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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach is located on the southeastern tip of Florida, just north of Miami. It is located in Palm Beach County and is known for its must-see beaches and entertainment including museums, zoos, and amusement parks. At a low elevation, flooding can be common in West Palm Beach along with tropical storms and hurricanes.

Trees are prized in Palm Beach County due to their erosion prevention and beauty, but several common tree issues may require tree removal in West Palm Beach.

Storm Damage

Rainstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes can be a common cause of tree issues in West Palm Beach. Minimally damaging Category 1 hurricanes can damage trees, with winds of up to 94 miles per hour. Limb damage and fallen branches are typical and as the winds reach higher speeds, trees can be blown over and uprooted.

Our busiest times are typically after storms. We can also help you prepare your trees for the hurricane season by trimming and pruning branches that can cause the tree to fall. We remove dead trees that have the potential to fall during storms and offer tree removal in West Palm Beach, for removal of trees that have fallen after storms.

Wet and Dry Conditions

The soil conditions in Florida can range from extremely wet to extremely dry. Keeping trees well-watered throughout dry conditions and drought can help, along with planting drought-resistant trees.

Some of the best trees for drought survival in Florida include European fan palms, saw palmetto, cypress, Japanese blueberry, and bottle brush. These drought-resistant trees can help you avoid tree removal in West Palm Beach.

Root Damage

Before West Palm Beach was an urban jungle, it was swampland and hardwood forests with numerous trees. As West Palm Beach developed, foundations and structures were built close to tree roots. Tree roots typically deflect and grow in different directions when they come in contact with a solid foundation, but they can grow underneath buildings, raising the foundation and exploiting cracks for moisture.

Palm Diseases

There is a wide range of palm trees that grow in West Palm Beach, but diseases can damage these unique Florida icons. Bud rot, commonly due to pathogens, causes wilting and discoloration of young leaves. As the disease progresses, the buds die and no new leaves emerge from the palm, leaving the crown open. Bud rot can also occur after a period of cold weather, exposing the palm to disease and fungi.

Calonectria leaf spots are also a common palm ailment. The disease is caused by a fungus and can infect all types of palm trees. It is initially identifiable as wet lesions on palm leaves that slowly discolor to shades of gray, yellow, brown, or black. The lesions expand with a dark edge and tan center. The disease can spread easily among young palms in proximity such as those in nurseries.

Does the City of West Palm Beach Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

If a tree falls into the street, medium, or a city right-of-way, West Palm Beach Public Works can remove the tree. Street maintenance is a constant work in progress, and the city will trim, prune, and remove fallen trees as they are notified.

The city can also help after a storm. West Palm Beach Public Works will remove debris and can haul it away from private property if it is moved to the curb. Unfortunately, the City does not reimburse for private tree removal service in West Palm Beach.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in West Palm Beach?

Removing a fallen tree can be confusing when you aren’t sure who is responsible. We will guide you through several scenarios to help you determine who is responsible for fallen tree removal in West Palm Beach.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, you are likely responsible for tree removal in West Palm Beach. Trees that originate within your property are your responsibility to remove no matter where they fall. This can include neighboring properties and may also include any damage caused to the property.

If a tree falls from a neighboring property, the neighbor is typically responsible, unless the tree or branches that fall are in good health. When a tree in good health falls due to a storm, the responsibility is placed on whoever’s property the tree falls and is typically covered by your homeowners insurance.

Another reason you may not be responsible for tree removal is when a tree falls or dies due to another party’s deliberate actions such as a neighbor improperly trimming the tree and causing damage to the otherwise healthy tree.

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, your lease or rental agreement is the first place to look for answers when it comes to tree removal in West Palm Beach. In the state of Florida, landlord-tenant laws have flexible terms for repairs and maintenance. Before signing a lease, you should review any repairs that need to be made on the property such as dead or tipping trees.

If you already live on the rental property and your landlord agrees to make repairs in common areas of the property or maintain the landscape, the landlord is likely obligated to remove any fallen trees. If your lease agreement doesn’t have any terms indicating responsibility for such repairs, the landlord will still likely be responsible. The lease agreement may also have terms stating that the renter is responsible for landscaping maintenance, meaning you are likely obligated to remove the tree.

If you’re a landlord?

As the landlord, you may be responsible for tree removal in West Palm Beach. You are responsible for keeping the property up to code, providing maintenance and repairs stated in the lease. If there are no terms for repairs and maintenance in the lease, you are also presumably obligated to maintain and repair the property.

If you agree to tree removal before the tenant’s occupancy or the tenant contacts you regarding removal or tree maintenance, you are likely responsible. If a tenant removes a tree without your permission, the tenant may be responsible for permanently altering the property.

If you’re a neighbor?

As a neighbor, West Palm Beach tree removal can be a complicated question. When a tree falls from a neighboring property, it may be the neighbor’s responsibility if the tree was dead or unhealthy. If the tree was in good health and fell due to a storm or natural cause that cannot be reasonably prevented, it may be your responsibility to remove the tree.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach soils include Quartzipsamments-Urban Land association to the north and St Lucie-Urban Land-Paola association to the south. Both have sandy soils for urban development and drain excessively. Saw palmetto, dwarf willows, sand pine, and live oak grow well in these sandy soils.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in West Palm Beach?

While the moist and warm weather is typically ideal for growing trees, hurricanes are a common weather event that affects the health of trees in West Palm Beach. Palm tree fronds are easily broken by hurricane-force winds. They can prevent buds from growing, so dead palm tree fronds should be removed after a storm.

Pruning trees to create a more balanced canopy can help reduce damage to trees from hurricanes. Identifying decaying trees and removing them before storms can also reduce the chance of fallen trees causing property damage.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in West Palm Beach?

If you notice a dead tree near power lines, it is important to call Florida Power and Light to safely remove the tree. Pruning and trimming trees near the power lines should also be avoided. You should never go near a damaged power line.

Florida Power and Light regularly clears trees and vegetation near power lines and proactively removes tipping and dead trees before storms. They also encourage homeowners to plant trees in locations that are conscious of the power lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in West Palm Beach?

The cost of removing a tree can vary in West Palm Beach, but most homeowners pay around $850. We try to always offer affordable tree removal, but certain factors can influence the cost of tree removal.

Nearby Hazards

The tree’s proximity to buildings, power lines, and other hazards can make removal more difficult. Safety is a top priority, so we need to make sure that the tree will not cause damage to any property or create a hazardous situation during removal. This can include precautions like trimming any limbs that risk falling during our tree removal operation.

Foot traffic in the area, vehicles, and children playing near the tree removal zone will also require close monitoring and barriers to prevent anyone from inadvertently getting too close to danger.

Type of Tree

The type of tree has an impact on the cost of removal. Relatively small trees can be easy to remove, but trees over 25 feet can be more complicated. The taller a tree is, the more time and resources it typically takes to cut. Tall trees also have a greater chance of striking property in the area and hazardous falling limbs.

When removing a larger type of tree, preparations and cleanup are more extensive. It can also take more crew members and more vehicles to transport the debris and removed trees.


The tree’s condition has a major impact on the cost of tree removal in West Palm Beach. After a hurricane or tropical storm, there are many fallen trees to clean up. If there is no damage to the property and the tree is not difficult to extract, this can be a relatively inexpensive job. When trees are standing, there are more steps involved in removing the tree and more precautions we must take.

It is also essential to avoid spreading pests, fungi, and disease when removing trees. A tree that is infected with a disease or fungus may require different removal techniques, along with treatment of nearby trees to avoid the ailment spreading.


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