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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Peachtree City?

When you set out to prune your tree(s), do you go at it yourself, or do you hire our professionals? It is easy to spot the trees that have been pruned by people that may have the best intentions. These are the trees that will develop unsightly cankers at the pruning point and have leaf diseases that will eventually claim the life of another tree. Tree issues brought on by conditions such as these are the types of issues that face the ISA Certified Arborists in and around the greater Peachtree City area.

Listed here are some issues that are caused by improper pruning techniques and some information specific to the Peachtree City area.

  • Powdery Mildew. Improper pruning can claim the life of the tree beginning with the leaves. If you have recently tried your hand at tree pruning, and within a month you have noticed a white powdery substance building up on the leaves or the leaves of the tree have seemed to fall off early, contact Tree Triage as soon as possible to begin treatment.
  • Black Knot. This disease affects only the leaves of the Black Purple Plum Tree, an indigenous tree to the greater Peachtree City area. This disease will manifest itself as an unusual-looking ‘black’ spot that will form along the branches. When you begin to notice this spot getting larger it will not take the disease long to eliminate this beautiful Peachtree City tree.
  • Dutch Elm Disease. There are many Dutch Elm trees in the greater Peachtree City area that are true survivors. In 1935, a Cleveland-based furniture maker ordered a shipment of logs for a specific order to be fulfilled. When the logs arrived, so did the Dutch Elm Disease that the logs were infected with. It did not take long for this disease to spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, and soon, this disease had come within striking distance of making the Dutch Elm extinct. Today the numbers are still weak, but there are treatment plans when this disease attacks the leaves and bark of the Dutch Elm. Once the tender trunk is exposed, the wounded tree will look as though it has been attacked by a severe case of mildew and rot. 
  • Annosus Root Rot. This disease has been found in the pines and other common species in Peachtree City, the greater Atlanta area, and Decatur, Georgia. This disease develops quickly in the form of a fungus in the root system and can affect many trees around one infected one. There is no known treatment or cure for this disease other than removing the tree where the fungus is present and hope that it doesn’t spread to any other trees.

These are the diseases that have been detected in the Peachtree City area. As if that weren’t enough, the spring and summer months bring the threat of Aphids and Borer insects that are invasive to any of the Peachtree City trees and attack the leaves and soft tissues, just as a disease would. The good news about Aphids and Borers is the University of Georgia is currently developing a broad-spectrum insecticide to combat them.

Does the City of Peachtree City Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

When you have an issue with a tree that has fallen or large limbs from a tree that has fallen on your Peachtree City property you can contact Peachtree City and schedule a pickup of these types of items. There is no set schedule of times that the city of Peachtree City provides these services, but in the event of a severe storm or tornado, the city will usually provide removal service from various contractors in the greater Peachtree City area. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Peachtree City?

If you own a home in Peachtree City, Georgia, and on your property, there is a tree that has branches and/or roots that have eased over to your neighbors’ property, that neighbor has the right to trim those branches and roots off of his or her property. If in this process the tree in question dies or becomes diseased as a direct result of this trimming and the tree falls on your house or car or causes other damage to your property, according to Georgia state law you have the right to file suit against that neighbor for the damages caused by their trimming of your tree.

In another instance, if the tree is healthy and a severe storm causes the tree or its limbs to cause damage to your neighbors’ home or other property, that neighbor can file suit, provided that there is documented proof that the healthy tree was encroaching on the neighbors’ property. These are the types of situations that can destroy an otherwise healthy relationship between neighbors! Now, let’s take a look at some other issues with regard to a fallen tree in Peachtree City.

If you’re a homeowner?

If you own the home, you probably own the property where this tree is located, and the laws in the state of Georgia are pretty clear on this issue; you are responsible for removing it.

If you’re a renter?

When renting a home, try to establish a policy between yourself and your landlord about the trees on the property, the condition of the trees on the property, and any contingencies concerning the trees on the property. This will help avoid confusion should the tree come down, or you want the tree to be removed for any reason. Typically, the landlord is responsible.

If you’re a landlord?

Arm yourself with the laws in the state of Georgia regarding this issue. You are also the landowner, so adopt an addendum to your lease with your renter to cover any issues that could arise from a tree. Unless your agreement states otherwise, you are responsible.

If you’re a neighbor?

Hopefully, you will never have the chance to address this situation. That being said, if the tree does fall, try and come to an agreement with your neighbor about the shared responsibilityregarding the issue. Be an adult. If it is clear that it is your tree and your problem, don’t try to sway from the law. Do the right thing, and above all else, try to keep from going to court over this tree!

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Peachtree City?

Georgia soil is referred to as Tifton Soilby the NRCS recent soil analysis for the state of Georgia. This soil is considered to be among the finest in the country for growing crops from the marine life sediment found in the soil. This soil also bodes well for the trees of Georgia, Peachtree City in particular. According to the soil analysis performed in the Peachtree City area, there was evidence of soil that was both expansive and compacted. Both conditions probably are a direct result of the extensive amount of construction that this area has seen. The expansive soil will expand and contract with the amount of moisture that is present in the soil. However, the soil may also expand and contract to extremes because of the compaction problem. Even though there was evidence of expansive and compacted soils in the area, it was still a negligible amount and no immediate threat to the beautiful Peachtree City trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Peachtree City?

Weather can have a direct effect on trees no matter their location. Peachtree City, being located just south of Atlanta seems to be right in line with the famous ‘Tornado Alley’ that sees its fair share of trees uprooted from severe storms.  The data from the national weather service about the greater Peachtree City area doesn’t go into any great detail about the loss of trees due to storms, but the severe weather data would go hand in hand with the busy times for a company like us here at Tree Triage.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Peachtree City?

If you need to report a tree that has fallen or is about to fall on a power line in the Peachtree City area, you can use this reporting tool on the Georgia Power webpage, or you can contact their vegetation department directly at 1-888-891-0938.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Peachtree City?

We have come to the part of your guide to Peachtree City trees where we will post some figures regarding the cost of removing a tree in Peachtree City. The numbers that we are about to share with you are the average low, high, and overall average prices paid for a tree removal here in Peachtree City, Georgia.

  • The average minimum cost to have a tree removed in Peachtree City, GA: $175
  • The average maximum  cost to have a tree removed in Peachtree City, GA: $2,147
  • The overall average cost paid out to have a tree removed in Peachtree City, GA: $561

Those averages posted above also include the following:

  • The average cost associated with hiring labor for tree removal in Peachtree City, GA
  • The costs of material/supplies for tree removal in Peachtree City, GA
  • All project costs for site prep and cleanup from tree removal in Peachtree City, GA

Those averages posted above do not include the following:

  • The costs associated with a permit for tree removal in Peachtree City, GA
  • Material and supplies Fayette County and Georgia state sales taxes
  • Material and supplies Peachtree City local sales taxes

Now here are some contributing factors that can either make your cost for tree removal in Peachtree City a bit more–or possibly a bit less.

How Big is The Tree You Are Having Removed?

Larger and more complicated trees will naturally cost more to remove. Trees that are 20-feet tall will be near the lower average cost, while trees over 80-feet tall can easily exceed $2,000.

Will Your Tree Require Extra Man Power?

If you do indeed have one of those large oaks, it may take some additional manpower from our team to accomplish the removal and cleanup as quickly as possible, again costing a bit more in expense.

Has the Tree Already Fallen?

If your tree is already on the ground, and it has not caused any damage to automobiles or structures, all you really need is a tree cleanup instead of a full-service tree removal project. This should cost less when getting your final invoice.


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