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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Niceville?

As a Zone 8b plant hardiness area, Niceville supports trees and other vegetation that can withstand winter lows of between 10°F and 20°F. These include deciduous trees such as maples, beech, birch, oaks, redbud, crepe myrtle, flowering cherry, dogwood, tulip tree, and ironwood. 

Pecans, pear, walnut, apricot, and fig trees are the free fruit trees that can withstand Niceville’s winter temperatures. Whereas sequoia, juniper, hemlock, Leyland cypress, and the Eastern White pine are the few evergreens that spice up things in this coastal city. 

These native varieties are well adapted to the climate and soil but remain vulnerable to certain diseases, pests, and invasive species that help balance the ecosystem. The problems are more rampant during hot and humid summers.

The Eastern Grey Squirrel is a nuisance animal that gives many Niceville residents worry-filled nights. The medium-sized grey squirrel feeds on buds, flowers, and nuts of pecan, walnut, beech, and oak trees. They are native to Florida and also feed on thin tree barks. A licensed animal removal contractor is your best shot at curbing this menace.

Pecans cover at least 8,500 acres of North Florida. The pecan phylloxera is a tiny insect that resembles aphids and attacks the shoots, fruits, and leaves of pecan trees. Phylloxera produces galls on the tree leaves. Full-blown infestations reduce tree vitality, weaken limbs, and reduce pecan production for the next season. 

It is possible to lose all of your produce because of the phylloxera infestation. But it is rare for the tree to die unless it was already damaged or stressed before the infestation. You cannot treat a tree when it is already infested. Instead, wait to apply insecticide on affected trees and the ones that are nearby next year. 

The Nectria Coccinea is a fungus that causes beech bark disease in the area. The fungus lies dormant in the sapwood of a tree for up to twenty years and sucks the tree’s sap. Over time, it begins to kill sections or the entire tree at once. Insecticides can help to control the disease.

Does the City of Niceville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Niceville has a City Tree Board responsible for planting, pruning, maintaining, and removing trees and other vegetation along public areas such as streets, avenues, and alleys. The board can remove any tree or part of a tree affected by a pest, insect, or fungus, making it hazardous to the public. They may also remove trees that may damage utility lines, including sewer, water, gas, and electric lines. 

According to the city’s tree ordinance, the city has the right to prune or remove trees on private property that obstruct the spread of light from a street light and the visibility of traffic signs. Additionally, the City Board can order the removal of any dead, damaged, or diseased trees on private property that may cause damage to property or constitute a safety hazard. 

The board issues a notice to the property owners, and the removal must be done within 60 days of the notice. After the 60 days, the city removes said tree, and the owner will still pay for the removal whether or not they take care of the nuisance within the 60 days.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Niceville?

In the State of Florida, certain factors determine the liability of fallen tree removal. These factors and conditions are applicable in Niceville as well. Among them being tree ownership, insurance coverage, the health of the fallen tree, negligence, and the conditions that fall the tree. Read on to find out more about the responsibility for fallen tree removal in Niceville.

If you’re a homeowner?

Tree ownership in Niceville depends on where the trunk sits. Hence, if the trunk is on your property, you own the tree and are liable for damages and injuries caused by the fallen tree. When the tree falls on your property as an act of God, your homeowner’s insurance will repair the damages and pay for tree removal. However, if there is sufficient evidence proving negligence on your part, such as putting off removing a tree you knew was hazardous, the liability shifts back to you. It is essential to confirm the specificity of your coverage and don’t throw in the towel yet because of the status quo.

If you’re a renter?

It is not the renter’s responsibility to remove trees around the house. In addition, a landlord is expected by the law to provide a habitable and safe home according to the local housing codes. Failure to do this gives a tenant the right to withhold rent provided they had notified the landlord of a problem, such as a dying, diseased, or damaged tree 7 days before the tree fell.

If you’re a landlord?

Florida tree removal laws stipulate that tree maintenance, which involves ensuring trees are healthy and non-hazardous, is a landowner’s responsibility. Hence, when said tree falls and damages your property, it is up to you and your insurance to cover the repairs and removal costs. 

If you’re a neighbor?

As earlier mentioned, the tree’s health before falling determines the responsibility for damages, injury, and tree removal costs. When a dead or diseased tree falls on a neighbor’s property and damages their home, the tree owner takes the fall

It is unlikely that their insurance will chip in because such a fall involves a level of negligence. However, when a healthy tree falls on an adjoining property, damaging the neighbors home or other covered structures, the victim is responsible for the damages. Nevertheless, they may receive assistance from their homeowner’s insurance.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Niceville?

Soil has a lot to do with the kind of trees that can grow in an area and the health of these particular trees. Most of North Florida is covered by sandy soils, which are poor at retaining moisture and nutrients. 

However, because Niceville lies along the Florida Panhandle, the soil here contains a significant amount of clay, which improves the soil’s ability to retain moisture and nutrients. Additionally, clay improves the organic matter content of trees in Niceville, thus promoting the growth of healthy trees.

As an urban city, soil compaction is a significant soil problem in Niceville. The compaction inhibits the ability of roots to take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. The imbalance of the two gases in a plant results in poor root and tree growth. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Niceville?

As aforementioned, trees growing in Niceville are adapted to temperatures as low as 10°F. Over time, they become acclimated to the gradual temperature decrease, but they are still susceptible to sudden freezes. This makes it increasingly necessary to cover your trees when the time calls for it. 

Otherwise, your trees may be attacked by frost damage, causing discoloration, damage to shooting tree leaves, and decreasing the tree’s aesthetic appeal. At the same time, Okaloosa County is prone to extreme heat, affecting trees despite being sufficiently watered. The heat often results in leaf curling, leaf scotch, and wilting.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Niceville?

Gulf Power Company is a major power supplier in Niceville and the larger Northwest Florida area. The utility company is committed to providing its customers with safe and reliable clean energy. For this reason, they take the responsibility to maintain the areas around their distribution lines. 

Gulf Power clears any unsightly debris and clutter around their power lines. They also take care of dead, diseased, or damaged trees near power lines by pruning, removing, or applying herbicides to trees near their power distribution lines. 

If a dead tree falls on power lines, Gulf Power recommends that you contact 911 immediately to maintain a safe distance from the tree and the power lines. You can also get them on 1-800-225-5797 for any tree or vegetation concerns.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Niceville?

In Niceville, tree removal should be left to professionals like us. Our licensed arborists charge between $150 and $1,800 for tree removal in Niceville in most cases, depending on a variety of factors. Below we discuss the factors that determine how much you pay for tree removal in Niceville.


The price of tree removal changes with the location of a tree. For instance, you pay more if your dead or diseased tree is located in your backyard and will necessitate the removal of a section of your fence or the use of special equipment. The same rule applies if the tree is near your house or other structures such that if anything goes wrong, the tree could land and damage such structures.

Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal typically costs more than ordinary tree removal. This is usually the case because of the urgency of the removal and the extra caution we must take not to cause further damage. In times, such as during storms and tornadoes, we may charge more competitive rates due to the high demand for emergency tree removal services.

Type of Tree

You will pay varying prices for the removal of different tree species. For instance, if you need an oak and pine tree of similar height removed, you may pay more for the oak tree removal. That’s because oaks are hardwoods with a thicker diameter and require heavy rigging compared to softwood pines.


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