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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Polk County?

Located pretty much in the center of Florida, Polk County is the place to live and play according to many. It is just an hour away from downtown Tampa and about 70 minutes from Orlando. This isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of fantastic things to see and do for residents.

We can go to Legoland, explore nature, go shopping, and many other things without going more than a few minutes from home. Perhaps this is what the more than 724,000 people who call it home love about being there. It has something to offer everyone.

The largest cities in Polk County are Lakeland and Winter Haven. However, if you want to step out of the city and into nature, there are numerous places you can go to. State parks, lakes, rivers, and many forests are all part of what makes nature lovers want to spend time in the great outdoors. However, with all this nature, there are some issues that may affect the beauty of Central Florida.

Many of the most common issues for trees in Central Florida stems from stressors that make them more susceptible to diseases like:

  • Anthracnose: As one of the most common tree diseases, this is still unsightly for infected trees and the people who enjoy them. It can infect new leaves, preventing growth. It can attack ash, dogwood, and many other tree species.
  • Rusts: This orange-colored disease can appear on the underside and topside of leaves. It can affect pine trees.
  • Pine Needle Casts: this is a term for when pine trees drop their needles, and those that remain on the tree may become discolored.
  • Leaf and Tar Spots: Although not typically deadly, these diseases can make your trees look bad.
  • Leaf Blisters: There is no denying that Florida gets hot. Much the same as you may sunburn, your trees may as well, especially during the dry seasons.

Trees will always show symptoms of being sick or stressed. With any of these issues, you may notice yellowing leaves, galls, cankers, decays, and more. Then you must consider the common insects that feed on Florida’s trees.

  • Gypsy Moths
  • Bagworm
  • Tent Caterpillars
  • Ash Borers
  • Beetles
  • Aphids
  • Spider Mites
  • Psyllid

Does the City of Polk County Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Central Florida does not offer tree removal assistance programs. This does not mean that you have to shoulder the burden without any hope of help. There are ways that you may be able to get help depending on your unique situation.

Polk County offers a variety of different programs that provide assistance to low-income families. Even though none of these programs specifically say that they will help with tree removals, you should give them a call if you feel your tree is dangerous, and you cannot afford to remove it without help.

However, if the tree is located near a street, sidewalk, or public access area, you may consider contacting the roadway maintenance crews for your local area. The one in Winter Haven will provide herbicide application and tree trimming services.

If you are a citrus grower or a nursery, the Tree Assistance Program (TAP) may help you replace or rehabilitate trees after a hard freeze or hurricane. Unfortunately, this program is not designed to help homeowners with their tree issues. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Polk County?

In Florida, you should not have to worry about needing to file a permit to remove a tree that is located on private property. However, this does not mean that you should remove a tree without careful consideration because there are some circumstances that may make it tricky for you to remove a tree without asking others.  

If you’re a homeowner?

Most people feel that if they have a tree that they want to be removed, it can be done as long as it is on their private property. In most cases, this is true. However, there are determining factors that will indicate whether you can remove a tree or not. 

The first thing to consider is where the roots of the tree are located. If the roots, limbs, etc. are on your property, then you own the tree. You can decide what to do with it. If a part of your tree is in your neighbor’s yard, then you may have to ask them for permission to remove the tree. According to Florida’s Fence Laws, it is then a “shared” tree.

When talking about responsibility for a fallen tree, it does become a little complex. In general, every person is responsible for their own property. This means you will clean up the tree that lands in your yard and your neighbor will have to clean up the tree parts that are in their yard. Unless your neighbor can prove that the tree was diseased or dead, and it played an important role in the tree falling. 

If you’re a renter?

As a tenant, you have certain obligations and rights in Florida. For instance, you should keep your rental property clean and sanitary, remove the garbage, and do your best to take care of it. With proper notice, you should allow the landlord access to the property to look around. It is their property. However, this is where your obligations end.

