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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Hollywood?

Within Florida, the most annoying bug you can deal with is the Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri), an annoying species of sap-sucker that carries the citrus greening disease. As all of that implies, these creatures are particularly harmful to citrus plants. Hollywood might be known more for its tourism than its farming, but these and similar bugs can still cause problems, especially if you decide to grow an orange tree in your own backyard. It’s important to report sightings of these insects as soon as you see them, both to protect Hollywood’s sparse fruit trees and the more numerous in neighboring communities.

Due to the high amounts of sun exposure in Florida, certain tree species that aren’t suited to thrive in this climate might experience damage due to heat. Similarly, trees like this can often dehydrate fast and require more watering and care. This is one reason why the city has a list of recommended trees that grow best within the state, hoping to encourage those looking to plant trees in the right direction.

Like with most places so close to the ocean, Hollywood can sometimes be the target of hurricanes. During these storms, it’s not uncommon for trees to be destroyed or uprooted entirely. While plenty of species growing in the city right now are hurricane resistant, “resistant” isn’t the same thing as “immune”. Several parts of the city are also prone to flooding, during which time trees can take damage from the large amounts of salty water that wash in from the ocean.

Based on data from a number of sources, Florida has some of the worst drivers in the entire country. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that plenty of trees get crashed into every year, so much so that the Urban Forestry/Tree Maintenance section on the city’s website lists one of their daily duties as repairing landscaping damaged by car accidents.

Trees in Hollywood also face a variety of challenges that are fairly common compared to other places. Age, diseases, damage, fire, and more are all things that might endanger trees. Termites and other pests pose a threat to anything wooden.

Does the City of Hollywood Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Outside of their seasonal Christmas tree recycling program, Hollywood does not currently provide assistance for tree removal. While the city takes care of its street trees and all their upkeep or removal needs, residents are responsible for removing trees from their own property if they need to.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Hollywood?

If a tree falls in Hollywood, who has to get it removed? That answer can change depending upon a few different factors. We’ve outlined some common scenarios that will help you navigate this situation effectively, including:

If you’re a homeowner?

In most situations, a homeowner is responsible for caring for the trees on their property. This includes removing the ones they don’t want or that fall over. Homeowners are also responsible for the right-of-way nearest to their home, so any trees planted there are also under their jurisdiction.

If you’re a homeowner and find yourself in a tree removal situation, check your insurance before anything else. Depending on how your policy is written, you might be partially or fully covered for tree removal costs. Additionally, be aware that someone else knocking over your tree means that they would be legally responsible for paying for damages, frequently including removal costs.

If you’re a renter?

A tenant generally doesn’t own the property they rent, meaning they also wouldn’t own anything like trees that are considered a part of the property. This should mean that a renter is not responsible for having a tree removed if it falls down, but also can’t decide to remove a tree on its own. While Florida rental laws don’t specify trees, they do stipulate that all common areas be kept clean and safe on the part of the landlord, which would typically include areas outside the rental unit on the property.

As you might guess, the exception to this would be if you did decide to remove or destroy a tree without your landlord’s approval. This would be considered destruction of property and could lead to a lot of penalties, the least of which being that you’d have to pay for the removal yourself.

If you’re a landlord?

Like we covered earlier, landlords would be the party responsible for removing fallen trees from a property they rent out. Like a homeowner, a landlord is solely responsible for trees that die or fall through no fault of someone else. In fact, a failure to maintain properties well on the greenery front could earn a landlord a code violation.

Also, like a homeowner, landlords might have tree removal covered in their insurance policy. There’s also the possibility that a tree is damaged due to the actions of a renter or other third party, meaning that whoever is responsible would then be on the hook for the removal costs if it can be proven.

If you’re a neighbor?

Neighbors and trees mix like oil and nitroglycerine, in that they often don’t and can cause explosive reactions under the right conditions. A neighbor’s tree falling on someone else’s lawn is never a fun time, especially when it comes to who has to pay to have it taken out of there. In this situation, we remind ourselves of property law; specifically, who owns the tree itself. Assuming the tree was planted on one side of a fence and is fully owned by one of the people involved, that’s their tree, and they have to pay for the removal.

Certain factors might make this a bit more complicated. For instance, what if a tree has grown to extend over the property line or was planted on it in the first place? In this case, ownership of the tree falls with whoever’s lawn contains the trunk of the tree, as roots and overhanging branches don’t count. Additionally, a neighbor can’t decide to cut down someone else’s tree just because they don’t like it and would need to contact the city and plead their case about the tree posing some kind of danger to them or others before city officials would come to inspect and potentially remove it. A neighbor could trim branches that hang over onto their land, though, so long as this wouldn’t harm the tree in any permanent way.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Hollywood

Hollywood is located within Broward County. As one would expect for a city on the beach, most of the soil in Hollywood is composed of fine sand from the ocean. While it can be packed down somewhat, this makes the land a poor place to grow any plants without deep-reaching root systems. It does allow for deep watering, though, and much of the soil in the county is described as “poorly drained” by the government soil survey. Residential land has been modified to some degree in order to sustain things like grass.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Hollywood?

Hollywood is a hot and humid city, meaning any trees planted there will need to be able to handle those conditions. Rain is very frequent during the summers and helps to keep greenery watered despite the heat. Winters dry out a bit but still remain fairly warm, making the city a good home for tropical plants that can’t stand the cold.

Like we mentioned earlier, Hollywood’s position next to the ocean makes it at risk of hurricanes and tropical storms. These can gravely affect the health of trees that aren’t suited to this kind of abuse, mostly by uprooting them. Thankfully, most native species are somewhat adapted to weathering these conditions, meaning they’re usually more at risk of being damaged by floating or flying debris than the storm itself thanks to their dug-in roots. There’s also the danger of seawater harming trees, though many are adapted to this.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Hollywood?

Dead trees are not permitted to be near power lines. Trees that die on city property are typically going to be removed by city personnel, usually before they pose a danger like this. If a tree dies on your property or a piece of land you’re responsible for, city code requires that you have it promptly removed.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Hollywood?

The cost to remove a tree in Hollywood averages around $477.97 for trees under 30 feet in height, that price ranging from $427.36 to $528.57 depending on several other factors. Your tree removal for larger or more complicated trees can reach up to around $1,800, based on the below.


As alluded to before, size has a lot to do with how expensive your removal will be. Bigger trees require more people, more effort, and more precautions on our part to take them down safely. Expect a price jump with every 20 feet or so the trees rise above that 30-foot benchmark.


Being able to get to the tree that needs removing is a pretty big part of the job. As such, the harder it is to access your tree, the more it’ll cost to remove. A harder tree means a longer job and more effort on the part of everyone involved. Help us help you by keeping the area near your tree clear of debris.


Applying for permits is time-consuming and costs money, so expect that cost to be factored into your bill. More complex jobs will require more work in filing and waiting for approval. An approved permit also starts a ticking clock of 60 days to completion which, while a generous amount of time, can mean more dedicated effort in very large removal jobs.


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