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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Oviedo?

Citrus greening is a disease that affects citrus trees in Oviedo and throughout much of Florida. This disease is spread by an insect called the Asian citrus psyllid, and it kills most citrus trees within a few years of being infected. Early signs of citrus greening include yellow or blotchy leaves and shoots, and most fruit that is produced after an Asian citrus psyllid infestation will be unpleasant to eat and unable to be sold. This fruit generally stays green after it should have ripened, appears misshapen, and tastes bitter. Citrus fruit that is grown in Florida and shipped to another state to be sold needs to be properly certified to ensure that sold fruit is of acceptable quality and that sellers comply with regulations to prevent the disease from spreading to trees in other regions.

The coconut rhinoceros beetle attacks palm trees and other tropical plants by boring into them and feeding on their sap, which damages tissues and eventually kills most trees. Native to Asia, this beetle has been found in Hawaii, Florida, and other tropical areas within the United States in the last decade. It can affect the production of coconuts, papayas, pineapples, bananas, and other tropical fruits, as well as sugarcane and sisal. Coconut rhinoceros beetle infestations are characterized by large holes and V-shaped cuts in the crowns of palm trees, and they are easily spread by moving infested palm trees and fruits to other regions. 

The false codling moth, Mexican fruit fly, Mediterranean fruit fly, and spotted lanternfly are other pests that frequently infest Florida’s fruit trees. Although Mexican fruit flies and Mediterranean fruit flies tend to only eat fruit instead of damaging the trees themselves, they spread easily and can have a significant impact on the success of fruit sellers within hot regions. The false codling moth and spotted lanternfly can eat both fruits and their trees, as well as certain other types of tropical trees. 

Although the Emerald Ash Borer has not yet been found in Florida, it has been detected in the bordering states of Georgia and Alabama. This means that Florida’s ash trees are at risk of becoming infected if residents or visitors bring firewood from these or one of 33 other states that have confirmed the presence of this highly destructive beetle, and Oviedo residents should buy firewood locally and avoid bringing any back to Florida when traveling.   

Does the City of Oviedo Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Oviedo requires a permit that identifies which specific tree or trees will be removed to remove certain types of trees. This permit must be obtained from the Public Works Administration Building before removing any type of canopy tree that is located within city limits, although removing palm trees and fruit trees generally does not require a permit. Oviedo provides a list of guidelines that are to be used when determining whether a tree qualifies to be removed for a valid reason, as the city aims to keep the removal of trees that are native to the central Florida area to a minimum. Any trees that need to be removed should be replaced with between 1 and 4 new trees, depending on the size of the tree that is to be removed. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Oviedo?

In Florida, the health of your trees plays a major role in determining responsibility for tree removal and damage costs. Dead trees are generally the responsibility of the owner of the tree, while healthy trees that fall during a storm are usually the responsibility of the owner of the property where they land. You also may not move a healthy tree that is located on your property line without your neighbor’s permission.  

If you’re a homeowner?

While many states only hold homeowners responsible for trees that land in a neighbor’s yard as a result of known problems that the homeowner chose not to deal with, Florida bases these decisions more on whether the tree was healthy or not. You may be liable for a tree that is found to be dead or diseased even if you did not know it was unhealthy, which means that paying close attention to the condition of your trees is a must. Healthy trees that fall during a storm will generally be your neighbor’s responsibility to remove.  

If you’re a renter?

Renters are typically not responsible for tree removal, but they will need to let their landlord know that a tree fell so that they can arrange to have it removed. 

If you’re a landlord? 

As a landlord, you will generally be responsible for removing trees that fall on your property during a storm, but a diseased or dead tree will usually be the responsibility of its owner. 

If you’re a neighbor?

You will generally be responsible for having your neighbor’s tree removed from your yard if it falls during a storm and shows no signs of disease. A fallen tree that does not appear to be related to weather is likely to be unhealthy, which means that your neighbor is likely to be responsible for removing it.  

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Oviedo?

