,000. You should expect to pay approximately $720 on average. While we cannot offer a definitive price without first assessing the removal site, here are a few factors that typically influence the ultimate cost of tree removal in Lawrence:

The Size of the Tree

It should come as no surprise that smaller trees are typically more affordable to remove. Large trees create significant amounts of debris and require a bigger crew and more equipment. The taller the tree is, therefore, the pricier it will be to remove. Trees that are 20 feet tall can cost anywhere from $180 to $360 to remove, while trees that are taller than 60 feet may cost between $540 and $1,360 to remove. Even taller trees can cost up to around $2,000.

The Condition of the Tree

If your tree is generally healthy and in good condition, it will be much more straightforward to remove it. This type of tree presents fewer risks to our crew and does not require us to follow any type of unique procedure during removal. However, oftentimes, we will need to remove trees that are very fragile or suffering from disease. As we discussed earlier, trees in Lawrence are particularly prone to several different illnesses, resulting in quarantine protocols to help prevent the spread. Removing infected trees is often an important part of keeping the surrounding area healthy, but it also requires us to follow certain guidelines regarding the safe disposal of contaminated wood. As such, trees in poor health are often more expensive to remove. 

Where the Tree is Located

Trees located very close to buildings or power lines are trickier for us to remove, resulting in higher costs. The process may be further complicated if your yard is challenging to access or is steeply sloped. Trees that are located on flat, level ground are much easier for us to work with, particularly if there are no other structures nearby.


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