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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Ocala?

Dead trees and overgrowth top the list of tree issues in Ocala. Tree overgrowth can house unwanted pests while making your property appear unkempt. Overgrown trees can also pose a physical threat to property. Farm owners also have to deal with trees blocking certain areas or badly damaged trees. 

In Ocala, natural causes can lead to broken or weak tree limbs. When such brittle stems fall, they create safety hazards for workers or livestock. Contacting our professional arborists for tree pruning or deadwood removal helps to prevent tree limbs from falling unexpectedly. Pruning ensures that trees remain healthy while reducing air resistance during storms with strong winds.

Ocala trees are also prone to wildfires, primarily through the national forests. In May 2019, for example, wildfires threatened residents in the Ocala wildland-urban interface. The hazards of such events may appear after the wildfire, with the potentials of re-burns as the remaining timber becomes highly flammable.

Ocala trees also face the risk of lightning strikes that are common in this area. A lightning bolt can strike a tree with a temperature as high as 60,0000F while transmitting its electricity to the ground. The electrical charge’s voltage can be between 10 and 100 million volts, causing significant damage to the tree.

Lightning-struck trees can either die or result in fires that are hazardous to the surrounding environment.

Trees in Ocala may also face danger from diseases like tree wilt, pests, or destructive insects. Tree Triage is always on hand to guide you through managing your trees and keeping them from harm. Our licensed Ocala arborists can help you handle your tree and stump removal needs. Properly maintained trees add aesthetic value to a property while keeping them healthier and taller.

Does the City of Ocala Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Ocala has put together tree ordinances that protect citizens from trees that can cause havoc. The city’s tree ordinances guide community forest management, municipality responsibility for trees, and minimum tree management standards. Additional regulations guide tree removal responsibilities significantly when affected trees threaten a community’s safety. 

Division 3 of these code of ordinances explain the tree removal permits of individuals and institutions seeking to complete tree removal projects. Depending on the location of a dead, diseased, or insect-infested tree, the ordinance tasks different people and entities responsible for coordinating tree removal.

Florida often experiences tropical storms, hurricanes, and strong winds. Such thunderstorms can result in fallen trees, large broken branches, or upturned trees. Reaching out to emergency storm response services ensures that your property remains free of any debris while you maintain a safe environment.

The city of Ocala may pay for the expenses of tree removal when such trees pose a threat to the community’s safety. City officials may also come into action when dead or fallen trees obstruct pedestrians or vehicles. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Ocala?

Hurricanes often leave downed trees and litter neighborhoods with limbs. Our clients often wonder who they should hold responsible for the damage that falling trees cause on a neighbor’s property. They may also wonder who should cover the cost of removing a neighbor’s tree that falls on their property. 

Florida’s laws clearly explain how people should handle fallen trees and the resulting damage. Overall, the law holds property owners for damage that dead trees located on their property. The claiming party may need to notice the dead trees’ existence to ensure that they claim dead tree damage.

Here’s what you need to know about fallen tree removal and damage.

If You’re a Homeowner?

Tree removal expenses often fall on homeowners when trees on their property become damaged. Homeowners can check their insurance policies to find clauses that speak about tree removal expenses. Your local tree ordinances can also offer assistance on different aspects of tree removal. Check with your township’s laws and regulations for further guidance. 

If You’re a Renter?

Renters in Ocala have less responsibility when it comes to tree removal. Landlords and property owners are primarily responsible for handling fallen trees on privately owned land. The situation may be slightly different when a renter is responsible for a fallen tree. If the landlord can prove that the renter was at fault, they can seek judgment regarding the renter. 

If You’re a Landlord?

Tree maintenance on any rented property in Ocala is often the responsibility of the people owning the property. If you are the landlord, you are solely responsible for tree removal, trimming, or pruning projects.

If You’re a Neighbor?

Tree disputes among neighbors can sever solid relationships. When a tree belonging to someone else falls on your property, you may have a lot to consider. Ultimately, the property owner holds the most significant responsibility. Remember to keep communication lines with neighbors open to prevent unnecessary disputes.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Ocala?

