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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Woodstock?

Woodstock is a city in Cherokee County, Georgia, and one of the state’s most unexpected travel destinations. Woodstock is a great place to escape, gather, and refresh with sounds, colors, and tastes that are vibrant and diverse. When you come to the city, you can experience the energy and spirit of a community revitalized and a city that is known for its lively downtown and word-class parks and trails. 

That is why it is no surprise that Woodstock residents take their vegetation seriously and go to great lengths to ensure that their trees, plants, and flowers remain healthy all year long. However, before homeowners can take protective actions to ensure their trees remain thriving, they first need to understand some of the more common tree issues the area has to deal with. 

Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a disease that is noticed late in the growing season and develops in hot and humid weather. The condition looks like an accumulation of white dust on the leaves of a tree. Yet, if this disease is ignored, it can lead to death in affected areas of the tree and stunted tree growth. Typically, crepe myrtles and dogwoods that grow in areas with poor air circulation are most vulnerable to the disease. For these reasons, if you notice a white dust-like substance on the leaves, you must contact us for tree service or treatment. 

Oak Leaf Blister

This condition often develops in the spring when conditions are wet, humid, and mild. Oak leaf blisters generally infect the leaves of oak trees when the buds are first starting to open. The symptoms of this disease include blister-like markings or discoloration on the upper surfaces of the leaves. All oak trees are susceptible to oak leaf blisters, and although it does not cause severe damage, it can give an unsightly appearance or result in a premature leaf drop.

Black Knot

The black knot disease commonly affects plums and peaches in Georgia. This fungus causes a stiff and black crust around twigs and is often noticed during the winter once all the leaves have fallen. Typically, black knots manifest as abnormal bumps on a tree’s branches that usually cause them to bend or become distorted. These swellings become generally dense and dark or black, and their size can be up to a foot in length and two inches in diameter. If you notice these symptoms, you should consider contacting our arborists. 

Does the City of Woodstock Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Woodstock requires a permit for the removal of certain trees, including:

  • Protected trees that are greater than 3” DBH or diameter at breast height (unless they are considered a specimen tree)
  • Specimen trees that include hardwoods 24” plus DBH, softwoods 30” plus DBH, understory/ flowering trees 12” plus DBH

In addition to these regulations, the city allows for up to five protected trees on any parcel to be removed each year, but no specimens tree may be removed without compensation according to the local regulations. Further, trees less than 3” DBH do not require a permit to remove. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Woodstock?

Generally, in Woodstock, the property owner needs to maintain their flowers, plants, and private trees. However, just because one of their trees falls, it does not necessarily mean that they will be responsible for the costs associated with removing the tree. This responsibility will often depend on the circumstances of the situation. For instance, consider the following:

If you’re a homeowner?

In Georgia, the owner of a tree is often only liable for damages from a falling tree if they have preexisting knowledge that the tree was diseased, decayed, or otherwise dangerous. Otherwise, if a tree falls because of a natural cause, such as an intense storm or strong winds, the property owner of the place where the tree has fallen will be accountable for taking care of the fallen tree. 

That is why, if a property owner notices signs of disease, instability, or weakness, they need to make corrections within a reasonable period, or they will be on the hook for costs associated with removing the fallen tree. 

If you’re a renter?

Before a renter moves into a rental property, they will often enter into an agreement with the landlord. This agreement will discuss each of their roles in taking care of the property. However, if an issue arises that is not mentioned in the property agreement, the landlord will often be on the hook for making necessary repairs, while the renter will be in charge of cleaning and maintaining the property. Consequently, if a tree falls, it will most likely be the landlord’s issue to handle. 

If you’re a landlord?

As discussed above, the landlord is often responsible for a fallen tree unless the situation is described otherwise in a property agreement. As a result, if a tree falls, the landlord will have to take care of the costs associated with removing the fallen tree. 

If you’re a neighbor?

In Georgia, if a tree falls onto a neighbor’s yard because of natural causes, the neighbor will be liable for the damages and taking care of the fallen tree. This means they will often have to contact their property insurance to get reimbursed for the losses that stemmed from this incident. 

