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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Dunnellon?

Just outside the Ocala Metropolitan Statistical Area, is a quiet little town that was founded in 1887. It is known by many as Dunnellon, Florida. To others, it is the “Treasure of the Nature Coast.” The truth is, you cannot live in Dunnellon and not have an appreciation for nature’s beauty. It is located in Marion County but is as far from a “city” as you can get. 

Dunnellon is known and loved for its natural beauty. Rainbow Springs State Park, the Withlacoochee River, and Goethe State Forest are located here. The rivers, which were once used for mining phosphates, are now natural wonders that residents and visitors appreciate having nearby. Goethe State Forest is home to some of the oldest trees in the area despite the risk of insects and diseases.

Some of the most common issues for Dunnellon’s trees are insects like:

  • Aphids: Common on most trees and plants. May curl leaves, but not seriously damage the tree. 
  • Ash Borer: These insects dig into the tree and feed off of it. It can be fatal to a tree. 
  • Bag Worms: These insects also tunnel into the tree and feed off of it. Large infestations can be fatal to the tree.
  • Whitefly: These insects suck the juice from plants, which can lead to stunted growth and wilting. Eventually, this may also lead to the plant’s leaves yellowing and dropping off the tree. 

There are also several diseases that can negatively impact tree health in the area.

  • Apple Scab: This is a fungus that mostly affects apple or crabapple trees. It causes leaves to yellow and fall off. Eventually, it may stunt further growth and production.  
  • Leaf Scorch: Leaf scorch is not fatal to trees, but it does weaken them, which enables them to acquire other diseases and infestations. 
  • Calico, Elm, and Maple Scale: If not treated, scale diseases can kill a tree. However, treatment is generally successful if caught early. 
  • Dutch Elm Disease: This disease can kill even healthy trees if not treated quickly. It is a fungus that invades the tree’s vessels and produces toxins. If your tree is infected, you will notice yellowing and wilting. 

With our love of history and nature in Dunnellon, we have to work to keep the trees as healthy as possible. 

Does the City of Dunnellon Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Dunnellon offers several assistance programs. They are designed to help improve your circumstances. If there is a significant risk to private or city property, assistance may be available to help you remove a tree, but it is not designed to aid with tree removal specifically. 

Marion County offers tree removal services. However, it only applies if there has been a State of Emergency declared, which is most common after severe weather events.

A dead or dying tree is a safety issue for everyone who lives near it. Therefore, we urge you to try and find help through one of these programs. Even if they do not help you, they may put you in touch with someone who can. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Dunnellon?

Trees are something we all love and depend on. They provide us with shade, air, and beauty. The city of Dunnellon works hard to maintain the trees that grow on public property. What is your responsibility when it comes to tree care and tree removals? This answer depends on your role as owner of the tree. 

If you’re a homeowner?

In Florida, trees are considered the responsibility of the property owner. Therefore, you have to take care of cleanup if it falls on the property. If the tree is located on a boundary or property line, things get more complicated. 

You and the property owner next door may have a shared responsibility for that tree. This means you cannot remove it without their consent. If you do remove it without consent, you could owe your neighbor restitution for the “reduction in the value of the land resulting from removal of the tree“. If you share a tree with the City of Dunnellon, you are responsible for taking care of the tree up to your property line. The city will take care of the tree beyond your property line. 

If a tree falls because of natural circumstances, you will clean your property and your neighbor will clean theirs. A sick or dying tree changes things. You may be liable for the property damage that is done to your neighbor’s yard if it falls, and they can prove you knew it was dying. 

If you’re a renter?

When you rent a property or a home, you are supposed to take care of it within reason. If it is a single residence home, you may have a section in your rental agreement that tells you that you are responsible for landscaping. This allows you to mow the lawn or water existing plants and trees. This does not usually permit you to plant or remove shrubs and trees. 

The property belongs to your landlord. Removing trees and shrubs could be seen as you doing something to lessen the property value. Therefore, if you have a diseased or dead tree that needs attention, you should contact your landlord. 

If you’re a landlord?

As a landlord, you must provide a safe and habitable home for your tenants. This means addressing concerns that they may have about the property. This does include their concerns about tree health on the property. 

Keep in mind, your tenant does not hold responsibility for tree removals. It can be illegal for them to try to remove a tree because it lessens your property value. It is your responsibility. 

