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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Marco Island?

The urban forest in Marco Island provides several benefits for residents and native wildlife. Trees create shade reducing the urban heat in Florida cities. They’re essential for the reduction of storm runoff to minimize flooding after severe storms which are common in the area. Residents and the city government work to maintain the health of the urban forest for the benefits these trees provide. However, there are still many threats to trees in the area. The most common tree issues in Marco Island include:


Tree damage from hurricanes is so common in Florida that local officials posted an Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Guide to help residents decide how to proceed with the care for damaged trees after a hurricane. Major tropical storms and hurricanes bring flooding rains, high winds, and widespread tree damage. Tree damage can range from toppled trees and broken branches to foliage loss and structurally damaged standing trees. Tree damage from hurricanes often presents dangerous conditions like hanging limbs and trees that fall on cars, power lines, and buildings.


Tree diseases typically affect more than a single tree. They spread across an entire species, causing serious decline and widespread tree death. To avoid the spread of tree diseases, affected trees are often removed as soon as possible. These are the most common tree diseases affecting trees in Marco Island.

  • Palm Lethal Yellowing: This contagious disease affects 38 species of palm trees. Symptoms vary from one species to the next and may include yellowing fronds, wilting fronds, bronze fronds, spear leaf death, flowers with chocolate tips, and early fruit/coconut drop with black, water-soaked stems. PLY is not treatable, and trees with symptoms must be removed to avoid the spread of the disease.
  • Ganoderma: The two palms which are affected by this disease the most on Marco Island are the queen palm and the areca palm. Symptoms begin as the wilting of the oldest fronds and gradually spread through the entire tree canopy. Fungal corks appear on the lower portion of the truck base and release millions of spores that can spread the disease to nearby trees. Additionally, the disease can be spread through the soil, making stump removal a must when trees are removed.
  • Fusiform Rust: A fungal disease that affects native pine trees. Symptoms include cigar-shaped galls on the tree’s main stem that produce yellow-orange blisters. Rust-colored spores are usually found within tree trunks affected by these blisters. Because trees with fusiform rust can pose a safety hazard due to trunk breakage, it is usually necessary to remove these trees in urban areas. In locations where no safety issues are observed, treatment may be possible.

Human Activity Combined with Climate Change

Perhaps one of the most notable effects of widespread damage in Marco Island is the presence of ghost forests where healthy trees previously stood. Ghost forests are rows of standing trees that effectively create a forest of tree skeletons. A forest of dead mangroves was created by the introduction of a local highway. Since the mangrove trees are no longer serving as a barrier for tropical storms and hurricanes at the coastline, erosion and the rising sea level allow more saltwater to encroach on the land, leading to the death of more trees.

Does the City of Marco Island Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Marco Island is responsible for the maintenance of public trees located on city property. This means Marco Island takes responsibility for tree removal on public property within the city limits. However, the city does not provide any assistance for the removal of personal trees on private or public property.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Marco Island?

In Florida, the responsibility of a fallen tree depends on the health of the tree before it fell. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain the health of trees on your property. An important part of this responsibility is the removal of unhealthy or dead trees. Therefore, if a healthy tree falls, you’re only responsible for the removal of debris on your personal property. However, if a dead or dying tree falls, you may be responsible for damage and debris on adjoining properties as well.

Public trees located on city-owned property are the responsibility of an official designated by the city. The responsibilities regarding the health of public trees include proper maintenance and removal when required.

If you’re a homeowner?

As the owner of property in Marco Island, you’re responsible for the private trees on your property and any private trees located on city-owned property adjoining your land. If you’re a homeowner in Marco Island, trees that fall on your property are your responsibility. That means you’ll be required to call us to arrange for removal. 

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, tree removal is generally not your responsibility. While your rental agreement or lease agreement likely includes terms regarding your lawn care responsibilities, tree removal is not considered a part of typical lawn care duties. If a tree falls on the property you rent in Marco Island, contact your landlord to learn how to proceed with its removal.

If you’re a landlord?

If you’re a landlord, you’re also the owner of the property. As a property owner in Marco Island, fallen tree removal is your responsibility. However, if you’re a property manager, paid to manage tenants for the property owner, your responsibilities depend on your contract agreement with your employer. Examine your contract to determine if tree removal is outlined in your job description.

If you’re a neighbor?

If your neighbor’s healthy tree falls on your property after a hurricane or other unexpected damage, you’re responsible for the debris on your property. However, if the tree was dead or damaged before falling, the responsibility may fall to your neighbor. If your neighbor knew a dead tree on their property posed a threat and failed to arrange removal, the removal and damage are the responsibility of your neighbor.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Marco Island?

The soil in Marco Island is poorly drained and consists of mixed sandy and loamy fill over limestone bedrock. Poorly drained soils can lead to excessive moisture surrounding the roots of trees. This can lead to rotting roots or a lack of nutrients for trees to absorb. Sandy topsoil is particularly vulnerable to erosion in areas with frequent, heavy rainfall. Erosion that exposes tree roots can lead to damage from harsh temperatures and a lack of hydration. Without proper attention to the soil surrounding tree roots, many species of trees can experience slow growth or decline due to soil conditions.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Marco Island?

Besides the damage that occurs from hurricanes in the area, the climate in Marco Island can affect trees in a variety of ways. Heavy rains cause erosion and can leave standing water in areas with poorly drained soil. Lightning that commonly occurs during summer storms often damages or kills trees immediately. Local citrus trees experience an unusual type of damage due to winds from tropical storms and hurricanes. Since they’re not salt-tolerant, saltwater carried by winds to citrus trees can cause burnt foliage and branches that can eventually lead to tree death.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Marco Island?

Florida Power & Light Company routinely inspects and maintains vegetation and trees that threaten electric distribution lines. However, the result of storms and trees in declining health can mean trees or branches affect power lines. Never attempt to trim vegetation or vines growing near power lines or on poles. Only specially trained line-clearing professionals should work around power lines. If you see a downed power line, trees interfering with power lines, or other potential electrical hazards, contact FPL to request assistance.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Marco Island?

The cost of tree removal in Marco Island can vary widely depending on the condition surrounding the removal and the size of your tree. The average cost of tree removal in Marco Island is around $550, but can be considerably cheaper or more expensive. Typically, the minimum cost is around $270 and the maximum cost is usually around $2,100. 


Marco Island requires a vegetation removal permit for the removal of trees. While removal of listed species of exotic vegetation is permitted without a fee, the removal of native trees may incur additional costs. Additionally, permit approval may require an inspection from the city’s certified arborist. Our professional tree removal will only be completed with the proper permits. However, your initial estimate will not include this extra cost. Depending on the conditions of your tree removal, local permits may add to your expense of removal.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Hurricanes and tropical storms are some of the most common causes of damage to previously healthy trees in Marco Island. The damage caused by these events can make tree removal difficult and even dangerous. It’s our top priority to safely remove trees while avoiding injury or damage, and these procedures can require additional effort from our tree removal team. In many cases, hazardous tree removal requires specialized tools, additional workers, and a prolonged time for removal. For these reasons, the removal of a hazardous tree can increase your cost.

Stump Removal

While many homeowners prefer stump removal for aesthetic reasons or to allow for replanting, some situations require the removal of a tree stump along with removal. For instance, diseases like Ganoderma spread from roots to infect the soil and eventually reach surrounding healthy trees. For this reason, trees with root rot diseases require the removal of the entire stump and roots when possible. Stump and root removal is an additional service that will be added to the cost of your tree removal.


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