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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Gainesville?

Gainesville, GA is famous for its attractions and breathtaking sceneries that inspired its name, ‘Queen City of the Mountains’. A considerable part of Gainesville is heavily wooded, with both coniferous and deciduous trees. Oak, red maple, pines, white hickories, and sweet gum are the prevalent trees in Gainesville. The trees also play a significant part in value addition for homeowners, and the lush landscapes present a perfect place to enjoy the warm summers. 

However, trees in Gainesville are also affected by certain issues that limit their lifespan. Pests, tree diseases, and unexpected events are a great danger to these trees. We dug a bit deeper into how these elements affect our trees. 

Unexpected Events

Various unexpected events, such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, floods, or even lightning, affect the trees in Gainesville. In 2009, strong winds took out various trees in the wee hours, and emergency care had to be undertaken immediately due to property destruction. Notably, a 150-year-old tree was not spared by the harsh weather, and it fell at the Norton Agency on Green Street. According to the Weather Service, Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport received up to 0.83 inches of rainfall. Also, Lake Lanier had so much rain that it rose to about 1,062 feet above sea level. The heavy rains coupled with the mighty winds meant that the trees had nothing to hold on to and most of the fragile trees were not spared. Some trees fell across Flat Creek Road, Interstate 985, and Kenimer Road, making some lanes impassable for a few hours. The road maintenance director in the city said that the crew had removed about 250 to 300 trees after the storm. As a result, the officials developed tips to cope with storm-related issues for the residents of Gainesville.


The climate in Gainesville also attracts insects. While some may be harmless wonders of nature, others are pests that damage the trees. Scale insects are famous for attacking deciduous or evergreen plants. They mostly occur on twigs, trunks, and leaves. Dense leaves and other soft tissues are also affected by aphids. While a small number of aphids may not damage an entire tree, they can lead to stunted growth in younger trees. Japanese beetles are also common in Gainesville and the whole of the United States, and they can attack nearly 300 tree species. These insects eat up the leaves between the veins and leave them in a skeleton-like appearance. As a result, the plant will no longer acquire nutrients. We always recommend calling an arborist if you notice any signs of pests on your trees. A certified arborist will apply an effective insecticide to kill the pests.

Tree Diseases

While consistent tree pruning can keep your trees healthy, tree diseases will still catch up with them. In Gainesville, powdery mildew is a common foliar disease that shows up on leaves and tender tree shoots. With time, the leaves can look scorched on the edges with several dead patches. They eventually turn yellow and drop off. The disease is common in spring, mostly in dense shady areas.

We’ve also received calls from homeowners in the areas above 200 feet with their trees having dogwood anthracnose. Most cases come up during spring, where homeowners notice spots on the leaves with brown margins and purple edges. The infection can quickly spread to the shoots and the branches, causing sunken areas. 

Does the City of Gainesville Provide any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Gainesville has strict tree regulations aimed at saving trees. There is more emphasis on heritage trees larger than 20 inches in diameter, such as sweetgum, laurel oaks, water oaks, and loblolly pines. That said, if a tree has fallen within public spaces, such as highways or streets, the city of Gainesville has the mandate to remove it. Even those on the curbside are under the responsibility of city officials. You are only responsible for the trees within your property. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Gainesville?

Tree ownership becomes a major concern once it matures. If the tree falls, it can be a source of conflict between neighbors in Gainesville. 

Here is what you need to keep in mind: 

If You’re a Homeowner?

You have certain responsibilities as a homeowner to remove any fallen trees within your property. If you have concerns about your trees’ health, an arborist can make the necessary assessments. Whether they are dead or fell due to bad weather, call a tree company in Gainesville such as Tree Triage to clear the mess.

If You’re a Renter?

The trees within your residential area belong to the property owner. If a tree falls, inform the owner immediately to have it removed.

If You’re a Landlord?

