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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Jackson?

There’s nothing more serene and beautiful than walking through Jackson, GA, and seeing all the natural beauty the area has to offer. From the natural spring water that rolls through native trees at our Indian Springs State Park and the hiking paths through Dauset Trails to the sight to see at our Whimsical Botanical Gardens and fishing at Tussahaw Reservoir. 

Like any area, the best time to see these attractions depends on the Jackson climate that season and your preferred environment, especially since the summers can get pretty hot and muggy, while the winters tend to be more cold and wet. Either way, our native trees generally pull through when spring/summer wraps around, and full bloom is in effect. For this reason, it is so important that residents plant native trees to Jackson in their landscapes like American sycamore, Red cedar, Bald Cypress, Willow, and of course, the state tree — Southern live oak. More options can be explored in a Native Trees of Georgia report created by the University of Georgia and Georgia Forestry Commission. 

With that being said, even our most acclimated trees are susceptible to common insects and diseases that can damage, weaken, and kill our landscape. In Jackson, the most common tree issues are the following. 

Drought Stress

With temperatures that hit in the upper nineties in the summer, it’s inevitable for our trees to be negatively affected by the heat on occasion. After all, trees need water just as much (if not more than) us to live. Knowing what drought stress is and how to combat it is the best way to ensure we keep our landscapes happy and healthy during the hottest and driest days of the year.

First and foremost, some trees are more vulnerable to drought stress than others, and when you can, it’s important to keep that in mind when planting. They include beech, magnolia, dogwood, bald cypress, and native trees like hackberry, hickory, oak, and hawthorns. 

Nonetheless, make sure to hydrate your landscape as much as necessary during these times and look out for symptoms like wilting, leaf discoloration, leaf scorching, bark cracks, tree defoliation, thinning, reduced growth, and dead branches. 

Georgia Tree Pests

It’s scary enough that our trees have so many kinds of bacteria and fungi to fight off, but pests are another common problem. So not only are they well-accustomed to our environment, but they need our trees for their own survival, which then leads to the health decline and weakening of our landscapes. This, in turn, also leads to more vulnerability to more fatal diseases.

The most common tree pests in Georgia to look out for include the:

  • Asian Gypsy Moths that feed on our North American tree and shrub species.
  • Asian Longhorned Beetles that feed on our hardwood trees and national forests.
  • Coconut Rhinoceros Beetles that feed on our palm trees.
  • Emerald Ash Borer Beetles that feed on our ash trees.
  • European Cherry Fruit Flies that feed on our honeysuckle and dogwoods.
  • European Gypsy Moths that feed on our trees and shrubs.
  • False Codling Moths that feed on our fruit trees.
  • Spotted Lanternflies that feed on our fruit, ornamental, and woody trees.

Does the City of Jackson Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In most cases, no. The City of Jackson does not provide any assistance in tree removal to private property owners who can get the same service from a licensed professional. Still, the City does assist with public property trees (i.e., right-of-way, street, trees, parks, alleys, etc.). In fact, the City MUST be contacted about any concerns or changes a resident may want to make to a public tree before moving forward.

However, you should also note that the City still has the right to go onto your property to remove dead or dying trees as they see fit. The Jackson, GA, Code of Ordinances states that “the mayor and city council, or the administrative officer, shall have the power to cause the removal of any dead or diseased trees on private property within the city when such trees constitute a hazard to life or property, or harbor insects or disease which constitute a potential threat to other trees within the city.” 

This order is sent via written notification to the homeowner and includes a “60 days after the date of service notice”, by which the resident is required to obtain and pay for the service. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Jackson?

Fallen tree removal responsibility in Jackson depends on a number of factors in the given situation, including the parties involved, the state of the tree that fell, where the tree was located originally, etc. 

To help ease the burden of determining who is responsible for what, we’ve gathered a common breakdown for Jackson, GA. 

If you’re a homeowner?

If you’re a homeowner, you are responsible for nearly everything on your property, including your trees and removals when necessary. However, if the tree was healthy when it fell and made its way onto multiple properties, then it is every property owner’s responsibility to take care of the portion up to their property line. This would include the city if a portion of the tree landed on public property. 