You are not allowed to do anything that could be considered destroying or removing any part of the property belonging to your landlord. This does include removing trees, even if they fall. Instead, you should contact your landlord if you feel there is a diseased or dead tree on the property. You should inform them of a tree falling, and they will be responsible for cleanup and repairs. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords have a difficult job according to Landlord/Tenant Law in Florida. As the landlord of a single home or apartment complex, you have a duty to keep it safe and sanitary for your tenants. This means, removing trees that you can see is unhealthy as well as many other responsibilities.

If a tree falls, you will be the person your tenants will come to for cleanup and repair. It is your property, and they are not allowed to do anything to alter it unless it is in their rental agreement that they are in charge of landscaping responsibilities.  

If you’re a neighbor?

A tree that hangs into your yard from your neighbor’s property can be annoying if it isn’t a shade tree you want. However, this does not mean you can remove it. In some cases, you may be able to remove the limbs that hang over your property, but since it may be a shared tree, you should talk to your neighbor to see about a reasonable agreement between the two of you. This could save you from a potential “Reduction in Property Value” claim and other issues. 

If a tree or its limbs fall onto your property, your responsibility will be to remove the limbs that are located there. Your homeowner’s insurance will typically cover the damages. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Polk County?

There are several soil types found in Polk County. Most are good soils, which makes them ideal for citrus trees and other agricultural uses. Predominantly, you will find:

  • Norfolk Sand (Fine and Normal)
  • Blanton Fine Sand
  • Portsmouth Fine Sand
  • Leon Fine Sand
  • Peaty Muck

Mostly, these soils are well-draining and filled with organic matter. Along rivers and lakes, you may find more swamp soil, which may not drain as well, but it is usually full of nutrients. This means it can still grow trees and keep them healthy.

If you are curious about what trees may grow here beyond citrus, you should know that there are many shade trees that thrive in Central Florida. You can grow:

  • Elms
  • Cypress
  • Oaks
  • Ash
  • Maple
  • Magnolias
  • And More

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Polk County?

Polk County has a climate that is subtropical. However, the many nearby lakes ensure that temperatures stay reasonably mild. Summers tend to be rainy with temperatures reaching up into the 90s. Winters are short, lasting only from the first of December to the end of February. In rare circumstances, freezing is possible, though it generally only lasts a couple of hours during the night.

In this area of Florida, rain showers and storms frequently happen during summer, attributing to approximately 52 inches of rain each year. This amount may be influenced by rare droughts and occasional hurricanes. High winds are likely, which can mean tornados are possible.

Although the location of Polk County does have hurricanes, they are generally mild compared to what may happen in coastal areas. This is good news for the citrus growers in Polk County. However, hailstorms, high winds, and other natural disasters can still damage trees and remove limbs if they are not properly pruned and cared for. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Polk County?

Polk County covers a large area in Central Florida. There are several cities and towns spread throughout. Narrowing down the right people to call for a tree near a power line is not easy. 

The first recommendation is that you contact your local power company or the city offices for your area. The Polk County Public Works makes it easy for you to report issues.

In the event that you feel you or others are in immediate danger from a tree near a power line, you are urged to stay away from the tree and call 911. You should never try to remove the tree yourself because it could injure you and cause damage to the power lines. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Polk County?

In Polk County, it can be very hard to determine the price for tree removal for any single residence without first seeing the tree. There are many factors that will influence the price range for your tree removal. 

In general, most people can expect to pay between $150.00 and $1,990.00. The average homeowner will spend right around $590.00. This does not necessarilyindicate the price that you will have to pay. Your out-of-pocket cost will vary based on these factors.


Most people do not think about size influencing cost. However, large trees do require more of our professionals to be on-site and often more equipment, as well. This can raise the price for all homeowners. If you have a tree that you want to be removed, and it is less than 10-feet, your cost will be less. 

Special Considerations

If there is a tree that you need to be removed, and it is located near a power line or a structure on your property, the price for removal will increase. We may have to bring in cranes and more people to ensure that the tree is brought down safely without damaging anything in the process. It may take longer to remove, which can increase your labor cost. 


Trees that need to be removed and are pre-scheduled for removal will cost less than the trees that fall because of a storm or on weekends and holidays. The labor cost will increase for those “off-the-clock” hours and extreme weather may mean that there are many trees in your area that are in need of our services.


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