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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Boise?

In the years prior to 1890, when the state of Idaho received its official statehood, the pioneers of that era began to plant the trees that have become our ‘urban canopy’ here in Boise. Their thinking was to bring about some hardy tree life to improve the community appearance and provide some shade to the otherwise harsh desert frontier. Those trees are beginning to show their age and some have fallen victim to disease.

We have seen these trees that are more than 125 years old, coming down at an alarming rate. The following list is an example of what these trees are going through. These are the 3 most common issues with trees in the greater Boise area:

  • Aphids and Borers Aphids are the soft-bodied insects that attack the leaves and leaf stems of trees, while the Borer insects attack the trunk of the tree. Aphid infestation first appears as tiny holes in the leaves of a tree that will eventually cause the tree to prematurely lose its leaves before fall even begins. Borer, on the other hand, attacks the very heart of the tree, the wood inside the trunk. This is particularly evident by small holes in the trunk that look like someone has drilled holes in thousands of places. Sometimes there will be small amounts of sawdust where the Borer has attacked. In pine trees that have Borer infestation, there are small patches of pitch that have escaped through the hole and formed a blister on the tree.
  • Nutrient Deficiency and Soil pH Some species of trees here in Boise are beginning to die as a result of their inability to absorb nutrients. The soil in the greater Boise area has a rather high pH and this will essentially ‘turn off’ the absorption in the tree’s root system. There are additives that can bring a soil’s pH level to a more tolerable rate, but the trees that suffer from nutrient deficiency because of the soil pH are probably going to be removed/replaced as the damage that has been done cannot be reversed. 
  • Blight and Scorch Both Blight and Scorch Disease can be brought on by other invasive plants, over compacted soils, and certain microorganisms that affect the leaves and roots of all tree species. Blight and Scorch Disease attack quickly and kill even quicker, if you think your tree may be suffering from Blight or Scorch Disease, contact our tree professionals right away.

These are some common issues that we see recurring in the tree population in Boise. These aren’t the only issues that affect our urban canopy as we see the usual things like trees destroyed in inclement weather, fires, and floods. These types of problems usually leave more than one tree to be removed as those trees our frontiersmen planted back in the 1800s are simply just getting old and losing their ability to firmly grasp the earth that surrounds them.

Does the City of Boise Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Boise has in place an ordinance or set of laws that protect trees and provide valuable other services where trees are the main issue. In 1952, the City of Boise placed the tree ordinance into effect, and today thanks to the forethought of the city officials back then, we have a flourishing tree population that actually grows every year. That means the ratio of dead trees removed to new trees replaced is in positive numbers. The Community Forestry Unit, an arm of the Boise Parks and Recreation Department, plants at least 2 new trees for every tree they remove. That’s not all they do either!

This Community Forestry Unit provides the citizens of Boise a free tree clean-up if the tree is within town limits. They also provide for the citizens of Boise free leaf removal in the fall and many other things that benefit the townspeople of Boise. If you have any issue with a tree, and you live in the greater Boise area, the Community Forestry Unit has a well-written FAQ webpage about tree issues that they can take care of, free of charge!

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Boise?

It seems that no matter where you go in this country, there have been issues that involve ‘who is responsible’ for a tree that has gotten so out of hand that neighbors have sued neighbors, and lifelong friendships have been destroyed. Over a tree!

That being said, the City of Boise offers so many tree services through the Community Forestry Unit, that there should never be a single cross word uttered from the mouths of any Boise citizen!

If you’re a homeowner?

If you are a property owner in the City of Boise and there is a dead or dying tree on your property, the Community Forestry Unit will remove the tree for you, free of charge! The property owner is responsible for the upkeep of the tree, pruning, and other maintenance issues but if it is dead or dying, the CFU will remove and replace the tree if it is in an easily accessed area.

If you’re a renter?

If you rent a home and there are leaves and twigs that need cleaning up, that is on you. The property owner or the renter must provide the upkeep, but when the tree comes crashing down, the CFU will spring into action. If the tree in question is perfectly healthy, and you want it gone for cosmetic reasons, you and the property owner must agree to have the otherwise healthy tree removed and any costs associated with its removal. The CFU won’t remove a tree just because you don’t like it. The CFU will, however, provide you with a free permit for the removal. 

