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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Saint Simons Island?

Powdery Mildew

You’ll know that your plants are infected by powdery mildew when you spot whitish fungal growth anywhere on the surface of your plants. The fungi penetrate the outermost layer of the plants to feed. It’s spores are rapidly spread through the air, infecting other plants within its vicinity. You’ll also notice distorted leaves and shoots. To prevent the spread, make sure you space out your plants, remove affected leaves and stems, and apply fungicide. If this seems like too much work for you, give us a call.

Pine Bark Beetles

Pine bark beetles are a real nuisance in Georgia. They account for most of the attacks on pines in the state. Southern pine beetle outbreaks have been recorded as far back as the 1700’s, with outbreaks occurring in the state every 5-10 years and not too worrisome infestations occurring yearly. They typically affect weak or dying trees by boring into the inner bark and feeding on the inner bark of the tree. When this happens, the tree is unable to get the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. If there is an infestation or outbreak, these beetles may also feed on healthy trees. Signs to watch out for include discoloration of foliage (from green to reddish-brown) and white or reddish-brown pitch tubes on the outside of the bark. 

Root Rot Disease

All plants are susceptible to root rot, but some plants are more vulnerable than others, especially in Georgia, since we have a humid subtropical climate. Root rot occurs when soil stays wet and is poorly drained. Pythium, Phytophthora, and Rhizoctonia are the most common soil-borne fungi that cause root rot diseases.

Southern blight is more common in herbaceous perennials and vegetable transplants; black root rot is more common on bedding plants.

Signs to look out for are stunted growth, wilting, and foliage discoloration. To control the disease, you can amend the soil by adding materials that would help it drain better, like compost and composted hardwood or pine bark.

Does the City of Saint Simons Island Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Saint Simons Island is part of the Brunswick metro area and only boasts a population of just over 12,000. Because of this, there is no city-wide fund to assist with fallen or dead tree removal, tree trimming, or maintenance. However, Pennies for Preservation collects funds to help plant new trees in the area to increase canopy coverage. They use their 1% donations to protect and manage acreage at Oatland North on the island’s northern side to create a wonderful forested corridor. saint Simons Land and Trust has been replanting trees after disasters and maintaining the island’s beauty for years. Even though there is no direct help for tree removal from the island, FEMA may be able to help in some circumstances. Insurance can cover some costs, and if the provided criteria for a natural disaster are met, FEMA can fill in the gaps.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Saint Simons Island?

Before a tree falls and the responsibility for the damages is designated, first you need to find out whose tree it is. The location of the main trunk designates the property to which the tree belongs. Should a tree straddle a property line, it will have dual ownership and neighbors will need to work together to cover costs of maintenance and removal if necessary. When a tree falls, sometimes it is a bit confusing who is liable for the damages.

If you’re a homeowner?

Ultimately, the property owner is liable for the tree’s health and well-being and to follow ordinances. Maintenance and trimming usually fall on the homeowner to provide adequate care. Should a tree fall from neglect and death, the homeowner may find themselves liable for all damages. However, in the event a storm forces limbs or trees down, the damages to each property is that of the property owners. Insurances typically have a clause to cover the removal of trees due to storm damages. However, they may not cover tree removal from neglect or to remove trees for aesthetics. Of course, tree removal for the building or expansion of a home will lie solely on the homeowner.

If you’re renter?

Renters are responsible to be the eyes and ears of their landlords. Reporting any signs or symptoms of disease or damage to trees is usually the extent of the renter’s responsibility unless the contract states landscaping and tree care is the renter’s responsibility. Renter’s insurance can cover damages caused by fallen trees for personal property, but you will need flood insurance to cover water damages from storms after a tree has fallen.

If you’re a landlord?

Pending the contract terms, the landlord is rightfully the homeowner and has all the responsibilities and rights of such. They will be liable for diseased and damaged trees, as well as storm clean-up. This may require the temporary removal of renters to complete repairs and remove trees from the property. Maintaining adequate insurance on the property can cover these events and cause less of a headache in the long run.

