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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Newnan?

The City of Newnan considers trees a city resource that must be continually well maintained and protected. It does not come by surprise that the city has achieved Tree City USA status. The status is awarded to cities that meet four core standards, including celebrating Arbor Day, spending not less than $2 per capita on urban forestry, maintaining a tree department or board, and community tree ordinance.

However, despite how well you maintain trees, they remain susceptible to diseases, illnesses, pests, and parasites like most other living organisms. In Georgia, trees are also threatened by multiple natural disasters, the most catastrophic and common ones being tornadoes. These natural disasters not only destroy and fall trees they also cause immense amounts of property damage. On 25 March 2021, an EF-4 tornado accompanied by rains and winds moving at 170mph hit Newnan felling several trees and utility lines, damaging homes, causing injuries, and leaving one man dead. 

Trees, shrubs, and flowers in Georgia are susceptible to root rot diseases. These diseases are caused by soil-borne fungi that are present in wet soils with poor drainage. Soil-borne fungi result in stunted growth, wilting, dry cankers, and death. Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that attacks trees. It is prevalent in the summer when the weather is hot and humid. 

Other than fungi, bacterial pathogens attack the stems and leaves of ornamental plants all over Georgia, causing leaf drying, wilting, and death of the plants. There are also several pests and insects affecting plants in Newnan. Some of the most annoying are aphids, beetles, cankers, and scale insects. Seiridium and Hypoxylon Cankers are two common cankers that attack the barks of healthy and weakened trees. 

Beetles are opportunistic pests that attack plants at their weakest; they carry fungi that they introduce into the trees, causing the eventual death of trees. Oak wilt is a disease that is introduced into trees by beetles. It slows down water movement in the plant, which results in rapid leaf discoloration, and wilting. The effects of the disease are more tolerable for white oaks and are more severe in red oaks. The latter succumbs very fast to the illness.  

Containing and treating these parasites, pests, and diseases is a difficult task requiring our professional arborists’ assistance.

Does the City of Newnan Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Newnan has developed a Tree Preservation And Landscaping Ordinance meant to protect and preserve the city’s natural resources. The ordinance stipulates the standards for tree preservation, intending to boost environmental and aesthetic benefits of trees and improve the city’s quality of life. 

The law specifies that removing or clearing vegetation that affects the existing trees is prohibited unless proven otherwise. Property owners paying someone to remove trees must obtain a tree removal permit at a fee before removing trees larger than 8 inches. Failure to obtain a permit will cost property owners up to three times the cost of tree removal. When this ordinance permits tree removal, the city can take up costs associated with relocating and transplanting the tree in a new area of their choice. 

The City Landscape Architect has the authority to order tree removal, treatment, or pruning for trees on private land that pose a health or safety risk. After a storm, the government helps its residents by deploying workers to collect debris on private and public property, streets, curbsides, and highways.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Newnan?

Tree removal in Newnan should be left to our professionals who understand the risks posed by the job and are adequately covered by public liability, workers’ compensation, and property damage insurance. Fallen trees are a common sight in Georgia, especially after storms. 

The government advises its citizens to start by filing a claim with their insurance company, prioritizing safety, and keeping records of all the clean-up efforts. But the dilemma remains, who pays for fallen tree removal in Newnan? Read on to find out.

If you’re a homeowner?

According to the ordinance, it is a property owner’s responsibility to remove, treat, and spray damaged or insect-infested trees on their property. They should do so in a way that does not harm nearby vegetation, community, or citizens. 

Additionally, they should do so in a manner that does not obstruct street intersections, public walkways, traffic signs, and street lights. If you do not take any action and the tree falls, causing damage to property or injuries to people makes you liable for the damages under the fallen tree responsibility law. 

If you’re a renter?

Tree maintenance and removal on a rental property is financially and legally the landlord’s responsibility. Tree maintenance should be proactive. Otherwise, when a diseased or damaged tree falls on your rental property, you are liable to property repairs. Storm insurance can help cover the damages if the tree destroys any renter’s belongings, like their car.

If you’re a landlord?

The Georgia Law expects urban landowners with prior knowledge of a potential tree problem such as decay, disease infestation, or damage to be responsible for damages and injuries caused by the tree in case it falls. This prior knowledge must be proven in writing as reported by a tenant, an arborist, or a third party like a neighbor before the tree fell. But the owner is still responsible to get the work done if they had no reason to suspect an impending danger. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Property owners are only responsible for damage to a neighbors property or injuries to them or a family member if the fallen tree was visibly dead or diseased. If there were no signs of the existing decay or disease, the victim must cover the cost of damages. By filing a timely claim with your homeowner’s insurance provider and providing sufficient evidence, you stand a chance to recover some of the money you spend repairing damages and removing the tree. If the tree fell on a property line and caused no damage to structures or injuries to people, the tree owner is not expected to clean up debris and remove the tree past the property line or from the adjacent lot. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Newnan?

Soil erosion is a severe problem affecting most of Georgia and particularly the mountainous regions, like Newnan. The degradation of the soils’ top layer happened in the 28th and 19th centuries when raw crop cultivation was widespread. Overgrazing, loss of forest cover, and uncontrolled urban migration have contributed further to solid erosion in the recent past. The degraded soils are less fertile, poor water retention ability, and compact, which reduces their ability to support the growth of healthy and robust trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Newnan?

As earlier mentioned, Newnan is prone to tornadoes and storms that cause severe damage to trees. The strong winds accompanying the tornadoes uproot trees while lightning breaks them at the trunks, the risk of damage increases with tall tree heights and tree isolation, such as when there are no surrounding trees to protect a tree. Wet grounds saturated by rains also make it easy for trees to topple. Additionally, Newnan experiences freezing temperatures ranging from 24℉ to 32℉, which cause light to severe freeze damage on trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Newnan?

The National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) requires electric utilities to maintain trees near power lines. They are mandated to inspect trees around the lines and treat or remove any dead or dangerous trees. Proper maintenance of these trees reduces power outages and ensures quicker power restoration after tornadoes and storms.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Newnan?

You must obtain a tree removal permit at a fee when contracting a professional to remove the trees. Luckily, our team can handle permits and tree removal for you! In Newnan, the average cost of tree removal is $810, which is less than the country average of $871. You can pay much more or less due to several factors, including the size, condition, and ease of access to the tree.

Height and Diameter

The taller your tree, the more you will have to pay for its removal. These costs vary from as little as $125 for small trees below 30 feet up to $2000 for very tall trees, longer than 80 feet. The diameter also comes into play as it determines how much effort it takes us to fell a tree. Therefore, you will find yourself paying more to have trees with a wider trunk.

Tree Condition

It costs more to remove a healthy and robust tree than removing a dead, rotten, or diseased tree.

Additional Services

In most cases, our prices include only the basics and exclude stump removal and log splitting. Stump grinding is quite pricey as it is a labor-intensive process that requires special equipment and other services to maintain safety and aesthetics.


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