Although much of Florida consists primarily of fine gray soil called Myakka, Seminole County and the rest of the Central Florida region tend to be more sandy. These sandy soils drain faster than Myakka or the clay soils that are found further north, which means that it can be harder for the soil to hold water and nutrients long enough for trees and plants to get the sustenance they need.

Soil that is near homes and businesses has often been compacted to create a more stable foundation for buildings. Although this process is necessary to create strong buildings in this region, it also makes it harder for the roots of trees in your yard to spread out and reach enough water and nutrients. Organic soil amendments can be added to your gardens and near any trees in your yard to help your trees absorb and retain more moisture and nutrients.  

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Oviedo?

Central Florida is known as the “Lightning Capital of the United States,” which can be hard on Seminole County’s trees. The height of trees, combined with the conductivity of the sap and moisture inside them, makes them common targets for lightning strikes. Although not every lightning strike will knock over or otherwise kill a tree, lightning can also cause cracked, stripped, or charred bark, as well as problems deeper in the tree that cannot be seen. This damage can make it difficult for the tree to absorb enough nutrients and water in the future, as well as leave it more vulnerable to insect infestations and diseases in these open areas.

Trees can sometimes heal minor lightning damage on their own as new bark forms and additional rings grow over time, but some trees may need to be pruned or removed if they become weak enough that they are likely to fall later on. Lightning protection systems can help protect trees from lightning damage, especially those that are young, fragile, valuable, or otherwise vulnerable. These systems work by intercepting electricity and safely directing it to the ground, which decreases the likelihood that lightning will strike a tree or other property. 

Trees that are native to Florida are unable to thrive in cold temperatures. Although most species that are found further north are capable of handling temperatures that are well below freezing for weeks without any significant damage, Florida’s palm trees, banana trees, and other tropical plants can struggle or even die in any cold weather. Florida’s weather is generally warm enough to meet the needs of these trees, but temperatures can dip below approximately 40°F, especially overnight. Oviedo residents should bring plants inside whenever possible on these nights, but trees and shrubs may turn brown, dry out, or experience other types of cold damage. These areas may be pruned to improve the health and appearance of your trees, but it is best to wait several weeks to do so because not all cold damage appears immediately. 

Although the City of Oviedo is somewhat less prone to hurricanes than cities that are located directly along the coast, any part of Florida can experience hurricanes. The strong winds and heavy rains of these tropical storms can be devastating to both forests and trees in your yard. Most hurricanes have wind that is capable of knocking over trees, as well as flooding that is severe enough to weaken roots and wash away nutrients.  

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Oviedo? 

Untrained individuals should not attempt to move or prune trees that are near power lines themselves. Instead, contact Florida Public Utilities for assistance. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Oviedo?

Tree removal service costs in Oviedo tend not to fluctuate as much as they do in other parts of the country. In general, tree removal in Oviedo costs an average of $595 per tree, with a somewhat limited average range of $504 – $687. That being said, there are still factors that can cause tree removal to be slightly cheaper or more than twice that amount.  

Size of Tree

Removing medium-sized trees tends to fall closest to the overall average costs. Smaller trees tend to be easier to remove, while particularly large trees can be more difficult to safely get off your property. Large trees may also require that we bring more people or extra equipment to handle safely, while especially small trees rarely need cranes or similar equipment. 

Timing of Tree Removal

Scheduling your tree removal a week in advance is nearly always less expensive than needing a same-day removal of a tree that gets damaged and is about to fall on your house. By keeping your trees well-maintained and checking for signs of damage, disease, or pests regularly, you can take care of your tree removal needs before they become immediate emergencies. Paying close attention to your trees can also help you notice non-urgent issues that may be able to wait until the off-season to further lower your tree removal costs.   

Tree Removal Permit Needs

You will need to obtain a permit to remove most canopy trees within the City of Oviedo, while a permit is not needed to remove most palm trees, fruit trees, and other types of trees. Any fees associated with obtaining this permit will add to the total cost of having certain types of trees removed.


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