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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Lake Mary?

The city of Lake Mary might not provide you with oceanfront views, but it surely doesn’t stray from tropical days and the enjoyment of feeling like it’s summer all year. The suburban city is considered to be part of Orlando’s metropolitan area and is home to natural reservoirs as well as historical museums. Lake Mary is kind of the best of both worlds when it comes to natural beauty and city comfort. Gorgeous palms line the streets and a designated city crew ensures that they’re routinely trimmed, pruned, and well maintained to keep the picture-perfect look as well as to ensure the local greenery is healthy. If you’re looking to do the same and keep trees on your private property well maintained, you may run into a few of the following pests in the area.

Cycad Aulacaspis Scale

Commonly referred to as Asian cycad scale, the pest is literally armored, and it infests all of South Florida. It can be found on cycads and other plants or trees, causing severe damage and being one of the leading killers for trees in the area. By initially infesting the trunk and base leaves of a tree, the predator feeds on the nutrients of its host. As it lays crawlers (known as newly hatching eggs), it begins to infest cones, seeds, roots, and the entirety of the tree. This leads to its host becoming depleted of nutrients and water, reducing its ability to properly grow. Over time, this will cause dieback and may result in the complete decay of the tree. 


There are over 1,000 different types of bagworms, many of which can be difficult to tell apart. All types of bagworms can be dangerous to trees. Most bagworm species use trees to find food and call the branches home when they need a place to attach their bags of children. As they feed on their host tree, it becomes a victim of defoliation. This can lead to the death of a host tree fairly quickly and may spread to other trees on your property rapidly.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Caused by bacteria, as its name suggests, leaf scorch is transmitted to trees through xylem-feeding insects. It’s considered a pathogen and works cohesively with trees that are already infested by a damaging insect, causing the already weak host to show signs of distress that resemble drought damage or dehydration. When a tree is infested, leaves may begin to look brown or as if they’ve been burned. With chronic infestations, stunting, dieback, and witch’s broom may all begin occurring. If not treated, this may result in deformation or a rotten tree.

Does the City of Lake Mary Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In Lake Mary, the city council has a specified arborist department to handle all public tree-related issues. Since the city is filled with a variety of historical trees, they have strict guidelines when removing a tree on private property. You may remove a tree with an approved permit if it shows signs of decay or disease, or if the tree is dead. Additionally, trees may be removed with an approved permit if they’re considered nuisance trees or within 15 feet of a structure or 7.5 feet of a structure if the tree is considered to be a historic tree. If a tree touching public property, or considered to be a historic tree on private property, is removed without a permit, you could be fined up to $500 with additional penalties based on the caliper inch of the tree. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Lake Mary?

The city may follow strict regulations when it comes to removing standing trees that show signs of decay and disease, but when it comes to removing a fallen tree, the arborist department doesn’t feel as inclined to assist in the removal of trees on private property. Due to this, it can be valuable to know if you’re responsible for the removal of a tree or if a neighboring property owner is. 

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, in most situations dealing with a fallen tree, you’re going to be responsible for its removal. If it’s a tree that grew and fell on your property, then you’re the direct owner and all trimming, pruning, and care duties are solely yours. 

If you’re a renter?

Most rental contracts dictate that tenants are responsible for basic lawn care and maintenance, but they don’t always elaborate on whether trees are considered to be part of basic care. Legally, the responsibility of tree removal falls on the homeowner, unless agreed upon in your lease. However, if you notice that a tree is showing signs of decay, it’s in your best interest to alert your landlord in written form as due diligence, in case it falls. 

If you’re a landlord?

The responsibility of dealing with fallen trees usually falls on the homeowner, making it your responsibility to handle the removal of fallen trees as the property owner. If you neglect to trim and maintain trees and one falls due to negligence, then you’re liable for any damages caused and you still have to take care of the removal.

If you’re a neighbor?

Florida laws use the health of fallen trees to determine responsibility. If a neighboring tree falls due to natural causes, then it’s your responsibility to have it removed. When this happens, your homeowners insurance may allow you to file a claim and help cover the costs of the removal or any damages caused. If a tree shows visible signs of decay and distress before falling, then your neighbor is responsible for having the tree removed due to negligence. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Lake Mary?

Mineral soils make up the majority of Lake Mary, leaving the land to be quite prosperous when it comes to natural greenery. Soil types often include sandy and loamy or clay subsoils that are well-draining. The main soil types you can expect to deal with are urban land-Pomello-Paola, urban land-Astatula-Apopka, and urban land-Tavares-Millhopper. Each soil type is unique in the fact that they may not be incredibly deep, but they are incredibly rich in nutrients. This is most helpful when planting trees or plants and may lead to young trees becoming over hydrated at times. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Lake Mary?

Similar to other tropical areas throughout Florida, Lake Mary’s weather can be a little unpredictable. Scattered rain showers are very common and the city receives rain roughly 120 days out of each year. Those rainy moments don’t always last a full day and frequently pop up for only an hour or a few minutes before passing on through. This helps ensure that, along with the local wetlands, trees and plant life usually don’t become dehydrated, even with the consistent warm weather. 

Weather in Lake Mary is extremely beneficial to both young and old trees, providing them with plenty of rays from the sun while simultaneously giving trees and other crops a quick shower when needed. The only major weather concern in the area is during tropical storm season when trees may be ripped from their roots and flooding can occur. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Lake Mary?

Trees near power lines are considered a safety hazard, whether they’re decaying, dead, or completely healthy. The National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) has been adopted in most states throughout the US and dictates that local electric companies are responsible for the trimming and maintenance of trees near active lines. This is to help reduce risk factors, such as untrained removal, trimming, or care, and it ensures that no unlicensed individual that is unfamiliar with the safety protocols needed to actively trim or prune trees located by overhead lines attempts to do it themselves.

When you notice that a dead tree may be too close to a line on or near your property, reporting it can assist our experts in working with the local electric companies in Lake Mary so that you can rest easy and safely while the tree is removed. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Lake Mary?

Standard tree removal projects in Lake Mary include labor, surface prep, machinery, equipment, and the cleanup for an average size tree. The cost of having a tree removed in the city fluctuates between $470 to $650, depending on a variety of cost factors and if you need additional services outside of basic removal services.


Tree removal services often aren’t as simple as showing up with a chainsaw and cutting down a tree. There’s a lot of planning that goes into the job, and having direct access or having to carry heavy equipment over creeks or down trails can be exhausting. With each tree removal project, there’s always something unique about gaining access to the tree. It may be surrounded by other trees, be too close to a structure, or it could even have two trunks that require special equipment and machinery. The distance a tree is from the road directly impacts the cost of removing that tree. Services often include hauling away the tree once it’s removed, and moving that heavy lumber from your property will take some heavy lifting. 

Time Constraints

Many tree removal projects are scheduled like any other utility or home-based service, meaning that if it’s an emergency removal, then the cost of that is going to increase. Reasons behind rushed tree removal jobs are often seen following storms in Lake Mary and occur when a tree has fallen on a structure, power line, or disrupted the safety of the property it’s fallen on.

Tree Size 

Size matters when it comes to having a tree removed. Larger trees typically weigh more than smaller trees do, which causes our team to put in a little extra effort with equipment and safety precautions. The type of tree can also dictate the weight, making older and larger trees a little more difficult to remove. The size and diameter of the tree will directly impact if the cost of removal services increases or decreases.


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