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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Wesley Chapel?

With over 460 different species of trees and shrubs in Florida, the variety of problems is rather diverse. The most common issues property owners face with trees include:


A tree that is completely healthy and highly beneficial for your area can turn into a serious nuisance if you are prone to allergies. Home and property owners in Wesley Chapel often suffer from the following issues:

  • Oak allergies: The most prevalent tree pollen comes from oak trees. It starts causing problems in December and continues doing so through May. The peak months are February and March.
  • Bayberry allergies:  Bayberry trees have an allergy-causing pattern that is similar to oaks. While the bayberry fruit smells amazing, many people are extremely allergic to the scent.
  • Cypress and Pine allergies:  While having a nice smell and being aesthetically appealing, if you have allergies, these trees can poison your existence between December and April.
  • Elm trees: When these trees bloom, allergic Wesley Chapel residents suffer. The American Elm blooms in January while Chinese Elm causes problems in October.

While completely unnoticeable to an average person, trees can cause some serious trouble for people with allergies. If you have one of these culprits growing on your property, you may want to consider removing it. Doing so could improve your quality of life tremendously.


Diseases affect trees the same way they affect people. Depending on the stage of the disease, you can choose the proper course of action. When the disease is at its early stages, it’s possible to treat it. With time, the only options include pruning the diseased parts or removing the tree altogether.

Common tree diseases in Wesley Chapel are:

  • Fusiform rust: A stem disease caused by Cronartium quercuum (a fungus). It causes the formation of abnormal growths on both the stem and branches. The fungus affects the wood quality and damages stems in young trees.
  • Ganoderma: This disease is also caused by fungi. This particular culprit attacks the tree’s root system and often causes its demise. Affected trees grow slowly. They often have underdeveloped leaves and dead branches.
  • Tree blight:  this disease can be caused by fungus or bacteria. It affects pines, elms, and many other tree species. The mild and moist growing conditions are perfect for the tree blight bacteria that causes the rapid browning of young shoots. It’s easily spread by wind and rain.

If a disease affects one of your trees, the rest are in danger. Calling in our experts for pruning or removing a diseased tree can help you get rid of the disease and keep other trees safe.


Hundreds of different pests attack trees in Wesley Chapel, FL. The most dangerous species that can destroy your trees include:

  • Aphids
  • Black sooty mold
  • Oleander caterpillars
  • Scale Spider mites
  • Thrips
  • Whiteflies
  • Lace bugs

While preventive measures are often effective, some trees still become victims. Our team specializes in pruning and removing sick trees to keep your yard in top shape.

Does the City of Wesley Chapel Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

When it comes to tree removal problems in Wesley Chapel, it’s up to the property owners to deal with the tree problems. The city only gets involved if the tree is growing on the city’s property.

If you notice a damaged tree or a dangerously hanging branch on the city property, you can report the problem to the police or the fire department. You can also contact the Pasco County administration for a consultation at (727) 847-2411 (x8115) or

To remove a tree from a residential property, you’ll need to submit a tree permit application. Make sure to consult the Pasco Country Tree Ordinance to comply with the county’s tree codes.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Wesley Chapel?

Knowing who is responsible for fallen tree removal in Wesley Chapel can help you take the right steps when the need arises.

Here is the breakdown of tree removal responsibilities:

If you’re a homeowner?

According to Florida Fence and Property Law, the responsibilities for tree removal are clear. If you are a homeowner, you are liable for fallen tree removal on your property if:

  • The tree was growing on your property
  • The healthy tree fell from a neighboring property

Even if the branches and roots from your healthy tree hang over or reach into the neighbor’s property, you aren’t obligated to deal with them. The neighbor can trim the trees at their own expense as long as they are operating within the property line.

If you’re a renter?

If you are a renter, the property owner is fully responsible for dealing with the fallen tree if:

  • The tree was growing on their property
  • The healthy tree fell from a neighboring property

As a renter, you aren’t responsible for fallen tree removal unless otherwise stated in your rental contract. If you notice any tree-related issues on the rental property, make sure to notify the landlord immediately.

If you’re a landlord?

If you are a landlord, you are fully responsible for tree removal if:

  • The tree was growing on your property
  • The healthy tree fell from a neighboring property

You may want to include tree-trimming responsibilities in your rental contract to make sure tree damage doesn’t become an issue.

If you’re a neighbor?

According to Florida Fence and Property law, you are responsible for removing a tree if it fell over from your neighboring property only if that tree was healthy. Meaning that if your neighbor failed to care for the tree correctly, which resulted in the tree falling over to your property, the neighbor is responsible for the damage.

However, if a healthy tree falls on your property (this usually happens because of a natural disaster), you are responsible for tree removal. 

If the tree sits on the border of properties, neighbors split the tree removal costs.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Wesley Chapel?

Healthy and nutritious soil is the key factor affecting the growth of plants and trees. The problem with the soil in Wesley Chapel and the rest of our state is that it’s mostly sandy. The majority of Florida is covered with Myakka (Indian for “big waters”). 

When you go down to South Florida, you can encounter a variety of nutritious and fertile soil. However, such isn’t the case in Pasco County. Our trees have to struggle to grow in Myakka. Nonetheless, native trees like pines do an excellent job of growing and thriving in this type of soil.

In case you want to plant certain crops, you have to go deeper into studying the necessary nutrients and additives that stimulate plant growth in Myakka.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Wesley Chapel?

While Florida has a warm climate, which trees and plants love, the state is prone to natural disasters. Hurricanes, floods, tornados, tropical storms, wildfires, tsunamis… the list goes on and on.

When these disasters strike, trees are among the first to suffer:

  • Trees burn in wildfires
  • They suffer from oxygen depletion in the soil after flooding
  • Hurricane winds that reach over 150 mph pull at tree roots and snap them
  • Tornados twist tree trunks and separate wood fibers

Due to the abundance of natural disasters that affect trees in Florida, the tree law is very clear on who is responsible for tree removal. If your trees have been affected by the weather, our team can take care of the consequences.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Wesley Chapel?

According to the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) adopted in the State of Florida, electric utilities are responsible for dealing with trees near power lines. However, if the tree is growing on your property, you are responsible for trimming it so it doesn’t touch the power lines.

Unless trimmed properly, the electricity can reach the ground through the tree and cause a disaster. In most cases, if your dead or alive tree is getting close to the power line, the electric company will send an inspector to notify you of the problem. However, it’s still your responsibility to watch trees on your property and trim or remove them as needed.

If you aren’t sure whether your trees are safely away from power lines, we can help. Our team can evaluate the situation and give you tree trimming and removal recommendations.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Wesley Chapel?

The average cost of tree removal in Wesley Chapel varies between $500 and $700, but your total can be significantly higher, sometimes more than $1,500. The cost depends on the following factors:


The height of your tree affects the cost of its removal directly. The taller the tree, the more it will cost to get rid of it.

Additional Services

If you need additional services like stump removal, limb chipping, trunk removal, log splitting, and/or lot clearing, the cost will increase.


If the tree is still standing, you’ll incur additional expenses for bringing it down. If a tree is already down, the removal will be less expensive.

Some property owners choose to opt for DIY removal. If you are one of them, remember that you need to obtain appropriate permits. Getting them may end up being more time-consuming and expensive than if you let us do it for you.

We are always ready to provide a quote for our tree removal services with your needs and preferences in mind.


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