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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Brandon?

Located just east of Tampa Bay, Brandon is a rapidly growing community that is close to beaches and the city but maintains a country atmosphere. There are many different tree species seen throughout the area, particularly Mangrove trees, which are unique trees that grow and flourish in salt water. And while Brandon typically sees warm weather, because it is so close to the Gulf of Mexico, the city also sees a fair number of hurricanes. Which are not great for trees. Interestingly, Mangrove trees provide stabilization to the coastline, which reduces dangerous erosion from storms and flooding.

  • Hurricanes and heavy rainfall are responsible for most of the tree issues in Brandon. The annual rainfall is around 44 inches, with rainfall every month. Even though this is higher than the national average of 36 inches, it is lower compared to other areas in Florida.
  • Insects, parasites, and pine beetle infestations affect the various types of trees in the area. Tropical fruit trees, such as mango, papaya, and avocado, do well in the tropical climate, but also attract insects.
  • Protected trees and trees in wetland areas have specific regulations that have to be followed, and often these trees can only be removed if they are deemed hazardous. Grand Oak trees are considered protected trees in Brandon and have very specific guidelines for trimming and pruning, as well as removal. Trees that are in wetland areas are also considered protected, and there are strict rules for trimming and removal. 

There are also multiple rules regarding which trees can be planted, where they can be planted, and how much pruning you are allowed to do. These rules are designed to protect the tree canopy. In fact, each property has a specific number of shade trees that are required based on the size and location of your property. One of the more interesting rules is regarding palm trees. To replace other trees with palm trees, you are required to plant two palm trees for every tree removed.

Does the City of Brandon Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Because Brandon is an unincorporated community, it is governed by Hillsborough County. The county does provide some assistance for trees that are on the road or right-of-way. However, this is only for roads that are public and maintained. Any private roads are the responsibility of the property owner. Additionally, most tree removals require a permit and there are certain areas where the trees are protected by the Environmental Protection Commission, and you have to contact them regarding any tree removal or even tree trimming. 

Who is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Brandon?

When a tree falls in your yard, you might wonder who is responsible for clearing the tree. Is it based on where the tree came from or where the tree fell? What about if you don’t even own your house and are renting it? Does it matter if a hurricane was responsible? Let’s take a look.

If you’re a homeowner?

If a tree falls in your yard, the majority of the time removal and cleanup will be your responsibility. If your tree falls onto a maintained public road or right-of-way, you can contact Hillsborough County for removal. However, if there was an existing problem with a tree that you knew of, you may be financially responsible for removal, regardless of where it falls. Additionally, most homeowners’ insurance policies will not pay for removal or any damage in this situation. A tree that falls into your neighbor’s yard might not be your responsibility unless it was your fault, but it is never a bad idea to offer help.

If you’re a renter?

It is generally not your responsibility to remove a fallen tree if you are renting your home. Some situations where it might be your responsibility, though, include if your lease included a clause that it would be your responsibility, or if it was your fault the tree fell. Regardless of the circumstances that lead to the fallen tree, you need to call your landlord as soon as possible if a tree falls anywhere on the property, or onto someone else’s property. Most renters’ insurance policies will cover any costs that are associated with damage from the tree, provided it was not your fault. Additionally, if you did something that caused the tree to fall, your landlord will probably come to you to pay for the damage and/or removal of the tree.

If you’re a landlord?

Because you are the owner of the property, you are responsible for removing any fallen trees, unless the lease agreement states differently. Either way, you should communicate with your renter and/or the county, if needed, to assess damage and facilitate removal. If you are able to determine and prove that your renter was responsible for the tree falling, it is not unreasonable to require the renter to pay for the removal of the tree and any damages that were caused.

If you’re a neighbor?

Even if it is not your tree, if it falls into your yard, it is almost always your responsibility to have the tree removed, provided your neighbor did not know about an existing problem and refused to address it. More often than not, your homeowners’ insurance policy will pay for the damage and costs of removal, minus a deductible if you have one. If you are concerned about any trees on your neighbor’s property, it is a good idea to try and discuss them with your neighbor before anything happens. However, unless the tree is dangerous, they do not have to remove it if they don’t want to.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Brandon?

The soil in Brandon is mostly well-drained, loamy, fine sand, with some areas mixed with limestone. This type of soil does not retain moisture or nutrients very well and is also a looser soil. Unfortunately, this soil is more prone to erosion and sinkholes, particularly in hurricane-prone areas. There are also wetlands and swamps around Brandon where the soil is mostly sand, but is often underwater, including saltwater during high tides.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Brandon?

Yes, Brandon has a humid subtropical climate similar to so many other areas in Florida. This means heavy rain, with an annual average rainfall of 44 inches. And even though Brandon is not located right on the coast, it still sees a large number of hurricanes each season. Interestingly, because Brandon is located slightly inland, there are some nights where the temperature can drop below freezing in the winter. 

What if Dead Trees are Near Power Lines in Brandon?

Dead trees or tree branches that are near or on power lines are very dangerous and you should not attempt to remove them without speaking to the electric company. Brandon sees a large amount of rain every year, along with hurricanes, and unfortunately, trees and tree branches falling on power lines is common. According to Tampa Electric, they are only responsible for monitoring, as well as maintaining, trees that are near company power lines. These are the lines that run from pole to pole. They do not trim or remove trees that are across your service drop, the line that runs from the pole to your house. It is your responsibility to maintain these lines and you should call Tampa Electric two weeks in advance to have the power disconnected before any trimming or removal is done. If you see a tree touching a power line or sending off sparks, they ask that you call them immediately. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Brandon?

Since every tree is unique, figuring out the best plan to remove a tree varies. This means there are not generally any set prices. In Brandon, on average, it typically costs between $468 and $637 to remove a treem but your price can be up to $1,750 or more. Depending on why a tree is being removed, your homeowners’ insurance, minus a deductible, may cover some or all of the cost. Additionally, if there is a homeowners association (HOA), they may cover the cost of removal. And because Hillsborough County requires a permit for the majority of tree removals, this can also increase removal costs. The majority of our arborists and tree trimmers know exactly which permits are needed and can easily obtain them.


Bigger trees, both in terms of height and width, are more expensive to remove. Bigger trees require more time and resources, therefore the costs increase as the size of your tree increases. For taller trees, the safest method, and the most commonly used, is the top-down method. As the name implies, this involves cutting sections of the tree starting at the top and working your way down. This process can not safely be done by one person and requires more resources and time, which increases the cost.


In a more rural area, removing a tree is much easier than in a more densely populated city. Brandon is not nearly as densely populated as Tampa, but there are areas where the homes are built closer together. While living in an area far away from neighbors can have many perks, it also means that it can be more difficult for one of our tree trimmers or arborists to reach your property, which can increase costs as well.

Protected Trees/Areas

Grand Oaks require special consideration in Hillsborough County and can only be removed if they are endangering public or private property. Additionally, the county requires replacement of these oaks unless it is unsafe to do so. Trees in wetland areas, specifically Mangrove trees, also require special consideration. However, these areas and trees are regulated by the Environmental Protection Commission instead of the county.

If you do remove these trees without a permit, and it is not found to be dangerous, the penalties are very expensive. There is a fine based on the diameter of the tree removed, you will have to pay for an after-the-fact permit, and you will also have to pay for replanting. The example used by the county involves the removal of a tree that is 20-inches in diameter that carries a fine of $1,300, not including after-the-fact permits.


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