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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Hayden?

You love having all the trees in your yard. They add curb appeal and provide shade for your home and outdoor space. The area has a mix of native and non-native trees. In Hayden, the trees that we see most often include:

  • Ponderosa pine
  • Douglas fir
  • White fir
  • Western red cedar
  • Lodgepole pine
  • Western white pine
  • Subalpine fir
  • Whitebark pine
  • Engelmann spruce
  • Western hemlock 
  • Mountain hemlock

The fir and pine trees can top out at heights of over 100 feet. This makes it hard for a Hayden homeowner to understand when a tree needs to be removed. They look like they’ll be there forever. Here is a look at the most common tree issues that we see in the area:

Damage from Drought Conditions

After the weather warms up in the spring, the summer brings dry, hot weather. There is only a yearly average of 13 days with rain between the beginning of June and the end of August. 

As your soil drains the limited rain, it leaves the tree roots unable to get the nutrients that the tree needs to remain healthy. When a drought goes on for days on end, you may need to water your trees and Hayden yard. 

Before you pull out your garden hose or program your sprinklers, it’s a good idea to check with the appropriate water company and the city for any watering restrictions.

Another effective method of combating dry spells and trapping nutrients is to place mulch around the base of your trees. Mulch can trap the moisture and nutrients to slow the rate of drainage and help provide nutrients to your trees longer after one of the infrequent rainfalls. 

Damage from Harsh Winter Weather

Each winter, the Hayden area sees over 42 inches on average, and while the daytime temperatures remain a little above or at the freezing mark, the nighttime temperatures drop to the low to mid-20s. 

This extremely cold weather creates a condition known as a hard freeze. During a hard freeze, the moisture in the soil in your Hayden yard freezes too. Your trees need sunlight, moisture, and nutrients to remain healthy and continue growing. 

If you have evergreens growing in your yard, they rarely have a hard time recovering from a hard free unless it’s a young tree. You may find that your other trees weren’t so successful. 

If spring arrives and one of the trees in your Hayden yard fails to start growing again, it could be that it didn’t survive the hard freeze. Every once in a while, our team receives a call about a tree that began growing again in the spring and then died for no apparent reason.

In this case, a part of the tree was damaged during the hard freeze and that area could no longer process the nutrients. This area of damage spread to other parts of the tree, leaving it to slowly die unable to process nutrients.

Our team is always available to evaluate the condition of a tree in your Hayden yard. Whether it’s due to winter weather, summer drought, or another issue, we can make recommendations for treatment or removal.

Does the City of Hayden Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

When it comes to a problem with a tree that needs removal in your yard, it’s on private property, and the city doesn’t provide any assistance. However, the city of Hayden does remove any trees that are located on public land. Sometimes, the city retains the right to use a small portion of your yard. This is called an easement. If there’s a tree in this area, the city will assist with its removal. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Hayden?

We receive many calls from people needing to identify the responsible party for removing a fallen tree. Not every case is clear-cut, and we take these questions seriously. We’ve put together this section to help people in varying situations understand their responsibility and the person responsible for the tree’s removal from a Hayden yard. 

If you’re a homeowner?

When a tree falls in your yard, it’s probably your responsibility to remove it when you’re the homeowner. Your home and land are considered private property, and you’re responsible for what happens there. However, there is a small possibility that the city or one of the utility companies has an easement on your land. When a tree falls in this area, you can turn to the city or the utility company to handle its removal from your Hayden yard. 

If you’re a renter?

Some renters mow the grass, pull weeds, and rake leaves as part of the lease agreement. However, when you’re renting a home in Hayden, this doesn’t make you responsible for removing a fallen tree from the yard. It’s always a good idea to let the landlord know as soon as you notice a problem with a tree or some other issue in the yard. 

If you’re a landlord?

If you’re a landlord and the homeowner, you don’t actually live in your home. However, you’re responsible for the removal of a fallen tree in the yard even if you have renters in the house who maintain the yard. It’s beneficial to keep the lines of communication open between yourself and the tenant, so you can find out about a tree issue and take care of it before the tree falls. 

If you’re a neighbor?

With native trees topping over 100 feet tall, it isn’t unusual for our Hayden office to get calls from a homeowner whose neighbor’s tree has fallen into their yard. Each homeowner is responsible for removing the portion of the tree that’s in their own yard. 

There is a single exception. If your neighbor was negligent — they knew the tree needed to be removed and failed to act — then they’re liable for any damages done by the falling tree to your yard and home. This includes removing the entire tree. 

You might need to hire an attorney to force your neighbor to take responsibility for the fallen tree, but it’s a good idea to try talking to them and trying to resolve it between yourselves first. You may live next door to each other for a long time. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Hayden?

Mollisol is the soil type that we see most often in Hayden yards. It’s a rich soil with plenty of organic matter in it to provide nutrients to your trees. This soil also absorbs water effectively and drains it quickly. The fast drainage helps to reduce the risk of root rot in your trees. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Hayden?

Yes, the Hayden weather can affect the health of your trees. The sub-freezing temperatures in the winter that lasts for weeks and months on end can damage or kill your trees. A hard freeze blocks your trees from getting the necessary nutrients and moisture. 

The summer months are hot and dry without regular rainfall. After the snow melts and absorbs into the soil, you might find the trees in your yard in a drought condition. You might need to water your trees. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Hayden?

When there’s a dead tree near a power line, it might be on an area of an easement, and you can get the power company to remove it. A tree that isn’t on an easement, is your responsibility, as the Hayden homeowner, to contact us to remove it. 

You need to proceed carefully when it comes to dead trees and power lines. When the tree is near a power line, you want to hire us to remove it as an emergency service. This ensures your safety. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Hayden?

Typically, the cost of tree removal in Hayden runs between $230 and $1,920 with an average of about $625. There are a few cost factors that go into your final cost. 

Tree Size

Larger trees require more time and safety equipment to remove. Our team starts at the top of the tree and removes it in sections. With tall trees, we need to protect our team and your home. 

Tree Location

A tree near a home or other trees needs to be removed without damaging the things closest to it. In these cases, it takes more time and equipment for our crew to safely remove the tree. 

Additional Services

When we remove a tree, we can offer Hayden homeowners additional services. Our team can turn the tree into firewood or wood chips to be used as mulch. Removing the stump is another option. These services take additional time and specialized equipment. 


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