More scenarios are explored in the ‘neighbors’ section if you’re interested. 

If you’re a renter?

You can unwind and relax if you’re a renter because the responsibility of removing trees from the property you live on (no matter where it was or where it landed) is not on your shoulders. Instead, the responsibility is given to your landlord, who is expected to take care of any big structural duties around the home and property. 

We suggest that you discuss any potential dangers surrounding the landscape with your landlord as often as possible. This could save more trees from falling and causing worse problems than just removal, like injuries and damages. 

If you’re a landlord?

Much like homeowners in Jackson, landlords are also responsible for all things tree-related. Landlords are required to keep up with all the expenses that go along with taking care of, maintaining, and removing dead, dying, or fallen trees on the property. The main difference between a homeowner and a landlord, however, is that you are also responsible for your renters.

Ensure they are safe and your property is free of any pest and disease dangers by keeping up with regular tree maintenance and care. 

If you’re a neighbor?

When it comes to a tree falling onto your yard from a neighbor’s yard, the biggest factor to consider when determining who is responsible is the tree’s health. If the tree was healthy when it fell onto your yard (or vice versa), then it is your responsibility to remove the tree. On the other hand, if it clearly showed signs of being dead, dying, or damaged, then it is your neighbor’s responsibility to remove the fallen tree. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Jackson?

The soil in Jackson absolutely affects our trees. This is because soil plays such a big role in the health of trees, in general. No tree can survive without the added water and nutrients retained in our soil and then absorbed by trees through their roots. 

The state soil in Georgia is Tifton, which the Soil Series defines as consisting of “very deep, well-drained soils that formed in loamy marine sediments”. They also say that our soil’s permeability is “rapid or moderately rapid”, which means that our soils transmit water and air rather quickly — meaning it’s not as good at retaining water and nutrients for our trees as slowly permeable soils would be. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Jackson?

Weather is a major factor when it comes to tree health in Jackson. No matter how acclimated our native trees are to our climate, there is always a chance that our weather will negatively impact our trees. This could be in the form of an intense rainfall that knocked branches off (or the whole tree, in worse cases) and even from natural disasters that are common in the area.

In Jackson, natural disasters that are likely to impact our landscape’s health are severe thunderstorms, flooding, tropical storms, hurricanes, winter storms, wildfires, and tornadoes. All of which can damage our trees beyond repair and become fatal within seconds.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Jackson?

There is nothing more important than staying as far away as possible from any dead trees (or any object, for that matter) near power lines. Not only do they pose a threat to major outages in the area, but they pose a threat to the health of the individual doing the job. For this reason, it is required that residents contact their electric company to allow them to address the problem with more practiced and experienced hands.

In fact, it’s even dangerous for any non-electrical licensed professional to take care of a dead or dying tree near a power line, as they don’t inherently have the knowledge and qualifications to get the job done safely — without harm to themselves or the power line.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Jackson?

On average, Jackson residents pay $300 for small tree removal, $850 for medium tree removal, and up to or over $1,950 for large tree removal in the area. How much you end up paying depends largely on the three following cost factors and how they play into your removal service. 

Tree Height

Tree height plays an important role in your final costs because the taller the tree — the bigger the job. This is because trees taller than 30 feet take more people, time, and equipment to take down and remove than a tree that is 30-feet or smaller. In Jackson, many residents pay anywhere from $20 to $30 per foot of height to remove their tree.

Likewise, you should consider the position of your tree. For instance, if it’s still standing, your tree will cost nearly 50% more to remove than one that has fallen because most of the work is already done.

Additional Services

Additional services should also be considered when determining your budget and final costs for tree removal. The most popular services in Jackson are preventative care and land and lot clearing. Tree protection includes trunk injections that cost about $50 a trunk to obtain and help your landscape stay safe from whatever brought your original tree down.

On the other hand, land and lot clearing is so popular because it entails yard waste disposal. Professionals come in and clear your lot of all the leftover yard waste, disposing of it according to local laws and regulations — taking the added hassle off homeowners. 

Expert Hourly Rates

Finally, hourly rates must be considered because they vary with the size of the job. Challenging trees or those that pose a threat to our crew members or your property will take longer to remove and will therefor be more costly.


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