If you’re a landlord?

If you are a landlord, you are also the property owner as well as the homeowner and the same rules apply to you as well. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Don’t let the ‘tree issue’ dissolve any relationships you have with your neighbor! If you live in the greater Boise area, you can rely on the Community Forestry Unit to remove any dead or dying tree, all without a court date or any type of urban warfare between you and your neighbor! This much we know to be true, however, this does not apply to any issues with borrowed tools that were never returned! Seriously, never let a tree issue determine who your friends are, and who they aren’t! 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Boise?

The average soil sampled from various locations throughout the City of Boise proves to be rather healthy for tree prosperity. There have been certain issues with trees’ ability to absorb nutrients because of a high pH level or poor soil compaction. These issues have affected the trees primarily in the areas of Boise where we have seen the most construction. Runoff from job sites, both commercial and residential is always a concern whether you are in Boise or Birmingham, it affects more than simply the tree population. 

Yes, soil conditions can have a long-lasting effect on trees but in Boise, not so much. For the entire State of Idaho to be located where it is in regard to the Desert Plains of North America, the soil is in pretty good shape. Let’s just hope the conservation efforts being put in place today, protects the forest and surrounding areas for generations to come!

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Boise?

This is another item that can have devastating effects on the tree population. After any type of storm, there will usually be trees that have fallen from high winds or saturated grounds. Boise  and the entire State of Idaho are in a fairly decent location with regard to weather patterns. Sure, we see a decent amount of storms, but nothing like ‘tornado alley’ located in the southeast, or ‘hurricane central’ along the eastern seaboard.

Weather can have a devastating effect on trees, but the Boise weather just doesn’t affect them very much.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Boise?

If you have any questions regarding the trees and power lines in Boise, Idaho Power has a very informative webpage with FAQs that cover just about every conceivable scenario with your power lines and the trees that surround them. If you have a tree down that has interrupted the power to your home you can report the problem to Idaho Power by calling their outage report line at 1-800-488-6151 or use their online tool for doing the same.

Even if you just want the tree trimming unit from Idaho Power to come and inspect a tree branch that looks like it could cause a problem, they will send a certified arborist to your home to make the call on having the tree trimmed, pruned, or removed completely to keep the power supply going. If the tree poses an immediate threat to their right-of-way in the direct line of their power lines, they may opt to have your tree moved up in their rotation schedule for tree trimming.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Boise?

Now let’s look at the actual costs involved with having a tree removed in the greater Boise area. Each tree that is removed is different and each tree that is removed will cost a different amount. No two are exactly alike. The numbers that we are going to look at here are the average costs from low, high, and overall price paid for a tree removal in Boise, Idaho.

  • The average low cost for tree removal in Boise, ID is $508.
  • The average high cost for tree removal in Boise, ID is $690.
  • The average price paid for a tree removal in Boise, ID is $599.

Those numbers include things like;

  • Labor costs in Boise, ID
  • Material/equipment rental (if needed)
  • Fee for final clean-up

Those numbers do not include;

  • Fees for permits or inspections
  • Material/supplies Ada and Idaho sales taxes
  • Material/supplies Boise sales taxes

Now let’s take a look at some things that can cause your tree removal costs to be a bit more, or possibly less;

The Size of the Tree

The figures above are based on the removal of a medium-sized tree. If your tree is over 50 feet tall, then it is classified as a large tree and those numbers will go up accordingly. This is one case where you don’t save money buying in bulk!

Location of the Tree

Is the tree being removed in an easily accessed place? Or will we need to contact the City of Boise to have traffic rerouted while the tree is being removed? The City of Boise wouldn’t charge you anything for this, however, it may require additional manpower which can affect your final bill.

Fallen Tree

If the tree you are having removed has already come tumbling down it may save you some money as far as labor. What could cause this to go up in price would be a dead tree that is still standing and needs to be brought down in sections.


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