Ocala soils comprise deep, poorly drained soils derived from mixed rocks and volcanic ash. Most of the soil is available on flood plains, lake plains, alluvial flats, and stream terraces. Sandy soil conditions often affect the growth of trees in the area, with some species indicating different growth characteristics. 

Before planting trees in Ocala, it is essential to perform soil sampling and analysis to determine how your trees will fair in particular soil types. Pay close attention to the potential of hurricanes and the possibility of uprooted trees in the area. Well-compacted soils ensure that your trees remain firm even in the wake of other strong winds in Ocala. Alternatively, you could also opt for trees like the native live oak that perform well in many settings and soil conditions. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Ocala?

Palm trees, for example, look their best under the bright sky or golden sun. When winter arrives in Ocala, you may need to prune to keep it alive during the extremely cold seasons. Our certified arborists can help you assess your trees’ health amid changing weather conditions. Once the cold hits, tree leaves often turn from green to rusty brown.

Intense weather patterns in Ocala can also affect the trees’ overall health. Vegetation and trees often bear the brunt of harsh winter conditions. During winter, the roots can freeze and fail to supply the rest of the tree with the required nutrients. Our skilled arborists can help your trees recover despite the intense cold in these tropical areas. 

When considering planting trees, you can do so during summer to ensure that they leverage the rains and warm temperatures during summer. This practice ensures that you prepare the tree adequately for the forthcoming winter season.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Ocala?

A dead tree on a power line can cause all sorts of problems. In such circumstances, you may need to call upon dedicated professionals to take care of the dead or fallen trees, then restore power while guaranteeing safety. When severe storms sweep through Ocala, falling trees near power lines can lead to power outages. Fire departments usually call in crews and tree contractors to help in clearing the damage and restoring services.

Electric utility companies in Ocala often repair their power lines and restore power whenever a tree falls on power lines. Utilities often engage in preventative tree trimming to minimize the risk of electric shock prevention and shock dangers resulting from downed power lines. 

According to the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), utility companies need to oversee trimming, pruning, or removing trees or branches near power lines. However, homeowners are generally responsible for trimming trees surrounding power lines connecting their house to a utility pole.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Ocala?

Knowing the tree removal costs in Ocala is essential before beginning a tree removal project. Ocala tree removal costs an average of $500. This cost may vary depending on the job duration and difficulty. Jobs that require special equipment, areas that are hard to reach, and larger trees may inflate this cost. Material costs and the local labor hourly rates may also affect the final price. Here are common factors that influence the overall tree removal costs in Ocala.


Our tree removal specialists often classify trees into three groups depending on their height. Trees can either be under forty feet, between forty and eighty feet, and over eighty feet tall. Removing the most miniature trees can cost you anything between $400 and $800, while medium tree removal often costs between $800 and $1200. The larger trees often involve more labor to cut down and dispose of, and their removal may cost anything over $1200. Some larger trees may also require specialized equipment like cranes which inflate the cost further.

Here’s a look at some factors that contribute to the overall tree removal costs. 


Removing trees located near a power line or building may cost slightly more than the above prices. Such tree removal projects require extra precautions to safeguard the surrounding structures. The final tree removal price also depends on whether the tree falls on any structure. It is also necessary to remember that accessibility of areas where a tree falls can affect tree removal costs.  


Some trees grow differently and may be slightly more costly to remove. Trees that form a massive trunk while growing will cost more during their removal. Tree removal costs may also be high for trees with deep roots, especially if your project involves root removal. You may also have to pay more for small trees with thick diameters and less for tall but thin trees. 

Remember that complete tree removal may include trunk removal, stump removal, tree root removal, shrubs, and tree debris. This process will cost significantly more due to the additional labor requirements.

Why Is Tree Triage the Best Tree Removal Company for You?

Tree Triage delivers bespoke tree removal services at the click of a button. Book our skilled arborists and enjoy access to professionals with years of experience trimming branches, removing trees, and grinding stumps.


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