On the other hand, if a property owner knew or should have known their tree was sick or diseased before it fell and did nothing about it, they can be held liable for costs related to the fallen tree if it falls onto the neighbor’s property. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Woodstock?

The soil most prevalent in central Georgia is ultisol, which means “red clay.” This soil typically lacks nutrients but still supports a variety of southern pine trees. Generally, red clay soils are not well aerated and must often be supplemented with soil conditioners and manure to support landscape features throughout the suburban areas in Woodstock.

Ultisol soils are strongly leached, acidic forest soils that have relatively low native fertility and are found in humid temperatures and tropical areas of the world. For these reasons, it is best that before gardeners plant trees in Woodstock, they figure out which tree varieties can handle this rather difficult soil, such as:

  • Apple Trees
  • Pear Trees
  • Chinese Pistache Trees
  • Sweetbay Trees
  • White Dogwood Trees
  • Redbud Trees
  • Crepe Myrtle Trees

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Woodstock?

The climate in Woodstock is humid subtropical, with most of the region having short, mild winters and long and hot summers. Yet, although the temperatures in the summer often exceed 95 °F, the state in general experiences widespread precipitation. 

Due to these ever-changing conditions, you must plant trees in the fall when temperatures are cooler, and the plant can focus its energy underground on the root development instead of soaking up all the sun’s rays. As a result, planting these trees when they are dormant reduces water loss and transplant shock, which, even though you may see no apparent shoot growth, allows trees to grow through Woodstock’s winter. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Woodstock?

Electric utility companies are responsible for trimming trees near power lines. They are required to do so by the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), which has been adopted in most states. As a result, utility companies such as Amicalola EMC have to prune trees away from their power lines on a planned cycle. This ensures that the lines are clear of limbs and brush while also providing them access to your lines, which means quicker restoration of power during storms, heavy winds, or other times of trouble. 

When pruning trees is being done by the electrical company, they complete the entire line and do not schedule individual pruning requests. However, if you notice a tree encroaching on your power lines, contact Amicalola EMC as soon as possible to speak with a representative and figure out what needs to be done about the tree and whether the company can come out and take care of it promptly. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Woodstock?

In Woodstock, numerous factors can affect the cost of removing a tree, including everything from the type of equipment needed to the surrounding area of the tree. That is why before you spend thousands of dollars on a tree removal project, it is in your best interest to learn more about these different cost factors. Doing so will help you stay better prepared to cover the costs of the removal job.

The Tree’s Size

Quite often, when it comes to removing a tree, the size of the tree will play the most critical factor when determining the overall tree removal costs. For instance, small trees in Woodstock may only cost a few hundred dollars to remove, while giant trees can cost way more, in some cases upwards of two thousand dollars. 

The Area Surrounding the Tree

Another crucial factor you need to consider is the terrain that the tree is located on and its accessibility. For example, if the tree:

  • Is located on a small lot, where it will be challenging to access the tree
  • Is situated on a slope
  • Is located behind a fence or a garden or is close to a power line

All of these elements can create many issues for our tree removal specialists, and consequently, increase the final price of the tree removal project. 

The Health of the Tree

If the tree is dead, diseased, dying, or unstable, our professionals may require special equipment and safety precautions to ensure that injury can be prevented as the tree is being removed. As a consequence, if special care is needed, then the overall cost of the job will be significantly higher than if you were removing a healthy tree. 


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Date of Request: September 28, 2023

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The Woodhaven Court Subdivision off of Hickory Rd has 3 trees on HOA property that need to be removed. We would like to get a quote on having them removed. I am on the HOA Board and will be the contact person.

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Damaged tree. Cannot be climbed. I think it needs a cherry picker to get it down. Front yard, but power lines an issue. Please call.

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A few pine trees to be removed so we can have fence installed.

Date of Request: September 25, 2023

Location: Woodstock, GA


Cut up down tree and grid up limbs and debris.

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