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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Champaign?

The trees in Illinois have various health problems as in other states. In Champaign, ours are affected not only by injuries but also by pests and diseases that invade an injured tree. The best way to help a tree is to catch signs of disease early. If the pests or a fungus take over, the tree may eventually die and need to be removed. Some common tree problems in Champaign include borers, anthracnose, and maple leaf blister.

Major Tree Pest is the Emerald Ash Borer

Illinois has a problem with its ash trees and the City of Champaign is doing everything it can to deal with it. Illinois isn’t alone. Emerald Ash Borers (EAB) are infecting ash trees in at least 30 other states and Canadian provinces. The EAB is an exotic pest native to Asia that likely hitched a ride to the U.S. on some lumber around the turn of the 21st century. These tiny emerald-colored beetles have killed millions of ash trees in the Midwest.

In 2012, Champaign developed its Emerald Ash Borer Action Plan. The plan includes a regular examination of the city’s ash trees for signs of EAB and removing trees that are declining. The city is a participant in the Emerald Ash Borer Compliance Agreement agreeing to chip and retain all debris from infected ash trees within the city’s quarantine area. 

The city is asking its residents to look for signs of EAB on their ash trees. Some symptoms include:

  • A thinning of the branches in the treetop including dying branches,
  • Notches on the edge of young leaves from beetles feeding on them,
  • An increase in woodpecker activity at the tree,
  • S-shaped areas on the tree trunk under dying or dead bark,
  • Small holes on the trunk and branches.

Our tree care specialists can help you determine whether your ash tree(s) may be infected. If so, do not try to take it down yourself. Instead, let our arborists remove it for you. The city asks you to only have infected trees removed between September through April when the EAB beetle is dormant. We know the necessary guidelines for the proper disposal of all debris. 

There are native ash borers that resemble the EAB. If you need help identifying a possible EAB call our arborists. You are also asked to notify the University of Illinois Extension office or the City’s Forestry Section.

Anthracnose and Maple Leaf Blister

As the name implies, maple trees are most affected by Maple Leaf Blister, a fungal disease, leaving black splotches on the leaves. Similarly, anthracnose also blackens leaves while shriveling them and leaving brown lesions. It begins at the lower part of the tree, working its way up.

While either can cause injury to the tree, neither is extremely harmful to the tree’s overall health. These fungi only invade the leaves causing defoliation. To help combat future problems, rake up and remove the dead and diseased leaves often.

Drought-Related Tree Problems

An uncommon dilemma in Illinois was the drought from 2012-2013 followed by the severe winter the next year. It played havoc with our trees for years to come. It can take up to six years for trees to succumb, or revive following such conditions, according to the University of Illinois Extension.

Following a drought, trees lose a lot of their living roots causing branches to die and less sap to flow. This allows disease and pests to move in. Native beetle borers such as the bark beetle, flat-headed apple tree borers, two-lined chestnut borers, roundheaded borers, and red-headed ash borers love these conditions, each enjoying different families of trees. The results can be devastating for newly planted trees and established trees already suffering from the drought and cold weather. 

Does the City of Champaign Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Champaign through its Forestry Section is responsible for planting, care, and removal of city trees located on city rights-of-way. If anyone has a concern or issue with a city-owned tree they should contact the Forestry Section. Hazardous trees and emergency requests are handled immediately.

While the Forestry Section is happy to discuss tree issues with residents, that is the only assistance they offer for non-city trees. Removal is the responsibility of the property owner.

Note that Champaign’s Forestry Section periodically offers workshops for its residents regarding tree-related care, needs, and issues. The University of Illinois Extension department also offers tree workshops from time to time. However, if you have one or more problem trees, don’t wait, contact our tree specialists.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Champaign?

We have noted that the city handles the responsibility of all city trees. But what happens if a tree falls on your property, on the property line between neighbors, or on the property which you rent?

If you’re a homeowner?

A homeowner bears the responsibility to remove and clean up any trees that lived on their property and have fallen.

If you’re a renter?

If you rent a home with a yard and a tree on the property falls, you should notify the landlord. A renter does not have responsibility for a fallen tree.

If you’re a landlord?

A landlord, like a homeowner, has the responsibility for the removal and clean-up of any tree that was living on the property.

If you’re a neighbor?

Sometimes a fallen tree can be a sticky situation between neighbors. If your neighbors had a tree that falls onto your property, it is their responsibility to have it removed. Likewise, if your tree falls onto your neighbor’s property, it is your responsibility to remove it. You should agree upon a convenient time for both of you to have it done. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Champaign?

Farmers are aware of the soils they have and need to grow their crops. Homeowners should also be aware of their natural soil as it can affect the foundation of their home and their landscaping. Champaign has a combination of clay loam and silty clay loam. Loam soils usually have better nutrient value. They also are better at retaining moisture. Both make them a better planting soil for most tree life.

If you have questions, the University of Illinois Extension department offers advice on how to have your soil tested and suggests local testing sites you can utilize.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Champaign?

There are times when Champaign’s weather can adversely affect its trees. A drought can be hard on trees that are used to more moisture. Champaign generally receives an average of 20 inches per snow each year and our summers are humid and wet. 

Another weather phenomenon we occasionally experience is an ice storm, characterized by freezing rain rather than gentle snow. Known as a silver thaw, an ice storm results in at least ¼-inch of ice to exposed elements, including trees. Some trees are more resistant to ice storms than others. On Champaign’s Forestry Services website, there is a list of trees more resistant, somewhat resistant, and those most susceptible to ice storms.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Champaign?

Any time a dead tree leans or falls near or on a power pole or power lines, it makes for a dangerous situation. If you see this has happened on your property, city property in front of your home, or anywhere within the city, call 911 and alert your electric authority.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Champaign?

The cost of tree removal has a lot of variables including the size of the tree, the location of the tree, and the tree’s health, or lack thereof. Typically, homeowners can expect to pay between $250 to more than $1,500 to remove a tree which includes cleanup. The good news just may be that your homeowner’s insurance may cover removing a damaged or dead tree depending on its location and what happened to it.

Size of the Tree

One of the main cost factors for tree removal is the size of the tree. If a tree is 60 feet tall, it is going to cost more to remove than a 20-foot-tree. For one thing, it will be a lot more time-consuming. Secondly, a tall tree requires more equipment. A bucket truck is needed to cut down a tree that size and its use adds to the cost. 

Location of the Tree

A tree that is close to the house or garage, or near power lines is going to be harder to remove. Care must be given for the removal of every branch, so they don’t get caught in the lines, or fall on a roof. A freestanding tree that is located out in the yard away from structures and other obstacles is a lot easier and quicker for us to cut down and remove.

Health of the Tree

A tree that has fallen and is already down still requires our professional arborists to remove it. Care needs to be given in cutting up the branches and trunk and removing them carefully from the premises. Consideration should also be given as to why the tree fell. If it is diseased, as with the Emerald Ash Borer, we will follow the city’s specific instructions for proper disposal of the tree.

If a tree is still standing, whether it is alive or dead, is yet another consideration. It is safer to cut down a live tree, as it is stable. If a tree is dead while remaining standing, this could be a more dangerous situation for our tree removal specialists and more time will be required to remove it.


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