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What Are the Common Tree Issues in Freeport?

Properly maintained trees in Freeport are often healthier and give your property additional aesthetic value. Such trees can, however, face various issues due to natural challenges. Foliage and pine needle diseases are common tree problems in the area and affect different tree species. Anthracnose, for example, primarily affects the leaves and stems of hardwood trees like dogwood, maple, walnut, oak, and hickory. This fungal disease results in leaves that have scars and dead areas. 

Powdery mildew is another common tree disease that causes white spots or patches on tree leaves. Trees experience the full brunt of this fungal infection during warm, dry weather. Powdery mildews affect diverse tree species, including dogwoods, oaks, euonymus, and crape myrtle. Symptoms occur within a week of infection, and the disease often causes young leaves and twigs to twist and become distorted. 

The emerald ash borer is also common for trees in Freeport. This invasive tree species often causes D-shaped holes on tree trunks. These green beetles use the holes to explore the deeper layers of the tree and disrupt crucial tree tissues. Freeport trees are also susceptible to the southern pine beetle, which often targets declining pine trees. The tree’s crown often gets a reddish-brown color as the infestation continues. 

Besides these common tree pests and diseases, Freeport trees are also at risk of lightning strikes. When lightning strikes a tree, its electricity travels through the tree and into the tree. The voltage from such strikes can kill trees instantly or cause fire and other damage. 

Work with our certified tree specialists to ensure that your Freeport trees remain healthy. If you notice that your tree shows disease or pest infestation signs, feel free to reach out to our arborists at TreeTriage for support. 

Does the City of Freeport Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

You may need a tree clearing permit to clear property within the city’s incorporated limits. The city clearing laws require your contractors to provide written permission to conduct clearing. Photos of the storm’s damage extent can also be helpful for the city’s planning and zoning department to review and approve your clearing request. The City of Freeport only gets actively involved in tree removal projects if the tree blocks road users’ view or poses a threat to the public. City authorities will work to remove hazardous trees on public property.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Freeport?

Limbs littering neighborhoods and downed trees often characterize the aftermaths of hurricanes in Freeport city. Many city residents are often at crossroads regarding who should handle the cost of fallen tree removal during these instances. Florida laws concerning fallen trees and the resulting damage often help resolve disputes and uncertainties regarding who should take responsibility.

Florida laws generally hold property owners responsible for any damage that dead trees located on their property.  

If You’re a Homeowner?

Homeowners and property owners in Freeport are usually responsible for removing fallen trees on their property. Your homeowner’s insurance can cover the damage costs and cleanup costs. This insurance policy will often come into play if the fallen tree resulted from natural calamities. However, if the tree fall results from negligence on your part, the policy won’t cover the repair costs. 

If the tree falls from a public space, the City will take responsibility for the cleanup and repair costs. The fallen trees may also cause damage to the fence separating your property from your neighbor’s property. In such cases, both of you should pay 50% of the total cost. You’ll only be liable for fallen trees on your neighbor’s property if the fall arises from an act of negligence on your part.  

If You’re a Renter?

While lease agreements hardly indicate who should handle tree maintenance, landlords in Freeport often take up this responsibility. Therefore, the city ordinances won’t hold a renter liable for tree removal and the resultant damages from fallen trees. However, if a tree falls due to the renter’s act, they may have to pay for the tree removal. You could consult with your landlord and attorney to find a clear way forward in such circumstances. 

If You’re a Landlord?

In Freeport, the rental property is usually the landlord’s responsibility. Landlords should be aware of the property’s condition, including the trees on the property. Proactive tree maintenance minimizes the risk of damage and danger to the tenant. If a landlord fails to handle a diseased tree that ends up causing damage to the rental property, they will have to pay for the damages that the tree causes. However, if the tree falls due to natural circumstances like heavy storms, the landlords won’t be responsible for the damage caused. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

According to the city laws, the tree’s health determines who takes liability for damages caused to a neighbor’s property. You will be responsible for any damages as well as tree removal costs if a neighbor’s healthy tree falls on your property.  However, if a neighbor’s dead tree falls on your property, your neighbor will foot the bill for any damages caused provided they were on notice about the tree’s condition. 

