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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Englewood?

Englewood, FL is a lovely little city off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and about 15,000 residents call it home. Due to its prime location on the water and proximity to hubs like Fort Myers and Sarasota, Englewood is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. The city is surrounded by natural beauty, whether from the Gulf or the various environmental parks and centers, forests, and golf courses. Trees keep the place green and beautiful all year, so it’s important for Englewood residents to keep an eye out for common tree issues in the area to help reduce the spread of pests and disease to keep our city looking great. 

Three of the most common tree issues we see in Englewood include root rot, powdery mildew, and bacterial leaf scorch. 

Root Rot

Root rot is a highly problematic fungal infection for our trees, especially among hickories, oaks, and others. In our area, the fungus Armillaria tabescens is the most common cause of root rot, and it thrives in warm and moist weather, which Florida has no shortage of. It can come from seemingly nowhere, appearing as wilting leaves or needles, defoliation, overall dryness, and light brown mushrooms around a base. 

Unfortunately, once you can see the visible signs of root rot, it’s already too late to save the infected plant. When it takes hold, our efforts turn to preventing its spread to other nearby trees and plants by removing the infected tree. This fungus can live in the soil for long periods of time, but there are some plants and trees that are resistant to the disease that can replace the tree you lost. 

Powdery Mildew

Another harmful fungal disease common to Englewood is powdery mildew. This disease is hard to miss, as it shows up as white powdery spots on leaves, which can quickly take over entire sections of the tree or plant. When this occurs, the leaves may also begin to droop because they are unable to absorb sunlight or nutrients. This fungus also prefers moist and warm conditions, so it most often appears in the late summer.

The good news about powdery mildew, however, is that it rarely kills trees. It can also be taken care of with the careful application of fungicides in most cases, though it may take a while for the tree to fully recover. 

Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Bacterial leaf scorch is caused by… you guessed it, bacteria. The bacteria responsible for it is called Xylella fastidiosa, and it can cause serious harm to elm, mulberry, maple, and oak trees among several others. When this disease gets into a tree, it blocks the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients throughout its trunk and branches. This leads to the death of leaves and branches, rendering the tree unable to capture and use sunlight. 

This bacteria spreads easily, as it hitches a ride on insects like grasshoppers, spittlebugs, and sharpshooters. Currently, the prognosis is not good for trees that become infected, as most die within five years. There are some tree injections that can help the tree stay healthier while it’s alive, but it will eventually succumb to the disease and have to be removed. 

Does the City of Englewood Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Englewood does not provide any assistance with tree removal problems, but Charlotte County has some resources to help. To keep the surrounding areas naturally beautiful, the county requires tree removal permits for many tree removal projects. They also have a handy brochure with answers to frequently asked questions about trees in the county, as well as tree removal information. 

Charlotte County also provides curbside yard trimming pickup for leaves, small branches, and lawn clippings on regular garbage pickup days. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Englewood?

Our trees provide an abundance of shade, a buffer against noise pollution, homes for various creatures, and so much more. As a result, it can be distressing to have a tree fall nearby, especially if you aren’t sure who is responsible for having it removed. It’s always helpful to be aware of how these matters are typically handled ahead of time so that you know what to do in case this problem ever arises. 

If you’re a homeowner?

When owning your home and property, you become responsible for taking care of the trees on your land. This is true of preventative maintenance that keeps your trees healthy and strong, but it also means that you are the one that has to get them removed when they fall. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters are not typically the ones in charge of getting fallen trees removed from their rental property, but that changes if their rental contract states that it is their duty. In most cases, the actual property owner is in charge of larger maintenance tasks, like having the roof redone, plumbing systems repaired, and trees removed when they fall. 

If you’re a landlord?

Unless you have an addendum about a renter’s responsibility for getting trees removed from the property in the rental agreement, it’s the landlord’s job. Landlords have a responsibility to keep their rental properties safe and free of hazards, though taking care of trees is easily forgotten. Dead or sick trees are at a higher risk of falling over, which can lead to major property damage or even injuries to your tenants. Plus, leaving a fallen tree for a prolonged period of time can allow pests or diseases to spread to other trees on your property, so it’s best to get it cleaned up right away. 

If you’re a neighbor?

When a tree falls from one neighbor’s yard to another, the person who owns the property the tree ends up on is most likely responsible for having it removed. This can feel quite unfair to the person who has to foot the bill, and we have seen many neighbors fight over who has to pay to have it removed. For this reason, it can be helpful to speak with your neighbors ahead of time about what you will do if a tree along your property lines falls, and some neighbors even agree to split the costs. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Englewood?

Due to our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, our soils tend to be very sandy. Sandy soil allows water to drain efficiently, which helps prevent root rot in many cases, though it also tends to have too few of the nutrients that trees need to grow and thrive. Although we get plenty of moisture, sandy soil is still not ideal for trees, as it often doesn’t allow trees to absorb enough water from the ground after rainfall. 

Several other important factors, like pH, also come into play for tree health, so sending soil samples for testing can help you determine what steps are needed, if any, to enhance tree health through the soil. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Englewood?

Our trees are lucky in that we tend to get lots of rainfall to keep them hydrated and healthy, though some of that precipitation comes with severe storms or hurricanes. High winds can topple even the strongest trees over, or they can at least weaken trees and leave them more susceptible to other diseases. Our hot summers are conducive to bacterial and fungal growth, but our abundant sunshine helps trees stay healthy. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Englewood?

Florida Power and Light prunes trees in our neighborhoods regularly to prevent them from becoming entangled in power lines, creating hazards, and causing power outages. The power company usually prunes trees that are close to main power lines, though property owners are typically responsible for maintaining trees near lines that connect directly to their home. If you need to prune branches near your home power line, you can contact FPL to have them disconnect your power to ensure safety. 

If you see a tree that is touching power lines or other related hazardous conditions, stay away from the area and contact FPL’s 24/7 emergency line at 1-800-468-8243. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Englewood?

The average cost of tree removal in Englewood is around $560, though your actual costs can be much higher or lower depending upon numerous factors. Most jobs fall between $200 and $1,900. When we calculate how much tree removal will cost, the three largest factors we consider are the size of the tree, where it’s located, and whether other services are provided during or after its removal. 

Size of the Tree

Generally speaking, the larger the tree you need to be removed, the more it will cost you to remove it. Larger trees require more of our staff members and time to complete, and those additional labor hours factor greatly into your final bill. Removing small trees or shrubs may only take two or three staff members a few hours to complete, and these reduced labor hours will result in a smaller bill. 

Location of the Tree

When trees are close to homes, businesses, or other property, we have to be extra careful about how we proceed. Trees that are in hard-to-reach places or are at risk of causing damage may force us to use more advanced removal techniques or employ other equipment, and these may cause your final bill to be higher. Trees that are out in the middle of nowhere, however, can be removed with less caution, also resulting in a smaller bill. 

Other Services Provided

Trees that must be removed because they were struck by lightning or are simply in the way are simple and straightforward, but those that died from diseases or pest infestations are another story. After we remove the tree in question, we often recommend having fungicide or pesticides applied to nearby trees and shrubs to prevent the disease from spreading and causing the death of more of your trees. This may feel like an unnecessary cost, but it can save money in the long run by keeping your other trees and plants alive.


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