You should encourage your tenant to tell you any concerns they may have regarding the property. You should make time to inspect the property on a routine basis or call our arborists for help. If you notice a diseased or dying tree, it is up to you to remove it. If you fail to, you could be responsible for damages if it falls. 

If you’re a neighbor?

If you have a tree and limbs fall onto your neighbor’s property, you are not obligated to clean them up. You are not required to trim your tree limbs. If the tree falls, you will be responsible for cleaning up the mess and damage on your property. They will have to deal with their property. 

If the tree is dead or dying, this changes things. If your neighbor can prove that you knew the tree was unhealthy when it fell, you could be responsible for not only your property repairs but also theirs. Your neighbor holds the same obligation to take care of a sick or dying tree. 

Florida law is quite clear. You may trim limbs that hang over your property, but you should never cross the property line to remove those limbs. If it is a tree that grows on the property line, any alteration to it will need your neighbor’s approval. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Dunnellon?

Dunnellon has very little soil variation. It is mostly a variety of different sandy soil types. This means you will want to plant trees that can handle predominantly sandy soils. Sandy soil does not hold water, so trees have to be able to grow longer taproots or be adept at grabbing what they can. For instance, palm trees are a great option for all Florida properties. They have a long root system, allowing them to capture water that sinks in quickly.

Other soil types you may find are: 

  • Clay, which is great for holding water. However, it may become tightly compacted if there is a lot of clay in the area. You will want to add peat moss or other “filler” to your soil to keep it broken up. 
  • Loamy Fine Sand. This is good soil because it holds water, but isn’t prone to flooding. 
  • Arents Soil. This is mostly farmland soil, which means it has been plowed, seeded, and other stuff by humans to the point that it is no longer a specific type of soil. 

Overall, this means that the soil quality is good for trees and plants. However, you may want to choose trees like the:

  • Crape Myrtle
  • Southern Magnolia
  • Live Oak
  • Purple Leaf Plum
  • Pine Tree

These are tree types that have proven they can handle the sandy soil very well.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Dunnellon?

When you are in Dunnellon, you are only about 19 miles from the Gulf Coast. There is a risk of hurricanes causing problems for trees. However, only 73 hurricanes have been recorded in Dunnellon since 1930. With that in mind, there is a risk for tornados that may spawn from a passing hurricane. Either of these conditions can damage trees without warning. 

The biggest threat to trees in Dunnellon is the heat, and sometimes, drought-like conditions. During the summer, temperatures will climb well beyond 90-degrees during the day. In Dunnellon, there are approximately 237 sunshine-filled days and approximately 53 inches of rain each year. We may go a month with virtually no rainfall and then have heavy rains every day for the month after that. Trees have to be hardy enough to handle it. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Dunnellon?

If you have a dead tree near a power line in Dunnellon, you are encouraged to get help immediately. Emergency Information for the city of Dunnellon suggests that you always call Duke Energy. 

For everyone’s safety, you should keep kids, pets, and other people away from the tree until help can arrive. Even the slightest breeze can cause big issues for a power line if there is a tree near it. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Dunnellon?

Most homeowners can expect to pay between $490.00 and $670.00 for tree removal services in Marion County. However, extreme costs range between $200 and $2,100. If you need a tree removed, your price will depend on several factors. Some of the biggest factors are:


In Dunnellon, there are a lot of trees. Some are small. Many are quite large. A larger tree will cost more to remove. They have deeper roots that may spread out over a larger area. This can make stump removal complicated. They are also taller, which means they may have to be taken down in stages. 

Smaller trees, even those that are up to 4-inches in diameter at the chest, are easier for our team to remove. This means it will be less expensive for you. 

Permit Requirements

If you are clearing land or removing a protected tree in Dunnellon’s city limits, you will need a permit or an exemption letter. It applies to all trees that are greater than four inches in “diameter at breast height (DBH)”. If the tree is diseased or dead, you will not need a permit, but you will still need to acquire an exemption letter. The cost of your permit will be determined based on the tree or trees that you want removed.

Special Circumstances

Is your tree near a structure or a power line? If so, this will typically increase the price for its removal. To avoid causing damage to buildings or power lines, special efforts have to be made to ensure everything is done safely. This may mean equipment and more manpower must be brought in by our arborists.

If your tree is in the middle of your property with nothing around it, then the removal will be easier. Your cost for removal will be less expensive.


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