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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Buford?

Buford is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, located just northeast of the Georgia capital city. It boasts the largest population in Gwinnett County, with various entertainment options like museums and amusement parks.

There are still plenty of natural sights to enjoy in the city, with a stunning view of Lake Lanier and Bogan Park, featuring a nature trail and aquatic center. The abundance of trees is appreciated by residents but can cause common tree issues in Buford.

Fallen Trees

The mild winters and warm, rainy weather in northern Georgia allows trees to grow strong, but weather phenomena can also cause fallen trees in Buford. Hurricanes, heavy rain, and high-speed winds can be prevalent in Georgia, due to its proximity to the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Northern Georgia recently experienced a 500-year flood in 2009, causing $500 million in damage.

Tornadoes are also a common cause of fallen trees in Buford. Tornadoes can snap branches, knock over dead trees, and uproot trees of all sizes. Our tree removal experts in Buford can be exceptionally busy when a major storm hits northern Georgia.

Invasive Tree Roots

Trees that grow close to your home can result in damage to your foundation, sewage line, and plumbing. While tree roots will not crack well-maintained plumbing lines, they can exploit corroded and cracked pipes as they search for moisture. When roots enter the pipes they can cause sewage backups, pipe blockages, and leaks. They can also enter and expand cracks and fissures in the foundation, resulting in costly damage and leaks.

While tree roots can encroach on your home, development can also encroach on the habitat of trees. When a tree is surrounded by concrete with little room for its roots to grow, the tree can have trouble finding adequate moisture. The tiny space forces the tree roots to circle around the base of the tree, causing girdling roots, and can cut off the tree’s water supply entirely.

Our tree removal specialists in Buford can remove an offending tree, and often replant it where it can grow without affecting your home.

Tree Pests

A tree that is recovering from a flood, drought, or disease can be susceptible to the Asian ambrosia beetle larva, a legless 2-inch boring insect with a white or yellow color. The larva leaves an indicative sawdust needle sticking from its freshly bored tunnel in the bark. It can also cause an already weakened tree to be affected by ambrosia fungus.

Whiteflies can also be a common tree pest in Buford. They are known for their white wings, and when they gather they can make a tree’s foliage look silvery or white. Whiteflies can harm trees by secreting honeydew that results in a black mold that can infest a tree when the insects are numerous. Our tree removal experts in Buford can treat your trees for whiteflies and the mold they leave behind.

Tree Diseases

Root rot is a common disease in wet and humid Georgia. It is characterized by poor growth, discoloration, and soft roots. Root rot typically occurs in over-watered or under-drained soils, which are common in Georgia. A tree can succumb to root rot if it is not treated, and it may make the tree susceptible to fungal growth and other pathogens.

Fire blight is a common ailment of pear trees, crabapple trees, and other trees in the Rosaceae family. It can cause branches, fruit, and foliage to die on the tree. It thrives in the warm and humid climate of Buford and can be difficult to treat. We can remove the affected leaves and treat this common tree issue in Buford.

Does the City of Buford Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

While the city of Buford does not offer tree removal assistance, in some cases Georgia state or Gwinnett County public works crews can remove fallen or dead trees. If the tree falls from a state-owned right-of-way into a street, Georgia highway maintenance can remove the fallen tree. The crew is also responsible for maintaining trees on state right-of-ways, including pruning, trimming, and removing dead trees.

Gwinnett County will remove trees that have fallen from county right-of-ways onto streets, and provide tree maintenance similar to the state. If the tree falls onto a street in Buford from somewhere other than a right-of-way, such as your property, or a neighbor’s property, the state, and county typically do not provide assistance.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Buford?

Determining who is responsible to remove a fallen tree can be confusing. We can help you find the best course of action for tree removal in Buford based on several scenarios.

If you’re a homeowner?

As the homeowner, you are responsible for trees that originate on your property and fall onto your own property or a neighbor’s property. You are also responsible for caring for trees on your property and preventing dead trees from falling onto a neighbor’s property, by having them safely removed.

