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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Cartersville?

There are several destructive insects to be aware of in Cartersville. Many species of pests have been sweeping Georgia’s forests, killing tens of thousands of trees, and early detection is vital to stopping this. Pine bark beetles are the biggest threat to local pine trees. They attack all species of pine, boring holes through the trunk and branches, feeding and laying eggs inside the tree. Look for holes in the trunk leaking sap and irregularities in the crown of the tree. 

Dutch elm disease is another destructive tree affliction spread by beetles. Native and European elm bark beetles spread Dutch elm disease to healthy trees by eating them and spreading a toxic fungus. Typically, once 5% of a tree’s branches have died due to this disease, it cannot be saved. This makes early detection essential, especially to protect surrounding trees. If you have an elm tree and notice its branches wilting, call in an expert like Tree Triage right away. 

Does the City of Cartersville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city is responsible for trimming and maintaining trees in public areas, such as parks and sidewalks. If a street tree falls onto your property, the city is responsible for its removal. Residents are responsible for maintaining and removing trees located on their properties, however. Within the City of Cartersville, a permit is not required for tree pruning or removal. In some areas, such as historic districts, removed trees must be replaced. Additionally, trees that were included on a landscape plan or approved as part of an area’s development plan must be replaced if they are removed for any reason. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Cartersville?

It can be tricky determining who is responsible for removing fallen trees. In many cases, a tree doesn’t neatly fall within property lines but can damage surrounding properties or enter the public right of way. Let’s take a closer look at who is responsible for cleaning up fallen trees in different scenarios. 

According to city municipal code chapter 21, section 21-14, private landscaping companies who are paid to trim trees are responsible for immediately removing all branches and debris from the premises. Any form of compensation for landscaping work places the burden of disposal on the person performing the task. However, what if a tree has fallen due to disease or a weather-related incident, or tree limbs have fallen into a neighboring property? In these situations, the property owner is responsible for the financial costs of having the tree removed. 

If you’re a homeowner?

Property owners are required to promptly remove fallen trees from their property at their own expense, even if they were cut down by another individual. Tree limbs will be picked up by the city as long as they comply with appropriate length and volume requirements, as specified in sections 21-14 of chapter 21 of the municipal code. 

If a tree on your property has fallen as the result of a storm, it’s worth taking a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if tree removal costs are covered under these circumstances. Some insurance companies will let you add this to your policy for a small additional fee. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters are not responsible for the costs associated with tree removal, only the property owner is responsible for dealing with these situations. If you notice a dead or fallen tree on your property, you should notify your landlord so that they can have it removed. 

If you’re a landlord?

As the property owner, landlords are responsible for removing fallen trees on their property and cannot pass these costs on to their tenants. As we discussed with homeowners, it’s always a good idea to check out your insurance policy and see what’s covered or consider adding additional coverage to your policy if you have several older trees on your property that you are concerned about. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Neighbors are allowed to trim the portion of a tree that reaches over a fence line onto their property, as long as doing so doesn’t jeopardize the health of the tree. However, if a neighbor’s tree has fallen onto your property, you are not responsible for the cost of having it removed. The owner of the property where the tree trunk is located is responsible for removing the tree.

Additionally, if you notice a tree has fallen into a public right of way, or near a power line, feel free to contact the city or your local electric company and inform them. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Cartersville?

The soil type in Cartersville is largely clay loam or sandy loam. Clay is the smallest particle size of soil, which means that there are fewer air pockets and water can have a difficult time penetrating soils with large clay content. Once clay soils are wet, they become sticky and can take a long time to dry out. While loam adds many nutrients to the soil, clay loam soil types can still present challenges for tree growth.

Specifically, getting young saplings established can require some extra attention. It’s important to not bury a new tree’s roots too deep in clay-based soils and to make sure that the tree is receiving adequate water during the hottest months of the year. Sandy loam soil types are more lightweight than clay loam. With more air pockets throughout the soil, the roots of young trees have an easier time spreading out and getting established.

When planting new trees, it’s important to choose the varieties that can thrive in your soil type. Some tree types that do well in our area include red maple, birch, walnut, cottonwood, cherry, along with several varieties of oak and pine, among others.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Cartersville?

The weather in Cartersville is characterized by long hot and humid summers, moderate rainfall, and short mild winters. Our area experiences seasonal thunderstorms, along with occasional tornados. These kinds of weather events can cause significant damage to trees as strong winds blow off branches, or even uproot entire trees.

Trees that have been infected with a pest or disease are particularly susceptible to storm damage as their internal structures have been weakened. This is why it’s important to have an expert like Tree Triage take a look at your trees if you’re noticing any signs of pests. Always be careful around infected trees, even if they appear mostly healthy. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Cartersville?

Electrical service in Cartersville is provided and maintained by Georgia Power. All trees growing under or near power lines throughout the city are maintained by this company. This includes pruning, brush cutting, and the application of herbicides as necessary. Georgia Power schedules residential tree maintenance in cycles involving entire distribution lines and does not schedule individual pruning requests from homeowners. 

However, in the event of a storm, if a tree has fallen onto a power line, you can call and notify Georgia Power of its location. Fallen trees are a frequent cause of power outages throughout the state and should be cleaned up only by a trained professional. It is very important to never try to trim or remove trees located within 10 feet of a power line yourself. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Cartersville?

Tree removal costs in Cartersville vary based on many factors. That’s why getting information that is hyper-local to your area is so important. In Cartersville, tree removal costs typically fluctuate between $225 to $1,950, with $547 being the average. This price difference is due to many possible factors, such as tree size, type, and time of the year, among other factors.

Some types of trees, such as oak trees, are very sturdy and more difficult to cut. Another issue is timing; summer is a very busy season for our tree removal specialists. It’s also a time when storms occur and cause damage to trees that needs to be fixed right away. These factors all increase the price or removal. Let’s take a look at some other cost factors in tree removal. 

Tree Condition

Trees that have become infected by an insect, fungus, or disease have weakened internal structures and need to be removed carefully so that they don’t cause damage to surrounding structures or fall in a way that injures someone. These types of trees also need to be removed in a way that protects surrounding trees from their infection. There are many species of pests in Georgia that spread quickly and easily so much additional care is needed in these situations. 

Surrounding Environment

In most cases, trees are growing near a building, street, or other structure and need to be removed thoughtfully so that they don’t cause any damage during the removal process. This might mean that additional removal equipment is necessary, such as cranes or other rigging equipment. Alternatively, a tree might have already fallen onto a home or vehicle, as the result of storm damage. In these situations, the cost of removal will be more costly. 

Trunk Diameter

While the height of a tree plays a large role in determining removal cost, our tree experts will also pay attention to the diameter of the trunk to determine removal cost. Thicker trees are more challenging to remove and potentially can cost more money than a taller tree with a narrow trunk.


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