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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Bolingbrook?

Bolingbrook has some gorgeous trees that add shade to your home. You might have a combination of native and non-native trees growing in your outdoor space. A few of the trees that we see most often in the area include:

  • Oak 
  • Ash 
  • Sassafras
  • Willow 
  • Crabapple
  • Locust 
  • Eastern Redbud
  • American Elm 

A few of these trees, such as the oaks, can grow to impressive heights with a wide trunk. It’s hard to understand what went wrong when a tree becomes damaged and needs to be removed. Here are a few of the most common tree issues that we see in the Bolingbrook area. 

Damage From Winter Weather

Each winter, Bolingbrook gets an astounding 39 inches or more of snow. But, while you enjoy your winter wonderland, you probably don’t give a lot of thought to how the temperatures affect your trees. 

The daytime highs hover around the freezing mark for most of the winter months in Bolingbrook, while the nighttime temps fall to the low-20s or high teens. These harsh temperatures leave your yard at risk for a hard freeze. 

A hard freeze is a condition where all the moisture and nutrients in the soil freeze, and your trees can no longer pull this much-needed food into their root systems. This lack of a food source for extended periods can leave your trees damaged or dying. 

Some evergreen trees can stand up to a hard freeze. Other trees and young evergreen trees might fare so well. Then, in the spring, you should see your trees begin to grow new leaves and limbs.

If a tree in your Bolingbrook yard doesn’t begin growing again, it might be due to damage from the hard freeze. You might have a tree that appears to start growing again, but after a few weeks, it begins to die. 

Tree death happens when part of the tree was damaged and could no longer process nutrients. Eventually, the damage spreads, and the entire tree dies. Our team can come to your home and evaluate any trees that you believe were damaged by a hard freeze. 

Damage From Insects

You remember from science class that even insects play a vital role in the local ecosystem. However, sometimes, these creepy crawlers might turn one of the trees in your Bolingbrook yard into a home or a food source, which can damage or kill a tree. The most common bugs we see in the area are:

  • European Gypsy Moth
  • Asian Gypsy Moth
  • Asian Longhorned Beetle
  • European Cherry Fruit Fly
  • Spotted Lanternfly

The challenges with an insect infestation are that they aren’t typically localized to a single tree. It’s probably a couple in your yard. If you catch an infestation early, we might be able to treat the tree and help it recover. Here are a few signs you need to know:

  • Smaller and paler new growth limbs and leaves
  • Stunted growth
  • Discolored and misshapen leaves
  • Insects crawling on a tree or swarming around it
  • Dead areas that appear to sink into the tree as it decays
  • Areas of weakness where the trunk and limbs meet
  • Channels and holes in the trunk

At the first signs of an insect infestation in your Bolingbrook yard, you need to contact us to evaluate the situation. 

Does the City of Bolingbrook Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In Bolingbrook, the City will take care of any trees on public land, from trimming to removal. However, trees on private property are the responsibility of the owner. As a homeowner, most of the trees in your yard are considered to be on private property. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Bolingbrook?

When a tree falls, it can be challenging to determine who is responsible for its removal. So we’ve put together a list with various situations to help you better understand how to navigate tree removal:

If You’re a Homeowner?

As the Bolingbrook homeowner, it’s almost always up to you to remove a fallen tree from your yard since it’s on private property. However, there is a chance that there’s an easement on your land, and you can get the City to take care of the fallen tree. 

If You’re a Renter?

As a Bolingbrook renter, you might have agreed to take care of the outdoor space. However, this doesn’t include a project as large as the removal of a fallen tree. It’s always a good idea to let the homeowner know if you notice any damaged or dying tree. 

If You’re a Landlord?

As the landlord and homeowner, you’re responsible for removing a tree from the yard. Essentially, landlords are treated the same as homeowners because they own the property.

If You’re a Neighbor?

Sometimes, your neighbor’s tree falls and lands in their yard and yours. Some trees in Bolingbrook grow to stunning heights, so we see this occasionally. When this happens, each neighbor’s responsibility is to have the portion of the tree in their yard removed. 

However, if your neighbor knew there was an issue with the tree and failed to take action, they’re negligent and can be held liable for any damage to your home or property. This liability includes having the tree removed. Before you call an attorney, it’s always beneficial to talk to your neighbor first. You may have to live beside them for many years to come, and you don’t want to create a hostile situation.  

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Bolingbrook?

The most common soil in the Bolingbrook area is drummer soil. It’s a dark color because of the decayed vegetation that makes up this soil. The decayed matter adds nutrients to the earth and helps your trees and other greenery grow. 

On the negative side, this is silty soil, and it doesn’t drain very well. So in times of hard rains, the ground won’t drain quickly and might leave your trees at risk for root rot. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Bolingbrook?

Yes, you can expect the weather in Bolingbrook to affect the health of your trees. The extreme winter temperatures leave your trees at the mercy of a hard freeze, which can damage or kill them. 

Also, the higher than the national average rainfall and snowfall can leave your soil sopping wet. All of this excess moisture can leave your trees at risk of developing root rot, a fungal disease that can damage or kill a healthy tree. 

Spring showers bring thunderstorms and the possibility of a tornado to the Bolingbrook area. Between 1950 and 2010, the site has been hit by 94 tornadoes, and that’s more than 1.5 funnels each year. 

With wind speeds of up to 300 mph, tornadoes can rip a tree out of the ground. Additionally, a direct lightning strike can split one of your trees in half. If you suspect damage due to weather, our team can evaluate the situation and help you come up with a game plan. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Bolingbrook?

Power lines and dead trees have the potential to create deadly consequences. When you see a dead tree lying on a power line, go back inside and call emergency services. The power needs to be cut to the line before anyone can approach the area. 

A dead tree near a power line also presents a danger. You need to hire a professional service like Tree Triage to remove it so you aren’t faced with a tree lying on a power line. 

As the homeowner, you’re responsible for removing any fallen trees from your private property. However, if the tree is close to a power line, the tree may be on an easement and the power company’s responsibility. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Bolingbrook?

One of your biggest concerns is the cost of removing the tree. In Bolingbrook, tree removal costs range between $275 and $1,975, with an average price of around $775. There are a few cost factors that go into your final fees, including:

Tree Removal Permit

The City of Bolingbrook requires a tree removal permit before we can begin cutting down or removing a tree from your yard. Obtaining a permit increases the amount of time and the expense involved in tree removal. 

Wood Chips

Many Bolingbrook homeowners want us to run the tree that we’re removing through a wood chipper. The wood chipper creates wood chips that you can use as mulch for other trees and plants in your yard. However, this requires additional time and equipment. 

Tree Size

Taller and broader trees take more time and equipment to remove. Our team always climbs to the top of the tree to safely cut it down in sections. Cutting it into sections minimizes the chance of limbs or the tree trunk accidentally damaging your home or other trees. 


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