As a landlord, you are the owner of a residential area and any trees on that land. When a tree falls, you should make the necessary arrangements for tree removal in Gainesville. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

When a tree falls into your yard after a heavy storm or strong winds in Gainesville, it’s your responsibility to remove it from your property. However, if the tree or branches fell into your property and the tree was diseased or weak, the tree owner should remove it. In case it caused any damages, they should also work on fixing the damages.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Gainesville?

The city of Gainesville has steep to gently rolling, well-drained, and thin red soil, which consists of sandy clay to clay subsoils. This soil type doesn’t hold as much water and nutrients that are essential for tree growth. Still, there isn’t much protection to the tree roots, making younger trees vulnerable to strong winds and other harsh weather elements. 

The topographic elevation in Gainesville also makes it more challenging, especially for the tender trees since their roots aren’t deep enough. Steep slopes have the potential to cause soil erosion issues. With adverse weather, such as storms, the rain will drain and wash away the tender trees because of lack of absorption. 

As a result, the city has made several reviews and upgrades for floodplain management, tree protection, soil erosion, watershed protection, and riparian areas. Gainesville aims to conserve and protect its natural resources in its zoning and development codes, including tree protection. To prevent erosion within your property, plant some grasses that have a fibrous root system.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Gainesville?

The weather condition in Gainesville can be susceptible to hurricanes, ice, tornados, among more. From our yearly observation, we can safely say that residents in Gainesville should expect anything all year round. Sadly, the biggest casualty in these inevitable conditions is the trees. 

We’ve witnessed various tornados as reported by the National Weather Service that struck Gainesville and Northeast Georgia. The most notable tornado was in 1936 that led to the destruction of a significant area within Gainesville city. In 2019, we experienced up to four tornados in a single week in Gainesville that even blew off a spire on the Hall County church amidst the storm. Again, trees were highly affected and led to devastating damages to your property or even injuries since storm damages lead to a sudden crash of the entire tree or branches. In such a situation, you should only rely on professional tree removal Gainesville services for fast and secure clean-up services in Gainesville, GA. 

Still, the onset of cold weather is also a great danger to the trees in Gainesville. City officials are also making predictions on possible frost dates in Gainesville, mostly in late fall, spring, and winter. Frost dates are not kind to trees, whether light or severe. Light freezing of about 29 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit can easily kill tender plants. On the other hand, severe freezing at 24 degrees Fahrenheit or colder causes heavy damage to most green plants. Frost can occur when air temperatures are about 32 degrees Fahrenheit. In case of a weather forecast predicting high freeze levels in Gainesville, ensure that you protect the tender trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Gainesville?

Any interference of power lines by a dead tree can be catastrophic to the nearby structures and a potential safety hazard to residents. We always advise Gainesville residents not to interfere with such trees. Instead, call Georgia Power or the fire department for tree removal in Gainesville. Georgia Power has the responsibility to keep power lines clear and replace the trees.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Gainesville?

The first question we encounter regarding tree removal in Gainesville is the cost of the entire project. A typical tree removal project in Gainesville is quite affordable, and it will cost you an average of $600. There are various factors to take into consideration before arriving at the final price, so you could end up paying about $200 to $750. 

Size and Height of the Tree

Trees with a thinner diameter and shorter height are usually easier to manage during tree removal in Gainesville. You will probably pay about $130 to $450 since it requires less labor and materials. However, trees with a big diameter or those that have tremendous height require more time and labor. A certified arborist will also make a thorough assessment of the tree’s condition before the removal process. You can pay up to $750 to $2,000. 

Accessibility of the Tree

If a tree is close to your property or is hard to reach, there will be more challenges while removing it. We might have to use special equipment to lower the tree without causing damage to the nearby buildings. The extra materials and time mean that you will pay more.

Additional Services

Some homeowners also request removing the stump after tree cutting services, which adds an extra $100 to $150 for the stump. Again, if you want complete removal of the trunk, debris, root, and shrubs, you will also pay a significantly higher price. Root and trunk removal are priced separately because they will require additional labor. Besides, getting rid of tree roots is quite intensive, and it requires several hours.


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