When are you not responsible? In some cases, you may not be responsible for the resulting damage and tree removal in Buford. If a healthy tree falls onto a neighbor’s property due to an unforeseen act of nature, you will not have to pay for the damages and removal. If a neighbor’s tree falls onto your property, the neighbor will be responsible to pay for removal and any damages, as long as the tree fell due to neglect and not a weather event.

If you’re a renter?

If a tree falls on a property you are renting, you likely will not be required to call for tree removal in Buford. Georgia residential rental properties require the landlord to make all repairs. The landlord should pay for the tree removal and any damages to the property caused by the falling tree.

As the renter, you are only responsible to inform the landlord of any tree issues. Fallen or tipping trees can be a safety hazard and the landlord will be responsible for any damage resulting from the tree. It is also vital that you do not take matters into your own hands and remove the tree, as this can be an unauthorized change to the property.

If you’re a landlord?

As a landlord in Georgia, you are responsible for tree removal on your property much like a homeowner. You are also responsible to remove fallen and tipping trees at the request of your residential tenants to avoid property damage and hazards.

When would you not be responsible for tree removal and resulting damages? If the tenant deliberately cuts down or damages the tree, the tenant may be required to compensate you for making permanent changes to the property and any damages that occur. You also may not be responsible if the tree fell from a neighboring property and could have been reasonably averted.

If you’re a neighbor?

As a neighbor, you are responsible for trees that originate on your property. In most cases, that means you are responsible for the removal of trees that fall from your property onto a neighbor’s property and any damage. With the exception being natural causes that a reasonable person could not prevent, such as storms.

Trees that originate on your neighbor’s property are similarly, the neighbor’s responsibility. You are permitted to trim branches that overhang onto your property if they are troublesome but speak with the neighbor first to avoid confrontations.

Boundary trees are a shared tree that provides privacy. When a boundary tree falls, it is the responsibility of the property owner where the tree falls for any property damage and tree removal in Buford.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Buford?

Buford is located in the Southern Piedmont Region, known for its red clay soil. The red soil’s rich properties and moisture retention make agriculture a major business in Northern Georgia. Thousands of plants grow well in Georgia red clay, including peach, apple, and pear trees.

Trees can grow strong in Georgia, and rarely have a problem with the soil. Typically, other issues result in tree removal in Buford.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Buford?

Aside from the abundance of moisture and the warm temperatures aiding in the growth of trees, the warm and moist climate can also affect the trees in Buford. While rainstorms, wind, and tornadoes can harm trees, the heat can be damaging to trees that originate in cooler climates.

Plants that grow well in shade may not be able to handle hot and sunny afternoons in Georgia. The wet soils can also introduce mold, fungus, and pests to trees that are not well adapted to damp soils. Our specialists can help you find the ideal tree species and location to grow in Buford.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Buford?

If you suspect a dead tree falling on a power line, or a tree has already fallen on a power line in Buford, do not attempt to remove the tree on your own. Georgia Power supplies electricity to most of Georgia and is responsible for maintaining the power transmission lines.

Georgia Power will safely remove any downed trees on or near power lines. They also maintain trees near power lines to remove potential hazards.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Buford?

Wondering how much your tree removal in Buford will cost? The cost typically falls between $300 and $2,000, and the exact number depends on several factors.


The size of a tree will have a major impact on the cost of removal. Larger trees require more work to cut and remove. They also require more preparation to avoid the tree inadvertently falling on nearby property. Cleanup can also be extensive for large trees, with falling branches and leaves.


The cost of tree removal can range depending on the tree’s condition. Removing a fallen tree typically involves less labor, especially if no property was damaged. A tree that is still standing will require more work to safely cut the tree and remove it.

Trees with pest problems and disease further complicate the tree’s removal and price. If the disease is contagious, we need to ensure that nearby trees are treated. Sometimes a pest or fungus will need to be eliminated to protect nearby trees before the tree is removed. The roots may also need to be removed if they risk the health of nearby trees.


The location of a tree can be a problem when it requires removal. If the tree is close to the property, we need to take extra precautions to eliminate the risk of damage. Tree removal can also be difficult in busy areas, like near roadways or schools. These locations require additional equipment and labor hours to ensure the tree is removed safely.


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