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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Hiawassee?

Trees in Hiawassee face many commonplace pests and diseases. It’s your job to call our arborists at the first sign of a problem. Here’s what to look out for.

English Ivy

English ivy grows from the base of a tree and climbs its trunk and branches. If left undisturbed, it will overtake the tree, weighing down branches and preventing light from accessing the tree’s leaves. Ivy also makes it much easier for a tree to succumb to disease or infestation. If you notice signs of ivy around your trees, cut them away so the tree can breathe. If you’re having trouble controlling it, call our arborists for help.


Seiridium and hypoxylon cankers are common fungal diseases that affect trees across Georgia. The most common indicator is wilted leaves that will eventually die and fall. Cankers are infamous for affecting stressed or sick trees, so prevention is critical. Make sure to prune your tree’s branches and keep roots hydrated during a drought. If you notice symptoms of cankers, have our arborists check it out. Often, we can manage the problem by pruning away affected branches.


There are numerous varieties of beetles that attack trees in Hiawassee and across Georgia. Ambrosia beetles infest trees that are sick or already dead. Females lay eggs under the bark and the larvae burrow into the tree, releasing a fungus that weakens and kills it. Pine beetles, as the name suggests, attack pine trees that are sick. If an infestation is bad enough, they will attack healthy trees as well, eventually cutting off the tree’s water supply and killing it. Japanese beetles eat the leaves of trees and leave them with veins intact, like leafy skeletons. If caught early enough, our experts can treat a tree for Japanese beetles.


Aphids are quite common pests to both plants and trees. In small numbers, they pose no real threat. These bugs feed off of the leaves and stems of trees and can cause leaves to turn yellow or stop growing. They can also inject noxious materials into tree leaves that cause them to stop growing. If you notice an aphid infestation, call our arborists for help. We’ve got specialized substances that can remove them from your trees.

Does the City Of Hiawassee Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

If you need to have a tree removed from your property, you will need to call our arborists yourself. The city does not provide any assistance, but they do require you to obtain a permit to remove any tree that has a diameter of over 6 inches at breast height. There are a few exceptions include instances where a storm or act of nature has harshly injured a tree or if the tree is deemed hazardous to the health or safety of the public

Tree removal is also discussed in section 16-93 of the Towns County Ordinances. It is specified that when removing trees in a protected area, a re-population plan must be in place.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Hiawassee?

When a tree falls, neighbors are left with a mess to clean up. Here’s a quick breakdown of what Georgia law says, so you won’t waste time sorting out financial obligations.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, you are accountable for preserving all the trees on your property. If one should fall during an unexpected act of nature, your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover the cost. You will only need to pay your deductible.

If you’re a renter?

If you rent your home, you also rent the surrounding property and everything on it, meaning you are not responsible for caring for the trees on your property. If one should fall, your landlord is responsible for the cleanup and damage. If your personal property is damaged by the tree, your landlord’s insurance will also pay to have them replaced. If you have trouble getting them to cooperate, you’ll need to consult with a lawyer.

If you’re a landlord?

As a landlord, you are in charge of regularly maintaining all the trees on your rental properties, including pruning. If one should fall, your insurance will pay for the tree’s removal. You will only need to cover the deductible.

If you’re a neighbor?

When a tree falls across property lines, matters can get a little murky. Legal professionals agree that if a tree falls onto your property, your insurance is liable for the cost. It doesn’t matter if the tree belonged to you or your neighbor. The same concept applies. If either person’s tree falls onto a neighbor’s property, their homeowner’s insurance will take care of the expense of removal.

To avoid neighborhood disputes, keep an eye out for hazardous trees and branches and let your neighbors know if one of their trees needs maintenance.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Hiawassee?

The soil in Hiawassee consists of compounds called ultisols, inceptisols, and alfisols. These types of soils range in depth and are well-drained. Ultisol takes its reddish huge from the oxidation of iron and other minerals that are exposed to heavy rainfall and gives Georgia’s famous soil its red clay nature. Much of Georgia and Hiawassee’s soil lacks the nutrients needed to help trees thrive, so it’s always a good idea to add fertilizer and fresh compost to your soil.

The city also urges residents to add three to four inches of mulch around a tree’s base. It acts like the forest floor to protect a tree’s vulnerable roots from temperature instability and helps to retain moisture. As mulch breaks down, it provides organic matter to the soil that feeds trees and keeps them strong.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Hiawassee?

Trees in Hiawassee see their share of extreme weather. Spring and summer storms can be extraordinarily strong, causing damaging winds, large hail, and tornadoes. If that isn’t enough, Hiawassee trees have learned to stand strong against the occasional hurricane that blows in off the coast. To help your trees stand strong no matter what Mother Nature brings their way, it’s important to perform proper maintenance. When we clean up after a major storm has blown through, we find most uprooted trees were already dead or were dying. 

Preventative care can help your trees withstand storms. Regularly prune away dead branches. Water trees during drought times and add mulch around the base. If you consistently have trouble with sick trees, our arborists can help. We can diagnose tree diseases and pests and provide a solution.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Hiawassee?

Blue Ridge Mountain EMC is responsible for the power lines in Hiawassee. For the power to remain reliable, homeowners are responsible for regularly pruning any tree branches that encroach on power lines. Contact the power company immediately if you notice a dead tree near a power line.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Hiawassee?

On average, it will cost you about $600 to remove a tree in Hiawassee. A smaller job will run approximately $198, while a big job with a few cost factors can be as much as $1,976. That said, many factors will influence your individual price.

Tree Size

Our arborist will measure your tree’s height, as well as the diameter of its trunk, when quoting a price. The measurements will likely be the biggest factor in determining your final price. Large trees with lots of foliage take more time, people, and equipment to remove, and that will cause your bill to be higher. 

Tree Location

If your tree is near impediments like a home or power lines, we factor them into the cost. We’ll need to take extra care to work around your property, and we want to keep your home and our staff safe.

Tree Access

If it’s going to be a difficult process to get to your tree, the cost will go up. We’ve got lots of equipment to get to a worksite and if it’s hard to reach, it’s going to take extra time and effort to get there. We’ll always find a way, but the more complicated it is to access, the more it’s going to cost you.


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