If you’re a neighbor?

As previously stated, homeowners are responsible for tree care. However, neighbors are responsible for the portion of the tree that falls onto their property through no fault of the owner. Compensation may be received from insurance companies to cover the costs. Dual ownership trees need to have agreements on care and trimming to avoid costly limb falls or tree death.

No matter how the tree fell, it is necessary for areas like saint Simons Island to be ready for anything. Preparedness includes knowing the health of trees and having the details of each tree recorded to better relay information to tree removal services. A great arborist can inspect the trees on the property, ascertain their health, and make suggestions to improve their well-being while documenting how many, what kind, and how tall the trees on the property are.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Saint Simons Island?

As Saint Simons Island is on the coast of the Atlantic, most of the soil is sandy and loamy. Because of its location and history of emerging from the ocean, the sandy soils are prevalent across the island. This brings sad news to trees, as the upper soils that contain the most sands, though well-draining, do not give the trees enough of a purchase to begin to dig their roots, making it difficult for trees to take root on Saint Simons Island.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Saint Simons Island?

The weather of Saint Simons Island can be dramatic, stormy, and ever-shifting. Lightning strikes damage numerous trees during the summer storms. Freezes cripple new growth and snap weak limbs. Flooding loosens roots and encourages root rot to take hold and fungi to grow in hollows. Most damaging are the wind storms and hurricanes that can uproot and throw large trees. Though when these tragedies are not occurring, the beautiful warm sun shines on the trees allowing ample blooming and growth to occur.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Saint Simons Island?

Power lines are nothing to play with, especially around trees. Within 10 feet of a power line, electricity has the ability to arch and cause damage to trees and people. Power lines can be brought down by improper safety precautions used by trimmers not certified to trim so near. Georgia Power trims the trees around its lines’ right of way to ensure no limbs will damage the lines and cause hazards. Dead trees near lines can be a fire hazard and should be removed. If the tree is near the right of way for a line or under a line, the best action is to call the electric company to see if they will remove the hazard.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Saint Simons Island?

Tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, and arborists’ inspections all come at different costs. Those costs vary per company and project. The average cost of a tree less than ten feet tall is around $90, but there are other costs that may increase the final bill. Common cost factors include the size of the tree, project size, crew requirements, equipment necessary, overhang and safety concerns, and emergent services.

Size Matters

The height, girth, location, tree count, and hazards all add up when estimating a project’s size. Small trees that aren’t very rotund, close to a road, and away from safety hazards will cost less. A multi-tree project of extremely tall trees that require cranes and hauling equipment, away from roads, or overhanging buildings will require a larger crew and will run more than $3,000 in general.

Stump Removal

While tree removal services remove the dead or damaged trees, carefully look at the contract before agreeing to the work. Most of the time, these contracts do not cover stump grinding or removal and leave an unsightly stump on your property. Unless you plan on creating a gnome village on top of one, be sure to request a removal service. It will cost at least $100 extra, and there are a couple of other factors that increase the cost. Tree Triage will offer to fill the hole and cover with sod. Lastly, be sure the roots are treated before the service ends to prevent any new growth in the future.

Emergent Services

Storm damage increases the necessity of tree services. The resulting increase in demand and services available is proportional to the increasing cost. If a tree service is necessary after a storm, but the tree is not over property lines or damaging structures, see if it can wait a few weeks before a service can get to it. This will lower the cost of the service. However, damage to structures requires immediate removal and extra equipment to safely remove the tree or limb from the residence. This can incur extra costs to call out a tree removal service as soon as possible. Be careful after storms; some newer companies tend to appear and offer services that appear to be cheaper. However, dealing with companies like Tree Triage that have a good safety reputation and are licensed, insured, and bonded will decrease the liability of inadequate service.


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