If you want to prevail in a claim regarding dead tree damage, you’ll need to establish proof of the dead tree’s existence. However, it is good to keep open communication channels to maintain a cordial relationship once you finish dealing with the dead tree ordeal. You could also consult with your legal counsel on matters that are not clear enough. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Freeport?

A recent soil survey in Freeport indicated that the city mainly comprises poorly drained, rapidly permeable sandy soils. The city’s soils form in sandy marine sediments and line up the sloping uplands in the area. Other parts of Freeport also have mineral soils that are deep but poorly drained. Such grounds maintain some organic content that makes them suitable for tree survival. 

Opting for native trees ensures that property owners can make the most of the soil conditions in Freeport. Trees like the royal fern, beautyberry, chaste tree, milkweed, and Indian blanket can all thrive in Freeport’s soils. Avid naturalists could also opt for the longleaf pines, which can endure the soil condition. You may need to plant such trees along with native grasses like bluestem, pinewoods, and wiregrass.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Freeport?

Long drought seasons in Freeport reduce the tree’s ability to isolate infections. Drought-affected trees are also susceptible to multiple disease infections. Working with certified tree experts will help you minimize drought stress on your trees. You may also want to opt for drought-resistant trees to brave the extensive droughts.

Florida’s tornadoes also wreak havoc on trees and property. These harsh weather conditions often uproot trees, resulting in extensive property damage. Shallow-rooted trees hardly stand a chance when these thunderstorms hit the area. The less compacted soil does little to provide any stability to such tree species. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Freeport?

Overgrown trees are a leading cause of power outages in different parts of Florida. If you have trees that touch a power line, you may need to reach out to your utility company to trim the tree. Such tree trimming and removal projects require extra caution to minimize risk to involved parties and neighboring property. 

The National Electrical Safety Code requires power utilities to perform regular tree maintenance to keep electric lines free of vegetation. Such care often involves a consistent trimming cycle. If the utility company identifies dead trees or exotic vegetation, they’ll resort to tree removal to clear its danger. However, if the tree touches your house’s service line, you’ll need to call us to manage it.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Freeport?

Typically, homeowners in Freeport pay an average of $630 for their tree removal projects. While a small tree removal project can be as low as $150, you may pay up to $1,935 for an extreme tree removal project—multiple factors like tree health, accessibility, and tree size influence the final tree removal price. If you want our tree removal specialist to grind the tree stump or remove any debris, you’ll have to incur additional charges. Here are factors that can guide you while estimating the cost of your tree removal project.

Tree Size

Tree heights often have a significant impact on your tree removal project’s overall cost. Large trees pose more safety hazards and risks to arborists compared to smaller ones. The higher risks increase the overall tree removal cost. Our tree specialist may also require special equipment to climb and remove a taller tree. A tree trunk’s diameter might also influence the expenses you incur during your tree removal project. If a small tree has a thick trunk, Our arborists may take longer to cut it down. Such projects also require more work which increases your bill. 

Tree Condition

Unhealthy trees pose hazards to the well-being of neighboring trees and are top candidates for removal. Removing sick trees that are relatively stable can cost you as much as you would pay for removing a healthy tree. Trees with a weaker structure may be easier and cheaper to extract. Work with our arborists at Tree Triage to inspect your tree’s health and provide a cost estimate depending on its health. Removing a fallen tree will also cost you less than removing one that is standing. A good tree removal project comes with safety hazards that increase your bill. 


Removing a tree in an open yard or field doesn’t need as much expertise as removing trees near your house or power lines. Inaccessible tree removal typically raises your final tree removal cost by close to 50%. Our tree experts require significant preparation and removal strategies to remove inaccessible trees and minimize damage. Emergency tree removal may also cost you much more than a standard tree removal project.

Rather than settling for a trickier DIY tree removal project, reach out to our tree specialists at Tree Triage for a free estimate and reliable tree removal.


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