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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Wheaton?

There are a ton of tree varieties in Illinois and you can find a large majority of them in the northern part of the state. With these trees, though, come diseases and insect infestations.

While there are many issues we often come across, let’s explore a few of what we commonly deal with.

One of the most common issues we see in the trees in Wheaton is the Apple Scab. Our fruit trees are a beautiful flowering tree that offers some delicious fruit like the apple trees do. However, that’s when they are healthy. Apple Scab occurs when a fungal infection takes hold of the fruit tree and destroys the crop you would get from it. Some signs that your tree is infected begin with the emergence of small velvety-brown or olive-green spots that darken on the leaves. The foliage and the fruit from severely infected trees will fall off prematurely. 

Gypsy Moths are one of the most invasive insects in our area and they can do tons of damage to trees. They’ve been spotted in over 450 varieties, but the one they seem to like the most is the oak trees. The caterpillars will emerge in the spring and will begin feasting on nearby foliage on trees, rendering them weak. Some of these trees can survive one defoliation, but if the tree is already weak from some other disease or stress, then it’s not likely to bounce back. 

Does the City of Wheaton Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

For the most part, the city of Wheaton doesn’t provide much assistance for tree removal or trimming on private properties. Any trees located in city-zoned areas are taken care of by the staff employed by Wheaton. However, they will offer recommendations for tree services if you ask them. 

While the city doesn’t help with trees on your lot, the electric utility company does, provided you need branches removed near the power lines. If you need assistance with removing trees or branches that are too close to an electrical line, you can request ComEd’s help from their website. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Wheaton?

If you’re a homeowner?

If one of your trees happens to fall over onto your lot, you’re responsible for getting it removed. Insurance might pay a portion of it, depending on the specifics of your coverage. It will, however, pay for the damages if your house was hit by a fallen tree. You might have to pay a deductible, though. Branches can be placed on the curb after a storm and they will be picked up by the city.

The city strongly recommends that you remove trees on your lot that have been infected with either the Emerald Ash Borer or Dutch Elm disease. If you come across a tree that you believe has been infected with either of those diseases, and it’s located on city property, you must contact them to let them know so they can deal with the situation promptly. 

If you’re a renter?

This would depend because in most cases, the landlord is responsible for the upkeep of the trees and for removing those that can’t be saved with treatment. If the tree falls over and it hits the home, insurance would then cover the damage, depending on the specifics of the policy the landlord took out on the home. 

However, in some cases, the landlord will include in the rental agreement that the renter is to maintain the trees and shrubbery on the lot. In that case, you, as the renter, would be responsible for removing a tree that fell over on the lot, even if the tree belonged to the landlord. 

If you’re a landlord?

When it comes to the trees that are located on the property you own and rent out, you will be the one responsible for trimming or removing trees. If one of them falls over onto the house, your insurance would cover the damage and maybe a part of the tree removal costs. You would need to check the policy to determine what exactly they cover. 

For damages done to a renter’s personal items, you are not responsible for them. Their rental insurance can handle that if they have a policy on their items. If they don’t have any insurance, it’s up to them to replace those items. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Here, the law allows you to trim branches of a tree that’s located in a neighbor’s yard but has a branch that reaches onto your property. However, you can’t trespass on your neighbor’s yard by doing it. Also, you must consult an arborist or tree trimming professional, like us, to determine if it should be done or if it will damage the tree. 

If their tree falls over onto your yard, you can discuss responsibility with the neighbor, but if they’re not willing to help with the cost, you’re probably better off just paying to have it removed. Check with your insurance first, as some companies will pay most or all if the tree fell over due to natural means and not neglect of a diseased tree. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Wheaton?

Some areas contain loamy soils, which are good for growing trees. But, not all areas have a sandy-clay mixture. Some have more clay soils, which are dense and can drain water slowly. If it rains a small amount, the water will take longer to drain, but it usually will go away within a short amount of time. However, there are times when it rains heavily, which will cause the clay to drain much slower than normal. This hurts the tree because it can’t get the oxygen it needs through the soil. It can’t get through the water to reach the roots, which means the foliage isn’t getting the nutrients it requires. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Wheaton?

Storms in Illinois, especially ones with high winds, are extremely hard on the trees in this area. Those who happen to have weak wood or structure are very vulnerable to stormy weather. You can avoid some of the damage caused by this kind of weather by choosing tree varieties that are meant to be strong in root when planting new ones. Then be sure to give proper care as it grows to its normal height. Otherwise, try to brace the weak wood trees or remove them altogether. 

Droughts don’t happen often, but they creep up occasionally. Trees without water are a recipe for disaster. No water means no nutrients and the tree shrivels and dies. However, you can fight the effects of drought by watering it while the drought is going on.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Wheaton?

Removing a tree that resides close to a power line is dangerous unless you know what you’re doing. Calling a professional to do the project is the right thing to do, but not all tree services in this area are as experienced as we are in handling difficult situations like this. Contact us if you have a tree near an electrical line that you want to be removed. 

As far as trimming goes, we’re just as skilled at pruning the branches away from the lines as well as trimming ones near buildings. Don’t risk a blackout or damage to your property by trying to handle the job yourself. We have tons of experience and know-how to do the job safely and efficiently. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Wheaton?

To determine the price of your project, several factors would come into play. On average, though, you would probably pay around $300 to $600 for a small tree. For a huge tree, though, the price would go up significantly and could run higher than $2,000. Here are a few factors that could increase the cost of your tree removal project. 

How Long the Project Takes

Trees that are large in diameter or are tall would take quite a bit more time to cut down than an average-sized one. Plus, depending on the project, more equipment may need to be brought in to complete the job. Even smaller trees can take up a large amount of time if they are located in an area where it’s not easy for our crew to get to, like right next to a building. Extra time would be needed to ensure the job is done safely without damaging any structures. 

Is the Tree Diseased?

Sometimes, a tree dies or is dying due to some kind of disease or severe insect infestation. Removing it is essential, but the process of cutting it down isn’t as straightforward as other trees. Some diseases can easily be spread to other trees in the area, so extra precautions must be taken by our team to ensure any nearby trees remain healthy. 

How Far Do You Want to Go?

Many people choose to cut down a tree, leaving the stump in the ground. If you choose to remove the stump or even the roots, it’s going to cost you a bit more than a typical tree removal would cost. Extra labor goes into it, so of course, more money will be charged for these kinds of services than there would be if you chose to leave the stump and roots. 


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